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Why We Created Micro Plant Powder

Micro Plant Powder™

THE NUTRITIOUS detox powder that

adults- children and animals LOVE!! 

See what Micro Plant powder can do for you

Did you know that Micro Plant Powder™ was developed in a direct response to health issues of detoxification and vitamin/mineral nutrition for adults, children and animals around the world who were not receiving enough nutrients from their daily food supply. We decided to create a detoxification formulation made with a unique blend of rare earth mineral powders including herbs, probiotics and iodine and many other nutrients that were missing in most diets around the world.

Micro Plant Powder™ can change the lives of all people worldwide and all you have to do is take it!!! We named this product many years ago calling it Micro Plant Powder™ it is touted by happy customers from all over the world, through testimonials, reviews, word of mouth referrals, radio, newsletters, the worldwide web, phone and web testimonials, magazines, catalogs, internet banners, Amazon.com and many other new online sellers coming aboard in the future.  This is a product of the United States and is formulated, packaged, warehoused and shipped from the United States. We want to help feed the world the nutrition it needs and at the same time amplifying a total body detox from head to toe. We want people off of pharmaceuticals, out of the hospital and to be their own doctors. All the ingredients that we use in our formulations are key ingredients for the health and welfare of infertile women, mothers to be, pregnant mothers, unborn children, newborns, infants, toddlers, children, teens, adults and men and women of all ages including animals. We are all made from the dust of the earth and the dust of the earth will allow the body to heal naturally.

Micro Plant Powder™ can be taken anytime and is safe with all medications. Can be used in any liquid, milk, juice, water or any type of smoothie, ice cream, hot cereal or coffee/tea and if used in coffee/tea it will need stirring. It is naturally rich in silica and trace minerals which are not found in the food supply today. The preferred detox powder for the blood, lungs, stomach and colon, kidneys, skin and brain, nervous system, muscles, bones and the list goes on.

Micro Plant Powder™ High in Silica, High in trace minerals, High in major minerals, High RDA values and has a high negative charge to attract positive toxins also has trans-mutative qualities meaning the silica can become other minerals in the body if the body requires it. Can help bones and connective tissue, helps you to lose weight naturally by detoxing and removing the toxins that have been blocked inside your body for many years.

Please try our Micro Plant Powder™ formulations today and see how they can change your life too!! Call 888-910-4367 or visit us at MicroPlantPowder.com today!!!