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Natural Mineral Pink Sea Salt

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Natural Mineral Pink™ Sea Salt

Sourced from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, Our Natural Mineral Pinksea salt comes to you straight from under the earth’s crust: it was deposited thousands of years ago when huge oceans dried up, before there was any pollution. This pristine, ancient salt needs no refining and is chemical free.

One of the finest organic salts in the world, it contains naturally occurring minerals which make it compatible with your body’s needs:

NATURAL MINERAL PINK ™ Sea Salt is the difference between life and death, health and illness, social sanity and planetary panic and its elements are vital for proper body functions. Our natural hand harvested Natural Mineral Pink™ Sea Salt alone helps to maintain life, neutralizes toxins and detrimental bacteria, and enhances all organ functions.

We took the highest quality pink salt, used by gourmet cooks around the world and packaged it for you. It is packed with up to 90 minerals needed for a healthy body and comes in an 8 ounce shaker top container. As with many health issues today, there is so much controversy on the issue of SALT. In actuality, it is a starvation of macro and trace minerals that cause biological deficiencies. Refined sodium chloride and/or iodized salt are the true “bad guys”. That type of salt is chemically altered, bleached and heated at very high temperatures with most all of the minerals removed. This is not the case with Natural Mineral Pink™ Sea Salt.

Natural Mineral Pink™ sea salt may slow insulin response that contributes to poor blood sugar control; diabetics can use Natural Mineral Pink™ sea salt to their advantage because it may stop a quick rise and fall in insulin levels and subsequently reducing those dreaded blood sugar highs and lows that are commonly experienced.

About our Salt

Ocean waters have flooded huge flat shallow beds in specific locations around the world; this pristine salt water is evaporated by the sun leaving a layer of white salt on the top and a mineral rich colored sea salt at the bottom. Many companies skim off the top white salt from the salt beds and sell that. The matter is the highest nutrient content is found at the bottom of the sea beds. Many of the minerals present in true natural sea salts are responsible for the salt’s coloring and attest to its power to support all biological functions. Natural products reveal their richness in minerals by their color. Natural Mineral Pink™ sea salt contains up to 90 essential minerals which is unheard of in today’s commercial environment. Iodized Salts contain only 2 elements which are sodium and chloride because most of the so-called iodide evaporates from the salt just leaving sodium and chloride that causes high blood pressure and heart attacks and many other diseases and symptoms.

Biologically, 24 of the elements in Natural Mineral Pink™ sea salt have already been proven necessary and essential for the maintenance of a healthy body. See Scientific American, July 1972: “The Chemical Elements of Life,” by Earl Friden.

When dietary deficiencies of trace elements occur, the cells lose the ability to control their ions with dire consequences for human beings. Even a very small loss of ion equilibrium can cause cells to burst, causing nervous disorders, brain damage, muscle spasms as well as a breakdown of the cell regenerating process and growth. In the theory of acid and alkaline balance, chronic disease may be the result of a deficiency of the proper salt intake.

An eight-year study of a New York City hypertensive population stratified for sodium intake levels found that those on low-salt diets had more than four times as many heart attacks as those on normal-sodium diets – the exact opposite of what the “salt hypothesis” would have predicted. Dr. Jeffrey R. Cutler documented no health outcome benefits of lower-sodium diets.

Both sea salt and rock salt were well known to the ancient Greeks who noted that eating salty foods affected basic body functions such as digestion and excretion. This led to salt being used medically. Hippocrates mentions inhalation of steam from salt-water has tremendous healing properties. We know today that the anti-inflammatory effects of inhaled salt provide relief from respiratory symptoms. Thus, 2000 years ago, Greek medicine had already discovered topical uses of salt for skin lesions, drinking salty or mineralized waters for digestive troubles and inhaling salt for respiratory diseases.

Your common store-bought “table salt” is coated with aluminum hydroxide (or other chemical non-caking agents) so that it will not stick in your salt shaker. This coating of chemical non-caking agent also makes the salt insoluble in your body. As a result, it sticks to the walls of your veins and arteries, clogging and blocking them. That is why your doctor tells you not to eat too much salt.

Natural Mineral Pink™ sea salt is completely soluble in your body and a healthy food source with incredible nutrients the body needs.

For centuries, the energy/information content, in the form of vital mineral elements locked away within these perfectly formed crystals of mineral rich salt were utilized by doctors for treating most every disorder known to humans and with unfailing success. Recently this ancient knowledge was once again uncovered by biophysicists and brought to light in the acclaimed Book: Water and Salt, The Essence of Life by Dr. Barbara Hendel and biophysicist Peter Ferreira.

