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Micro Plant Powder
Heart & Lung Repair

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5.00 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings


SKU: heart-lung-repair

Our lung cleansing product contains bio available rare earth minerals with a negative charge for pulling out positive toxins along with high quality naturally grown spearmint leaf powder and probiotics to strengthen the gut and immune system. This product has the potential to provide tremendous relief for symptoms of congestion, upper respiratory problems, heart issues acute and chronic and upper respiratory conditions. This product is a detox product and will carry waste products and toxins out of the lungs and heart. The spearmint helps to open passageways and relieves inflammation while delivering healing nutrients to the lungs and heart. Spearmint leaf powder is beneficial for health in so many ways and spearmint provides the familiar cooling sensation, minty fragrance and great taste. This synergistic product can do wonders if taken three times a day with any liquid you choose.

HEART AND LUNG REPAIR™ with naturally grown spearmint leaf Powder (550 Mg per Tbsp) and our powdered Probiotics containing 3 billion CFU’s per Tbsp can do wonders for the respiratory system, immune system and the entire body.

Respiratory Disorders and Coughs: The strong aroma of spearmint is very effective in clearing up congestion of the nose, throat, bronchi and lungs, which gives relief for respiratory disorders that often result from asthma and the common cold. As mint cools and soothes the throat, nose and other respiratory channels, it relieves the irritation which causes chronic coughing.

Asthma: Emphysema: Regular use of HEART AND LUNG REPAIR™ is very beneficial for asthma, emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Heart: People with heart issues, acute and chronic will benefit greatly from the use of this product.

If you’ve experienced congestion it can be difficult to breathe and by doing a daily lung cleanse with HEART AND LUNG REPAIR, IT may be the answer to your respiratory problems. We’re always breathing so unlike some conditions which may be easy to temporarily ignore, clogged sinuses and lung congestion are a constant and annoying problem that can make every second miserable. When congestion or upper respiratory irritation happens, Heart and Lung Repair can help provide that relief as studies have demonstrated that spearmint reduces bronchoconstriction and airway hyper responsiveness while detoxing the entire system.

A study by the Department of Respiratory Medicine at the Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan found that menthol was very beneficial for respiratory symptoms because of its ability to inhibit airway smooth muscle contraction.

The Common Cold and Nasal Research Centre in the United Kingdom published an article in the May, 2003 edition of Current Allergy and Asthma Reports that said, “With the recent discovery of a menthol receptor on the sensory nerves that modulate the cool sensation, menthol has graduated from the realms of herbal medicine into the field of molecular pharmacology.”

In a related vein, research conducted by the Monell Chemical Senses Center and published in Pulmonary Pharmacology & Therapeutics found that inhaling mint vapors significantly decreases coughing. With the tendency of mint to reduce the cough reflex.

If you suffer from symptoms of respiratory ailments, or would like to cleanse your lungs on a regular basis, try our HEART AND LUNG REPAIR detox and nutrition formula. Also may help smokers to quit.

5 out of 5

Had chronic cough and respiratory irritation and this product removed that and opened up my lungs after only about 10 days. Also, I am an avid cyclist and this product gave me better cardio by opening my lungs and allowing me to breathe better.

5 out of 5

Can breathe much easier and slower and heart no longer pumps fast

5 out of 5

I originally purchased this for my lungs, but found an amazing benefit that I did not even know was part of the listed benefits. Healing of my hormones. For YEARS, I have lived with hot flashes and have used creams, supplements, etc. to keep them at bay. And yes, some of them worked and worked well. I could go through a day without needing anything to help me, but at night, I would have to apply the creams or take the supplements in order to make it through the night. I started taking this and almost immediately saw a difference in my hot flashes. I also noticed that over the course of taking this for a month or so, that my hormones were starting to heal. The facial hair that was a constant problem began growing in much more slowly and the hot flashes started fading off the scene. I am able to go 5 days now without “having” to take anything for the HF. And because of this, I know that this MPP is getting to the ROOT of the problem and healing. I also told my friend about this and she takes it for her heart and lungs, too. We are both very thankful for it!

5 out of 5

Wife and daughter suffer from complications with asthma during the extreme cold and heat, ever since taking this product the asthma issues have been either non existing or rare. Taking this product in warm or hot water resembles the taste of mint tea.. They love it

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  1. How long should a 2.5lb container of Micro Plant Powder last?

    Our 2.5lb containers can last anywhere from 3 to 5 months depending on use.

  2. How long will the 340gram container last?

    340 gram container = approx. 12 ounces and should last about 40 days for an adult and about 80 days for children when used as recommended.

  3. Can I take Hemp Protein Powder and Micro Plant Powder together?

    Definitely! In fact, we recommend them to everyone, along with Hemp Oil, for full body support.

  4. Can I use more than one Micro Plant Powder?

    Absolutely and many customers take a variety of Micro Plant Powders. The base ingredient is the same, so you would combine or alternate the servings; taking up to a TBSP- 3 times a day, combined, for max benefits.

  5. What is the best way to take Micro Plant Powder?

    We suggest taking the Micro Plant Powder with whatever your palette prefers, although it is best not to add too many sugary drinks. Many customers add Micro Plant Powder to water.  If you do not like the taste, just prepare a smaller serving size (i.e. half a glass of water and a dash of juice, or almond milk with carob powder) and as always drink plenty of water throughout the day.