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(Building your immune system for the 21st century)

This biological low-molecular-weight compound is 100% permeable to cell membranes and is biologically very active”. It carries 90 plus minerals and trace elements as part of its molecular complex. The other portion of this amazing micro vegetation contains a much heavier molecular weight with many different attributes that may be called the link between the living and the nonliving in nature. It is the smallest and most complex highly refined, naturally occurring, water-soluble substance on earth that supplies life, energy, health, immunity, and renewal to all life forms. This Micro Vegetation is much more than a bio-regulator it also contains macro and micro-nutrients needed by our bodies. This unique complex, not only contains the minerals our bodies need, it also enables these minerals to be absorbed by the human body. What this means for us is that this complex enhances mineral and trace mineral uptake that helps us to maintain mineral and trace mineral balances in our bodies without threat of toxicity. Minerals become part of the Micro Vegetation itself. Once minerals mix with this Micro Vegetation Complex, they are now bioactive, bioavailable, and organic.

When this complex is consumed by any life form, increased energy may be one of the first results, followed by a sense of wellbeing. Other effects may include decreased appetite, deeper, higher-quality sleep, and a lessening of pain and debility from arthritis or physical injuries. For any life that is in a serious degenerative condition, a healing crisis may occur. The body will go into a state of major cleansing and will use all of its exit doors like the intestines, kidneys, skin, lungs, liver etc…… The body will try to rid itself of all of its accumulated toxins and poisons, including heavy metals, parasites, and fungus. Although often uncomfortable, healing side effects are temporary. In fact, this loss of electrolyte potential is the main reason why we age. This complex promotes an electrochemical balance because it is both a donor and a receptor of electrons.

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  1. What would you recommend for full body support?

    You can not go wrong with any of Hemp USA's products but we recommend you have at least three things for full body support: Hemp Protein, Hemp Oil, and Micro Plant Powder.