I’ve been using Micro Plant Powder Gold for almost 6 years now, and I absolutely love it. I start my day by mixing it with water. It effectively replaced all my assorted vitamins, minerals, and supplements I used to take before finding this. It truly helps maintain my energy and supports healthy glucose levels (I have type 2 diabetes). It really helps with joint pain as well – I’m 60 years old and have been working as a waitress on my feet constantly for the past 30+ years, and I started feeling a difference in energy and less pain within 3 weeks of starting this amazing product. I won’t be without it, it works for me!   “Gabriela” Thank you Gabriel for your wonderful review!!!

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I am writing to brief you on my cancer scare story

As a pilot, I was required to take an annual flight physical. In checking me over the doctor, using a scope found a mass the size of a fist, much like yours, growin out of my right kidney. He immediately identified this as renal cell carcinoma, as did three other surgeons.

So they all scared me out of my wits. I began networking with other C survivors and learned that C was not a death sentence. So I decided I was going to kill this monster inside me and that it would not kill me. Also I decided that I would keep my kidney instead of it winding up in a jar on a shelf.

I tried various natural protocols and then I found a product called Micro Plant Powder [ *hemp usa.org* ]. MPP is 89% silica and effective in attracting toxins and expelling these toxins through the urine and the colon. Now an improved product, Matrix Bio Powder,  is available from this same company complete with iodine. I had these unsettling and painful fleshy bloody discharges in my urine, which I presumed to be the mass on my rt kidney. Apparently this was correct because the discharges eventually stopped.

Since then a CT scan revealed a normal sized rt kidney and an AMAS blood test [ Boston] showed in a very low chance of C. My point here is that you can consider the use of MPP as a preventative maintenance program [approx $50 for a 3 month supply].


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  • Dexter 5 years ago

    My Wife was suffering from what we believed to be a spider bite her arm was swollen very huge so we put some iodine paste on it and less than a day or two her went back to normal. Thanks Hemp Usa
  • Clark 5 years ago

    All of HempUSA products are excellent. I have been using Micro Plant powder with great results and just started the Micro Plant powder Adult formula. I will not do without it. Excellent products and service.
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