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Water Magnets Water Treatment

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SKU: wmwt

Multipolar Magnetic Water Systems make water molecules smaller and wetter hydrating plants faster using 25% – 30% less water.


Water is essential for life. It is the primary solvent and transport system in our bodies. All nutrients and fuel are carried into our cells on water. All waste is carried out on water. Our blood flows because of water our nerves transport electric charges by way of water. Water is fundamental to the existence of all life. But not all water is created equal. Although all water consists of the same basic H20 molecules, water nevertheless varies according to how these molecules bond together to form “water molecule groups.” To put it simply, it is in the size of these groupings that water differs.


The smaller the groupings, the more bioavailable the water is — the more easily it is able to pass through cell walls, to transport nutrients and remove waste, to facilitate all of the communications systems in your body, and to pass through your body as a whole. The larger the groupings the more inefficient water is at performing these same functions.


What holds water molecules together in clusters is surface tension. This is what you see when you wash your car and the water beads up in droplets on the hood. When washing your car, you use detergent to break that surface tension — which breaks apart the large molecular clusters, making the water wetter and better able to clean. Obviously, you can’t use detergent to “improve” the bioavailability of your drinking water. But you can use magnetics.


It is this same phenomenon of surface tension that is responsible for the ability of plants to suck water up through their roots from the surrounding soil. The ability of magnetics to alter the surface tension of water creates the ability to change the way water molecules interact with each other. It has been found that under-ground water that flows through areas of natural magnetic deposits, undergoing “magnetic treatment”, acquires unique healing qualities. Use of our Multipolar Magnetic Funnel and/or the Inline Magnetic System will duplicate this “magnetic treatment” and provide the healing properties of magnetic water.


Magnetizing your drinking water breaks its surface tension, making it wetter and more useable by every cell in your body. In addition, there’s a strong secondary benefit. Applying a magnetic field to water can not only make it wetter, but it can also raise its pH (up to a full point, depending on the water).


Our Multipolar Magnetic Funnel is used for magnetizing liquids which pass through the funnel, acquiring a finer and more homogeneous structure that significantly enhances the fluidity and dissolving ability as well as biological activity. Our inline filter attaches to the main water line of your home to provide multipolar magnetic water for drinking and cooking and bathing. The use of magnetically treated water is a boost in treating and preventing all kind of problems with the human body.


Research has confirmed the curative properties of magnetic water in dealing with many types of diseases and ailments in humans including the following:

  • Consuming 250 ml. of magnetically treated water daily normalizes disorders of the cardiovascular, digestive, nervous and urinary systems
  • Continuous use of magnetic water decreases cholesterol content in blood, stimulates brain activity, improves digestion, increases appetite, reduces excess acidity and normalizes the function of bile
  • Magnetic water helps to induce proper movement of bowels and expels poisons and unwanted salts from the body
  • Magnetic water helps in dissolving calcium and uric acid deposits in joints, thus relieving the pain of arthritis.


The body must continuously be in a proper state of hydration. Because 2.5 liters of water is lost each day through normal bodily functions, this must be replaced. There are two major issues that emphasize the need to keep the body adequately hydrated with water of the best quality, content, and structure so it can maintain homeostasis. First, the water we put in our body must be able to prevent toxins and chemical substances from accumulating and creating destructive influences on cells. Water must bring all minerals and nutrients required for cell metabolism, and remove any substances that can damage the cell. It must also be able to protect cell walls from damage and invasion. Second, since water is involved in every function of the body, it must act as a conductor of electrochemical activity, such as neurotransmission, by moving water from one nerve cell to another smoothly and effectively.


Movement of water in the body between cells (extracellular fluid) is caused by osmosis. This is created by magnetic forces in the body, which keep the movement in balance. As water flows it changes in pressure to create movement across the cell membranes. Any changes in pressure will allow proteins, minerals and other nutrients being carried by the blood to escape into spaces between vessels and deprive the cells of their vital needs to sustain life. When water in the blood is contaminated with chemicals, it enters the cells and changes their structure which in turn could lead to changes in DNA. This is the start of the disease process which is very similar to the aging process.


The mystery of understanding disease and aging begins with knowing what our body needs throughout its lifetime to maintain health and vitality. Premature, unnatural aging can result from loss of water volume and the body being continuously exposed to contaminated water. Another major factor is the body’s inability to adequately assimilate essential minerals and nutrients.


A major problem in maintaining health during aging is a result of years of medications that have accumulated in the tissues. Even when a disease is treated successfully with drugs the cells still retain the germs in a latent state along with the toxins of the medications that were used to destroy them. As the body ages and the immune system declines it’s possible for disease to re-emerge.


Water which makes up over 70% of our body composition is the most influential and vital component that provides the body with the ability to maintain health and prevent its deterioration. This can only happen if the quality, content, and the structure of the water meets the body’s requirements. For water to be most effective in our body it is necessary for it to contain minerals that haven been completely assimilated in order to nourish and protect the cells. It should have a slightly higher alkaline pH which is necessary to assure that the body fluids do not become and remain acidic resulting in illness and more rapid aging.


However, because of contamination in our environment such as toxic waste and chemical additives, food and water have been depleted of critical minerals necessary for metabolism. As a result, the body’s chemistry becomes unbalanced and destructive substances known as free radicals form. These free radicals destroy cells and cause the body to deteriorate.

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