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Green Leaf Stevia Powder

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Green Leaf Stevia Powder™

“Naturally grown and elemental in Nature”

Country of Origin – Canada

Our Green Leaf Stevia Powder™is rich in active and beneficial phytochemicals that occur naturally in this plant. This is a naturally grown stevia plant and just the leaves are ground into a fine powder. Over 100 phytochemicals have been discovered in our Green Leaf Stevia Powder™ with 4 essential amino acids, Potassium 21mg, Calcium 18mg, Sodium 15mg, Iron 6mg, Manganese 3mg, Magnesium 3mg, Zinc 1mg, Copper 0.73mg along with antioxidants, terpenes and flavonoids and micronutrients.


Phytochemicals are chemical compounds that occur naturally in plants

Evidence has shown that people who consume a diet rich in phytochemicals have a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and certain and certain types of cancer

This plant leaf has been milled into a fine powder which is fantastic for smoothies, juices, hot and cold cereals, water, teas or any other use you can think of.

Traditional Uses:

As a natural sweetener; for diabetes; for high blood pressure; for cavity prevention and as a weight loss aid.

Ingredients: 100% pure stevia leaves. No binders, fillers or additives are used. This product is non-irradiated and non-fumigated.

Green Leaf Stevia Powder™is Naturally Grown and has an exceptionally stable, level of Rebaudioside A, and a low level of Stevioside.

Steviosides are the sweet factor in the Stevia plant.

Rebaudioside A is found in the leaves of the Stevia plant at different concentrations depending on the strain of the plant and its propagation methods. Our Stevia is a little bit sweeter than most on the market. It no longer has a “bitter” taste. This is a cleaner sweetness. This is a 100% Pure Green Leaf Stevia Powder™. It is Canadian grown with no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

Our Green Leaf Stevia Powder™ can be used raw but also may be used in cooking and baking. Two tablespoons of Green Leaf Stevia powder™ equals one cup of sugar measured in sweetness.

Benefits of Green Leaf Stevia Powder™

If you love making ice cream, sorbet, and other frozen treats, use green Stevia powder for longer lasting sweetness. When you freeze something, there’s a tendency for its sweetness to decrease. Thus, when you’re using other forms of sweeteners, you usually end up using a lot of them to keep them at your preferred sweetness. When you use Stevia, even just a little amount is enough because it is several times sweeter than sugar or other sweeteners. In the long run, you’ll save more money than when using other sweeteners.

If you’re concerned about your body’s blood sugar levels, then it’s better to replace sugar with Green Leaf Stevia Powder™.Refined sugar does not actually have nutritional benefits, while Stevia has none of the unhealthy characteristics of sugar. It’s much sweeter, too. In addition, if you would like to lose weight, stevia can help you accomplish your goal. It has no calories, meaning it simply goes through the body. People with diabetes and hypoglycemia will also benefit from this.

Green Stevia powder can do many other things for you. It promotes oral health, controls your cravings (for food, alcohol, or even tobacco), and gets rid of headaches.

SUPEROXIDE DISMUTASE (SOD) (an anti-cancer factor) – There are three enzymes known to have significant anti-oxidant activity. One of these is Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), which is present in our Green Leaf Stevia Powder™.It has been found that cancerous cells have a deficiency or a complete lack of SOD. If you supplement your diet with it you will almost certainly be helping your body to avoid, or deal with these conditions. Anti-oxidants have the ability to mop up free radicals and so reduce or avoid cell mutation. Mutation is part of the first stage of cancer formation.

Remember this is not an extract but the actual stevia leaf made into a powder. So trial amounts are recommended for your personal taste buds. We know you will enjoy our Green Leaf Stevia Powder™in all your foods and beverages.

The key to using green stevia is to use it in combination with other sweeteners like agave, dates, honey, and raisins. And because green stevia is so sweet, it will reduce the amount of expensive, traditional sweeteners (e.g. agave) that you use in your recipes, which saves you money in the long run.


Begin with one teaspoon for every 16 ounces and increase amount from there until desired taste is obtained.

GREEN LEAF STEVIA POWDER™is the only alkaline forming sweetener available! Green Leaf Stevia Powder™ has many benefits besides its natural, zero calorie sweetness. Zero carbohydrates and a zero glycemic index, It is perfect for individuals who cannot or would not like to have their blood glucose levels fluctuate at rapid levels.  This includes those with diabetes, hypo or hyper-glycemia and anyone looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The glycemic index, or GI, measures how fast a food will raise your blood glucose level.  Choosing foods that produce zero fluctuations in blood glucose is an important component for long-term health and reducing your risk of heart disease and diabetes.  By helping you reduce your calorie intake and glycemic index, stevia can be a significant contributor to any healthy weight loss plan and longer life.

Health Benefits

Zero Calories

Zero Carbohydrates

Maintains Blood Glucose levels

A Delicious and Healthy Sweetener

Helps Regulate Blood Sugar

Helps Reduce your Calorie Intake

Contributor to any Healthy Weight Loss Plan

Stevia is extracted from the leaves of the Stevia plant, and it has been described as the sweetest supplement on earth. What’s truly extraordinary about stevia is that even though it is so sweet, it has no calories and it’s actually beneficial to your health!

Green Leaf Stevia Powder™has a delicious and refreshing taste that can be 30 times sweeter than sugar. Stevia is also an excellent diabetic aid which nourishes the pancreas, helping to achieve healthy blood sugar levels. Enjoy the flavor that Stevia powder adds to any food or beverage knowing you will also increase your health benefits.

Stevia Powder has a slight fennel-like flavor that most of us with a sweet tooth, and all the children we have ever met, love, As Stevia Powder is calorie-free, so weight watchers love it. It is ideal for children since it prevents cavities. Unlike sugar, it does not trigger a rise in blood sugar. You won’t get a sudden burst of energy followed by fatigue and a need for another “fix.” Most importantly for our purposes, it does not feed yeast or other microorganisms, and it increases energy and aids digestion by stimulating the pancreas.

Stevia is a white-flowered herb native to Paraguay. Its been used by indigenous cultures dating back more than 400 years and it is an integral part of the Paraguayan diet and now is grown in Canada. Its primary constituents are known as steviosides and are found predominantly in the leaves.

Here is a great recipe:

Almond Milk Drink

2 – 3 cups almond milk, 2 teaspoons hemp protein powder, 1 tablespoon of Green Leaf Stevia Powder™, 1/2 teaspoon maca powder, 2 teaspoons Hemp Soft Centers™- 1/4 teaspoon Camu Berry Powder, 1/4 teaspoon sea salt, 6 Ice cubes.

Blend all of the ingredients in a blender or a food processor until completely smooth.

You can find all the other ingredients at www.HempUSA.org

Thank you again for your support.

5 out of 5

When i got my Stevia from this company i knew i was getting a quality product, its why i got it here and nowhere else.
It tastes good and strong and its flavor is really nice, not bitter like some brands out there, i really love it!
From now on this is the Stevia im buying, natural, good for you and high quality.
I found i even grew to enjoy it more and more then i did when i first tried it which was surprising!
I never knew Stevia could be like this, i will say it again, i love it!

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