Salt is a vital substance for the survival of all living creatures, particularly humans. Water and salt regulate the water content of the body. Water itself regulates the water content of the interior of the cell by working its way into all of the cells it reaches. It has to get there to cleanse and extract the toxic wastes of cell metabolisms. Salt forces some water to stay outside the cells. It balances the amount of water that stays outside the cells. There are two oceans of water in the body; one ocean is held inside the cells of the body, and the other ocean is held outside the cells. When water is available to get inside the cells freely, it is filtered from the outside salty ocean and injected into the cells that are being overworked despite their water shortage. This is the reason why in severe dehydration we develop edema and retain water. The design of our bodies is such that the extent of the ocean of water outside the cells is expanded to have the extra water available for filtration and emergency injection into vital cells. The brain commands an increase in salt and water retention by the kidneys. This is how we get edema when we don’t drink enough water. Good health depends on this most delicate balance between the volume of these oceans and this balance is achieved by unrefined salt.

Salt is the world’s oldest food additive. Salt brings to food far more than one of the five basic taste sensations (sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami); it enhances other tastes. Sweets taste sweeter. Salt masks bitter tastes, and bitter foods like chocolate and broccoli become delicious.

Salt is needed for many body functions. Despite getting bad press, sodium is a mineral that your body needs as much as any other. It regulates the amount of fluid that your body contains, it facilitates nerve and muscle impulses, and together with potassium, it maintains the permeability of your cell walls. This is a vital necessary job for nutrients and other substances involved in cell maintenance to be able to come and go as they are needed.

Scientists have believed for decades that sodium has a direct effect on blood pressure and is proving out to be highly controversial. The controversy is fueled by studies indicating that people with high blood pressure who reduce their consumption of sodium can lower their blood pressure readings by about five points. Lowering pressure just a few points cuts the risk of heart disease and stroke. By the same token, other studies indicate that low-salt diets do not lower blood pressure in about half of the people who try them.

Researchers at Cornell University Medical College and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, both in New York City, decided to actually count the number of heart attacks among men with high blood pressure who consumed low amounts of sodium, then compare that figure with the number of heart attacks among men who had high blood pressure and higher sodium intakes. The men who ate the least sodium were four times more likely to have heart attacks than those who ate the most, and the less sodium they ingested, the higher their risk. In effect, a low-sodium diet among people with high blood pressure was associated with the very problem it was designed to prevent. The amount of sodium your body needs to perform the nutrient’s normal functions and keep your blood pressure on an even keel is a hot topic within the scientific community. Some scientists feel you need no more than 500 milligrams a day of sodium chloride, the form in which sodium is usually found in foods or your saltshaker. Others say that your body is naturally constituted to readily handle 4,000 to 5,000 milligrams a day without a problem. Still others point out that the amount of sodium in your body at any given time is actually determined by aldosterone, a kidney hormone; so why worry about how much you’re eating? Too much sodium in the body, and your kidneys will act to excrete the excess; too little, and they’ll make sure enough sodium is retained in your body’s fluid.

Clearly, more research is needed to sort out sodium’s role in the body. But until that happens, how much sodium chloride should you allow in your diet?
According to Dr. McCarron, who has spent the better part of 15 years researching the subject, you can do well on 2,400 to 3,000 milligrams in your diet on a daily basis.

The Health Benefits of Natural Mineral Pink™ sea salt

  • Regulates the water content of our bodies
  • Promotes a healthy pH balance in our cells, particularly our brain cells
  • Assists in the generation of hydro-electric energy in our cells
  • Assists in the absorption of food particles through our intestinal tract
  • Promotes bone strength
  • Supports our libido
  • Promotes sinus health
  • Supports respiratory health
  • Prevention of muscle cramps
  • Promotes vascular health
  • Assists in regulating sleep patterns
  • Promotes blood sugar health
  • Helps in the prevention of cellulite, rheumatism, arthritis and gout
  • Reduces kidney & gall bladder stones
5 out of 5

I have been using this salt for some time because I heard that it was better for the human body. I did not realize how wonderful it tasted until I went to visit my daughter and had to use her standard table salt on a bowl of popcorn– it tasted dreadful. I only ate two mouthfuls and discarded the rest. A few weeks later, my daughter, who is a bit of a skeptic about such things, came to visit me and tried my Natural Mineral Pink Sea Salt on a bowl of popcorn. She is now a convert and will use no other salt on anything. This salt just tastes better. You get more salt flavor without the “salty” burn on your tongue. It is wonderful stuff.

5 out of 5

This is the best tasting salt. I feel better and my blood sugar is normal when I use this

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