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  • Caryn Taylor

    Yet Another Great Product
    I have been staying healthy with your products because I was using the Ultimate Protection but now since my airline forced me to get vaccinated I’m taking this detox flush to clean and purify my blood, keep me from getting blood clots, it’s giving me energy, making me lose weight not feel hungry, it’s given me mental clarity. It’s amazing. I really feel all the bad stuff is detoxed from my body. No heavy metals, no toxic carcinogens left in my bloodstream thanks to detox flush. I have referred a bunch of people to buy this. I love these products!!

Dog And Cat Formulation Top

  • Laela

    I love this product. I wanted something natural and healthy for my dogs and cats and this product is great. My pets are very healthy and this product is a great value for the price and amount you get. I have four dogs and three cats. This product is the most economical way I can ensure they get the vitamins they need and the anti-parasitic qualities as well. Love it!!!

  • Robert

    The Doggy Detox was the only natural way I found to eliminate tapeworms from my Golden Retriever. I had tried two other natural remedies for my puppy. He had tape worms about 4 months and I nor the vet have seen any worms in the last two weeks after only one month on the Doggy Detox. I look forward to all your great products!

  • [email protected]

    My dear cat (15 years old), and an indoor cat all her life, suddenly developed a need to lick and chew her fur on her sides and legs. I started her on the Micro Plant Powder and whatever it was that was causing her to chew and lick stopped after about two weeks. It has been three months with daily dosage in her food and her fur has grown back beautifully full, soft, and shiny.

  • Mary Beth Johnson

    I love this product for my puppy and cat. Their coats are beautiful and it cured my puppies round worms. I will give it to them the rest of the lives. Thank you for making such great excellent quality all natural products that work. My animals are healthy and happy. ??

  • Sue

    I give this to all my animals. My poor yellow lab who is 9 years old suffered from seizures. He’s been on this for 5 months and he has not had one since then. This is amazing for your animals.

  • Denise Ann Sammons

    My youngest kitten is thriving thanks to this formula. When we ran out she skipped meals waiting for the familiar taste. If we forget to add it to her meal she might just act finicky and walk away. Her fur is shiny, she is full of energy and we know this supplement has greatly enhanced her life. She showed up in our life as a tiny malnourished homeless kitten, and now she has a new lease on life thanks to this formula. We have 9 other felines that are all benefiting from this product. We are so grateful.

  • Rebik

    So far so good… It’s hard to know what cats are gonna love one minute and turn their nose up at the next, but they seem to be taking to this really well — which is five stars to me! The do seem a bit more “whole” if that makes sense. And hey, if they ever stop liking it, I’ll take it myself!

  • jlkraft

    Every day my 9 year old Australian Shepherd gets a spoonful of this special blend MPP for Dogs and Cats. It does not seem to have a flavor and he didn’t really know if was food, but after a few days he accepted it and I did see the benefits. His coat is thick and shiney and he has more energy then before. This supplement is GREAT for him! Thanks!

  • Robert

    This is my second review of the Dog & Cat Formula,   I used this for my first Golden because it was the only natural supplement that I found to eliminate worms from my Golden puppy, Hector.  Within one month he was worm free and has been that way now for three plus years.  I give him one tablespoon twice a day with his meals.  I now have another puppy Golden for Hector named Alexis. I started her out using the Dog & Cat Formula when I got her home.  I give her one half tablespoon three times a day with her meals.  She has never had worms, ever.  Before using the Dog & Cat Formula my Goldens would always have tape worms from getting fleas from time to time.  I am amazed at how well this works.  I buy this product by the case so that I make sure I never run out.  I will be giving this to both of my Goldens for the rest of their lives to keep them healthy.  Oh BTW I have not even mentioned all of the other great attributes of this wonderful product.  I always use natural, healthy and organic products for my pups including giving them filtered water.

  • Jeff

    I’ve been taking the Micro Plant Gold for a couple years with terrific results! My 6.5 year old dog was diagnosed with diabetes a few months ago, and his energy level was inconsistent. I’ve noticed a definite improvement on hikes, and his coat looks like a puppy!

