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Children and Detoxification

Unfortunately, today’s children definitely bear a higher chemical burden than they would have 100 years ago. The list of “toxicity” symptoms is varied, but may include: difficulty with elimination (constipation, profuse sweating), headaches, rashes, bleeding gums, muscle and joint aches, difficulty breathing or concentrating, memory problems, heart palpitations and sensitivity to sugar, MSG, or grains. Micro Plant Powder can help in many ways. We have a new Children’s Absolute Detox formulation that is detoxifying children all over the world.  Available only at

Your child undoubtedly coexists with noxious chemicals. Overweight children are more likely to be “toxic” because the body uses fatty tissues to wall off chemicals that cannot be broken down.

A basic approach to detoxification that works very well for children and adults is by adding Micro Plant Powder to their daily food intake. It’s also important to use high quality drinking water and eat chemical free super foods and stay away from fast foods of any kind!!!. Any person can use Micro Plant Powder™ on a daily basis and be in a constant daily detox program for greatly improved health. We recommend for high quality gluten free, anti-inflammatory Super Foods. www.HempUSA.orgor call 888-910-4367

Ideally, water or fresh vegetable or fruit juice (fresh only) should be your children’s only beverages. Never give your children commercial soda. Diet sodas are the worst, its nothing but a brew of liquid chemicals.

Movement is also critical for stimulating lymphatic circulation and drainage. Try to take a 20-minute walk every day. And ideally, you and your children want to break a light sweat for about 40 minutes, 3 – 4 times per week.

Another problem we face is the quality of our food is not as nutritious as it was 100 years ago, the soil was richer then. So it’s important that your children eat high quality foods and learn to read ingredient labels. I also suggest a green food protein powder like Hemp Protein Powder and the Hemp Oil for growing brain cells and cleaning arterial walls from HempUSA.orgto be taken daily for needed nutrition that is not available in processed foods. Incorporate Naturally Grown foods into your children’s diet, it will go a long way toward providing all of the building blocks a body needs to promote tissue healing and the innate detoxification process. Avoid the three big BAD foods refined flours, corn syrup and hydrogenated oils. Eat fresh greens daily and try to eat as much raw food as possible every day. We also recommend steaming, broiling or baking your foods as other healthier choices for cooking your foods.

Remember detoxification is a must and never really talked about in the doctor’s office. So wake up and smell the roses and start taking 100% Chemical Free Super foods from HempUSA.orgtoday and literally change your life forever. Call 888-910-4367 or visit us at