  • Robert

    There is one thing about Micro Plant Powder Dog And Cat Formulation that I did not notice until I got my second puppy. A puppy’s coat is always nice and soft which my new puppy’s coat is. I started her on Micro Plant Powder Dog And Cat Formulation right away. My other 4 year old has been on this for many years when I was trying to get rid of tapeworms. This product did a fantastic job with eliminating tapeworms from fleas. What I noticed with my 4 year old was that his coat was just as soft as my puppy’s coat. It was amazing to see that by using Micro Plant Powder
    Dog And Cat Formulation, my four year pup’s coat was just as soft as my 6 month old puppy… YEA ! ! !

  • jason

    This product has absolutely saved my dogs life. He was on life support and this product worked miracles. I highly recommend. Especially for elderly pets.


    I used to mix this in my cat’s food but eventually started putting it into empty gelatin capsules which you can order online. Size 00 is roughly 1/4 teaspoon and my cat is really good with letting me give her pills if I place it just right, so if you have a finicky eater this may be the way to go

  • Kathy Borgerding

    I’ve been using this product on my 10 year old lab with great results. She’s got numerous health issues, including joint problems stemming from a car accident when she was a puppy. Thanks to this product she’s still getting around and enjoying life! I’d highly recommend this to anyone looking for a natural supplement that does what it says! I also appreciate that it comes in a BPA-free container.

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    Grey Zuniga

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    Chelsea Farmer

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    Heath Mata

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    Kallie Kemp

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    Wilson Huff

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Fit And Trim Top

  • Caryn

    This stuff has changed my life. I am losing weight, rarely get sick anymore. I am a flight attendant and I was always getting chronic ear infections and food poisoning and I take my microplant powder with iodine everywhere I go. I drink it in water bottles and sprinkle it on my kids foods and they are toddlers who never get sick thanks to microplant powder. I get energy when taken with my anamu and bladderwrack herbs. I don’t have to worry about getting diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol. If this stuff was used more here in the USA doctors would be out of jobs!:)

  • dross5374

    Losing weight lowered blood pressure feel great and have a clear mind

  • Joey Lagano

    I like these formulas so far, Probiotic and Iodine, Fit and Trim, and Rest and Recover for more neutral taste. That said, all of the formulas I have tried, I think 8 in all, work exceptionally well, and I will continue to be a HempUSA.org customer for life.

  • Kathleen

    Love these products. I have not used the Fit and Trim for very long but so far I like how I feel.

  • Steven

    Yet another amazing MPP product! Not much taste to Fit and trim, goes down well. Again, been using MPP for over six years and I have not been sick at all. Great energy! It WORKS!

  • marco

    Good for your digestive system

  • Robin Watkins

    I have only been using the fit & trim for maybe a month. I absolutely love the product. My skin is brighter & I am able to empty out on a regular now.

  • Rick

    I work out 5 days a week and am currently on a low carb diet. My weight has not moved either way. I started taking Fit and Trim MPP and I lost 16 pounds. I have a lot more energy. My MD told me that my Blood work up looks really good. This may make you laugh or maybe not but I have the prettiest poop imaginable.

  • Noelia

    I love this product. I take it daily and experienced immediate results. I have lost my belly weight and feel great overall. Recommend to my family and they are now using the products.

  • Sean

    Fit and Trim is truly amazing. This is the third time I have purchased Fit and Trim. I was off if for more than a year and it truly showed. I was constantly having sinus and ear problems, my skin was really dry and my energy level was next to nothing. Since I got this a week ago I have already noticed a significant increase in my energy, my mind is clearer and my sinus and ear problems are completely gone. I have lost 8 lbs already and my skin looks better than ever! If you haven’t tried fit and Trim yet you need to, it’s life changing!

  • Sharon Sullivan

    First time buying anything from this company Love the product! Big difference in my skin and energy level has increased. I’ve lost 6 lbs so far and can’t wait to try more of their Products.

  • Amber

    I love this product. It really works great, I feel a lot more regular and clear minded while taking.

Hemp Baking Flour Top

  • dross5374

    food looks and tastes much better than before and don’t feel tired after eating

Hemp Protein Powder Top

  • Scott S

    I’m a firm believer that we only get 1 body so we need to give it the best possible food, i compared this Hemp against 7 other highest quality Organic Hemp protein powders and found this product to be by far the best! not only best bang for the buck but also the best quality & taste and highest amount of protein per scoop, Hemp USA only uses the best part of the Hemp plant which is the seeds, other brands use the hole plant that’s why the other brands tastes like dirt, I’m VERY happy with this product and will be buying Hemp USA’s Hemp for life.

  • Fred Romero

    Thank you at Hemp USA i enjoy your products and appreciate the fact that they are all natural and have no negative additives to them. The protein powder is an excellent product i use it now over any other protein product out on the market.

  • Anonymous

    I have used Hemp Protein powder for over 9 yrs. Referred by a friend. Initially purchased to help my old dog. Shadow, a 10 yr old lab at the time, was to the point where I literally had to carry him up the stairs at night. Upon recommendation from my friend, I started giving the dog HPP mixed in peanut butter, 3x a day. 2 weeks after that, I was taking a shower and when I opened the shower curtain, there was my lab, laying beside the tub. It startled me. He continued to improve and lived another 3.5 years… He walked at least a mile and a half until he passed. I gave the powder to my other lab-mix dog, as well, and he lived to 14 and walked 3 miles a day with me and still walked a mile and a half at 14. I have since gotten another young Chocolate, now 3, he gets the HPP too. The Vet always marvels at his condition and strength of he hips.

  • Landon Knerr

    This product beats peanut protein this company has but both are great. I am big on hemp products. I will definitely buy this for my family and my nutrition. My energy definitely increased, my fatigue decreased, my sleep paterns were better, I also felt my muscle recovered a lot faster than normal. I know I can’t live without this product.

  • kelsjo93

    My dad ordered the protein powder before i started college and I would take it as breakfast shake. This product would fill me up and also after a short time I didn’t crave sweets anymore. Also I had increased energy. Great Product well worth the buy.

  • Diego C

    This Hemp protein is the best! It has an amazing taste, it’s easy to consume, and it makes me feel better! I been consuming this food/protein for about a year and half. I usually make a shake with 2-3 tbsp of hemp protein, one tbsp of micro plant powder, 1-2 tbsp of hemp oil, 1 tsp of kelp powder, almond milk or coconut milk, 1 banana, and half a cup of blueberries or other fruit. Other times just almond milk and hemp protein. It’s perfect for breakfast or an in-between snack. I also love the way it taste in cereals. I’m currently almost out of the 5lb of hemp protein and cannot wait to restock. For anyone new debating on whether to try this protein… do it. Your body will thank you!

  • Troy

    The Hemp Protein powder is perfect for Muscle recovery after workouts! It beats the competition on the pre, during and after workout protein powders!

  • Sharon

    God’s Miracle Food
    What a shame this has been kept from “we the people”. Hemp is also God’s Miracle Food for all people and would have eliminated much suffering and pain had we simply known.

    I have been taking Hemp Products (Micro Plant Powder and Protein Powder) from HempUSA every day for last 2 months and can’t even begin to tell you what it is doing for me. In just last 2 weeks I am out walking every day and even planted a flower bed. Now, I absolutely could NOT have done this 2 months ago.

    People who live here in these apartments are now coming up to me and asking what it is I’m doing, because they have seen my car basically parked for days and weeks at a time over last few years, and now they see me out engaging in activity and life. My stomach problems are pretty much resolving as well as bone, muscle, and joint pain.

    I know I was divinely directed and compelled to take these products. I will never be without the Micro Plant Powder, Protein Powder, and Hemp Oil. It is a God-send for me. By the way, the Hemp Oil literally restores brain cells if you know anyone suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Sharon

  • Carolyn

    I have been taking Hemp USA’s products for years. The Hemp Protein is the best source of protein, because it is plant based as opposed to dairy or meat. I’m 73 years young and see my peers living in the doctor’s office. And I don’t do that! My skin looks great and I feel great! Thanks Hemp USA!

  • Doc

    This is the best Protein product I have ever used! A great Whole food.

  • super_fat01

    This is the best protein anyone can buy. It made my muscles build a lot faster and I’ve lost a lot of weight. This is better than any dairy or animal protein and is a lot better than any plant protein I’ve ever tried

  • gilli

    its changed my world. honest. on days i don’t drink some in a big glass of coconut milk and carob powder i crave fat later at night. i gave up sugar a while ago and this helps that as well. its a real deal food. versatile. nutritious. healing. cleansing. need i say more. no. i need to order more.

  • Velora

    I had to know what changed in my friend of 28 years’ life, she had completely turned around. She was about to give up, in so much pain from fibromyalgia and digestive issues. She told me she started taking this product,the hemp oil and the microplant powder. I have only been on it a couple of weeks but I’m feeling more energy already! Thank you!

  • Stephen

    Highest quality protien powder I have used! Most protien per serving as well as best taste! If you have used other hemp protein powders, you can tell some of the fiber has been sifted out. HempUSA never dissappoints! Very honest and reliable. Love you guys!! Thank you!!

  • jonman701

    I Read and heard all about the Hemp Protein powder that is sold on Hempusa, about the quality of it and how really great it is and i have to say after using this for a couple weeks now i am so incredibly pleased, its so filling and satisfying, this absolutely should be a staple in everyone’s diet, it feels good and feels so natural when i add it to my daily diet i feel like i just took in a high grade quality of nutrition.
    Also i noticed my sugar cravings are reduced by like 98% i have little to no interest in eating sugary kinds of food or junk food and i was pretty bad for that before so that is a major plus!
    I will always use hemp protein powder!

  • dice2303_456


  • Joe

    Excellent product! I use it for protein shakes daily. I’ve tried a lot of different types over the years. This is the best protein powder I’ve ever taken. Period!

  • Ron Brown

    I was hospitalized in 2007 for a month due to a serious infection contracted overseas. After that ordeal, I had numerous additional health problems, including high blood pressure and severe allergies. Within 2 months of beginning to use micro-plant powder, hemp protein powder, and Cells Alive silver solution, the allergies are completely gone, my blood pressure is down to manageable levels, my eyesight has improved, and my overall levels of health, wellness, and energy are much greater.

    Also, my children have benefited greatly from taking the micro-plant powder; stomach aches are a thing of the past for my youngest and my oldest no longer has severe monthly cramps.

    I was highly skeptical early on, but we will continue using these products. They are, frankly, amazing.

  • Bill Johnson

    How I dealt with my two (2) cancer episodes. First Diagnosed in 2009. I am now 70 years old, in remission, dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy (neuropathy in both feet and hands). I now feel good and work-out three times a week at a local gym. I went from a 210 lb. healthy and fit 65 year old man to a 162 lb. pitiful looking weak man. It started at age 65 (colon cancer). Fourteen inches of my colon was removed. Three years later at age 68, after I had regained my strength and weight, it happened again. The cancer leaked into my Liver and formed four (4) matasticised cancerous tumors on my Liver.
    Before all this I was in great shape. Other than being “asthmatic” in my youth, I’ve been a bit of a ‘Health Nut’ and bodybuilder. Listen to me, anyone can get Cancer. If your over 40 get your colonoscopy and blood work checked regularly. (Yes, your immune system can heal cancers, but you need a warning system to tell you when to get “more serious” about your health). After Three (3) months of killer chemotherapy in Bradenton, Florida my surgeon at Lee Moffitt Cancer Research Center, Tampa, Florida removed 25 % of my Liver. I was very weak and ‘puney’. I’m 6’ 3” tall and was 210 ils. I went down to 162lbs in 3 months, I was scared..
    Here’s where it gets interesting.. While in treatment, I was doing research on products that would help me get my immune system back and fighting for me. A friend of mine told me to check-out “Hemp USA.ORG”. I did, and so my journey to kick-back began. I purchased the Hemp Oil, Micro Plant Powder with Iodine, Hemp Protein Powder, and later on, I purchased Cinnamon Powder, it’s fantastic.
    Anyway, I’ve had to have CAT Scans, PET Scans and Regular Blood Word done every 3 months for the past 2 years. I was really concerned about the amount of “Radiation” I was getting …It has been A LOT! (My research tells me that Radiation can cause cancer).
    I do have damage from the “chemotherapy treatment”. My feet and hands have permanent nerve damage and I am dealing with the pain quite well.
    I do work-out at a local gym and have gained back 45 lbs. I’m growing in muscle mass and endurance because of my God and the benefits that come from taking these great products.
    Again, I want to tell everybody that by the “Grace of God” (because of His love for me and prayers on my behalf, …He did lead me to this source of products. All of my scans and blood work have come back negative for cancer and very positive for good health……. These products really work!
    May God bless you with good health…….Bill Johnson.

  • KARA

    I’ve been using this product for years. I add it to my “serious salad,” along with Dr. Schulze’s Superfood and some dulse flakes. Not only is it tastier than plain salad, it adds several nutrients I just wouldn’t get from the salad alone and makes me feel great! And by “serious salad” I mean serious! I mean lettuce, spinach, basil or cilantro, onion, cucumber, celery, tomato, avocado, cabbage, sweet red/green/yellow pepper, fine-grated beet and carrot, and topped with a couple or 3 cloves of garlic and a generous portion of olive or grapeseed oil and apple cider vinegar with herbs. As organic as you can stand it. Seriously!

  • Sean

    Hemp USA products second to none. This protein powder is a staple for me and everyone I introduce to it loves it, as well. It performs well, as a protein supplement, as a multivitamin, and as a source of fiber. My health has improved tremendously since using it and I recommend it for anyone.

  • Linda Payne

    Have been using this product a short time but enough to re order. Good tasting and keeps me full for a long time. Thanks for your communication with me you have been great to work with.

  • Steven

    A enjoy hemp protein powder daily, for the last 6-7 years. High quality and good tasting, and amazing for your wellness! 1-3 tablespoons daily. Try the sea salted hemp seeds too! Yum! Going to get my HEMP!

  • Satina

    Our entire family have been using this product for years. We love it. We ran out and had to repurchase to sustain our health. Thank you HEMPUSA!

  • Jacqueline Kuraj

    excellent product – good protein boost – tasteless and adds week to fresh vegetable juices and shakes.

  • Ethan

    Love this hemp protein powder! Such a clean protein powder and I feel great when I take it! I mix it with a banana in a blender after i workout and I love it! Just bought the 5lb bag of hemp protein powder and it really is amazing and it’s so good for your body. Great product I give it 5 stars!

  • wayne

    i love the hemp powder, can’t wait for it to arrive

  • Steve

    Amazing food protein and much more! Been using for over 6 years, daily. Great energy and have not been sick in over 6 years! I take mine with a little Hemp USA stevia, another great product. Well, its time to order more!

  • Daniel

    Daniel J.
    – It’s not grainy, and blends very well. I use it with my egg batter and for my smoothies after a workout. Has a great taste as well, other protein products you can taste the product over what it is blended with. With Hemp Protein powder, you’re able to still enjoy the flavor of your blends, while receiving the benefits of the protein power

  • marco

    Better than whey protein

  • Daniel j.

    This is a great product that i frequently order. Great customer service as well. Great quality protein product as well. Thanks

  • shelbyanne317

    I am a gastric bypass patient that has to consume at least 60gm of protein a day. I have tried several products and have found that hemp protein is one of the best forms of protein that I have tried thus far. I recommend this protein often to new patients who are or have had weight loss surgery.

  • Sean

    I just ordered a ten pound container of hemp protein powder, around the twentieth of December. The package arrived before Christmas and is the same high quality product and procedure I’ve come to expect from hempusa.
    I introduced my sister to hemp food products just before she went into surgery to have her shoulder replaced. I fed her hemp everyday during her recovery and she was able to return to work in record time. I attribute her speedy healing process to eating hemp everyday, in conjunction with her other positive choices and physical therapy. The doctors said she’d be out of commission for six months but she returned to work in fewer than three months.
    Thanks again, HempUSA for providing us with this resource.

  • S.B

    We’re always trying to add more protein to our diet without it being soy based or artificial products. This is a great alternative and such a good amount of protein per serving. Just a little hard to get used to the taste but eventually you do.

  • wayne

    I am ready for more, This is great stuff

  • hillary berens

    This is an excellent product. I have purchased from other vendors and this is the tastiest and richest product.

  • Eric

    I love this hemp protein! I mix it with my one world whey protein and the micro plant powders and that high protein peanut powder. Its like a choco peanut butter shake with a delicious hemp flavor! Thanks Hemp USA!

  • jeff G.

    2nd time to buy the protein powder and I love it!

  • [email protected]

    Great product will buy again

  • Jared K.

    Being vegetarian it is important to supplement protien. This protien is the Best! i can mix it with water and its organic flavour is quite satisfying. Great product. Great value.

  • [email protected]

    Hemp protein is the only product that will deliver the health you need and keep you healthy in all of your activities.
    I have been taking hemp protein for 7 years. I have stopped eating meats altogether. Amazing!!! People ask me how do I look so good for my age? I tell them by taking hemp protein. Taking hemp protein you will not only feel the difference but look great too! Thanks Hemp USA!

  • Phyllis

    I love the Hemp Protein Powder…it works great and I feel great

  • devon flowers

    best source of plant based protein you can get. builds muscle, curbs appetite and tastes great

  • Justin

    Love this stuff. 5 lbs lasts a LONG time. Adding it to my toddler’s pancakes and my smoothe’s, love it.

  • rrubio8019

    I have a history in my family of diabetes so I have high blood pressure
    early april of 2017 I had symptoms that I have never experienced before
    I thought that I was going to faint. two weeks later I ordered Hemp Protein Powder and I started to feel better within 2-3 days. I also jog three times a week. In february my weight was about 230 its may 8 2017 and my weight is now 201 my goal it’s to get my weight between 160-170. I take Micro Plant Powder with probiotics and Hemp Protein Powder. If It Wasn’t for hempusa
    I would probably be on pharmaceuticals. Thank you hempusa for your wonderful products.

  • willie johnson

    great stuff love it

  • Jeffrey Schembri

    best hemp protien powder on the market. Nuff said.

  • Devan Green

    As a truck driver it helped maintain my weight by Curving my cravings. The protein allows me to be satisfied sooner and keeps me regular. It’s a must have in my home

  • mitchell

    Thank you hempusa.org I wish your products were everywhere like churches and bars
    your hemp powder feels tastier than the local market

  • Betty Guillot

    This is my second order of Hemp Protein. I am working on my health and trying to get more protein to my muscles, without a lot of meat. Its easy to use and the taste is nice.

  • Matt

    When the plumbing gets older, not using this product is suicide. Yes, fiber becomes far more important. Hemp protein is also quite different than whey protein–it’s slower to assimilate and slower to dissipate. If you want consistent, quality nutrients, you can’t go wrong here. A small scoop with every meal makes a world of difference. If it ever becomes impossible to get this stuff, as far as I’m concerned, it’s game over.

    In reference to other comments and their pets: My Shepard loves this stuff. Born with a bad hip, now 12 years old and still dragging me around the block, it’s proof enough to tell me there’s good vibes in here.

    If you’re on the fence, buy some and try it. If you don’t like it, I’ll buy it from you.

  • JMG

    Hemp Protein Powder provides me the energy to begin my day, and satisfy my appetite until lunchtime! Great product, as well as, excellent quality!

  • t.leilertson

    We love this product! we were referred to you by friends who are already loyal customers and you now have another loyal customer for life. we have many friends that we will be referring to you also! thank you! T and L

  • Joel Smith


  • Jason J Frank

    Love this product!! This is an essential part of my recovery after weight lifting, AMP training and martial arts. Your customers should include this hemp protein powder for enhanced recovery while building lean muscle.

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    Mrs Ballie, a retired saleswoman, despatched several funds totalling £7,044 to diplomats who appeared to work for the WHO. Examples of private detective cases we work in Ukraine on embrace gathering evidence for divorce proceedings, matrimonial investigations and background checks, Anti-scam investigations and online courting fraud, and locating missing individuals. And thus all of the work is finished satisfactorily. Other victims lose wealth and associates, grow to be estranged from members of the family, deceive partners, get divorced, or commit criminal offenses in the process of either fulfilling their “obligations” to the scammers or obtaining more cash. Because every Dating Website can deviate in a quantity of how letting in membership value, latamdate scam strategies of getting potential partners, no of ways by way of which you’ll communicate with different members and the precise demographic the website is for. Every part from the sign up to the search outcomes a relationship webpage provides are defined on this great website. Their web site is controlled and operated from their workplaces and facilities inside the United States. The search options the web site provides, if the positioning protects your private info, similar to your own home deal with. But remember to never ever give your private data to a bisexual relationship web site before you learn reviews about that site.

    If you are uncertain about a site or even when you’re feeling like it’s protected, you are able to do an web search and find out if anybody has reported something bad about it. Anybody who has been ripped off will surely put the word out on the web. Online or web courting 50 has grow to be a preferred choice for courting singles searching for Mr. or Ms. Right. There are rather a lot of benefits of 3some dating for a threesome finder or bisexual single, like sexual intercourse is more gratifying and exciting with bisexual girls and males. So, it is simpler to find and meet a threesome finder on 3some web sites or bisexual courting websites the place they’re more relaxed. So, how does somebody date on-line successfully? Even so, before you be part of any site, it is essential to know in the specifics of the site. For the advantages of singles and to your info, check this article and get to know whether charmingdate rip-off actual or not actual. If you happen to search news on CharmingDate dating site, you read one or two pieces of negative news about it.

    It is actually astonishing the number of events you find a news account during which the person didn’t ask primary questions. 1. Cease all of the contact with a person that just is continually steering all of the dialogue to your personal non-public information. When using the other relationship sites, you’re unsure of the safety or the reliability of the particular person you might be dealing with. So more and more individuals use dating sites to search out the love of their lives. All of the registered women have photos and whenever you click on their profile, you get to know more about them. If you’re an older man and a breathtaking young lady says she is madly in love with you, you might be in all probability her target, nothing more. We take time to ensure that the shoppers are comfy with our girls and for this reason we run a background check. In 2020, PeopleConnect accomplished a merger with The Control Group, a provider of B2C info services including online background checks & reverse phone lookups positioned in San Diego, California. When a con artist senses that you’re way too hesitant to say nearly any really serious issues then merely that’s their particular sign for taking most control of the connection.

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    The consumer will likely be directed to an automated message if no one solutions the question throughout the stipulated time. One woman within the study was bombarded with a new message each half hour, from over 1,500 different folks within the month lengthy research. When I was younger, I was on Tinder, because I didn’t have an agenda aside from to go on a number of dates and meet people. Have a phone call or video chat before you meet in individual. With the dwell chat assist, the irritating expertise of waiting on cellphone calls for long time can be avoided and we will chat with dwell representative out there online. You’ll be able to say greater than hello, but don’t go overboard telling your life story if you first begin messaging within the courting app. Even if you happen to two hit it off through text, you don’t know that you’ll hit it off romantically. What she will be able to tell us is that she is in her early twenties and is first-generation British Bangladeshi, she did the summer school two years in the past and now works at GCHQ full time. Keep those messages brief so you’ll be able to encourage him to really dial you once you give him your number.

    Both men and women tended to write down longer messages to a more fascinating companion, generally as much as twice as lengthy, however the research discovered that this barely makes any difference to the response rate. It does not always comply with that you could possibly find your one true love right away however then in fact it is a good venue to broaden your network and to be taught more about other individuals. You’re simply two people meeting over espresso. When in doubt, recommend a coffee date as an alternative. Similar to a woman can inform if you place effort into your seems to be for the date, she will inform how much effort you set into planning your date. Are you wanting to fulfill a man or a lady? 1) Communicate what you might be looking for on your profile (and on dates). We match you with people who are on the lookout for you. These on-line individuals & communities living in other countries rising collectively online have began new tendencies that are now dominating the fashionable societies. There are a ton of legit guys on dating apps, and I do know simply as many girls who have discovered great partners by online dating. There are three main levers in our lives that, if we pull on them correctly, can change the whole lot.

    Regulator spokesperson Karen Mooney stated scammers often focused “mainly vulnerable women who perhaps are a bit lonely”. A woman who was conned out of hundreds of pounds by a romance fraudster has said it has taken her to “monetary and emotional rock bottom”. However, she learns a few tips to help her take advantage of out of app and online dating. That’s why I put charmdate review together this video and article full of helpful online dating tips for women that can assist you acquire confidence on this new medium. A prospective partner could do that to achieve private or financial info from you. Some online dating crimson flags are extra apparent, like if a prospective accomplice is asking you for money before your first date. In truth, that’s specifically what that web site is for: discover a associate online to spend your life with. Find out if she is an outdoorsy adventurous kinda gal, or if she’d somewhat go on a walk and get a fancy dinner.

    Say if you’re testing establishing a charity group, you might find an space particularly centered on this. So for all you shy individuals out there, evaluate the dating situation with that of the intimidating actual-life dating recreation that you’ve been taking part in so far. With the help of expertise, who would not wish to strive chatting with new individuals? • We choose one of the best methods to assist our members to get finest matchmaking for their life”. Cupid is to subject £3.6m price of shares to assist pay for the acquisition. Should you come across someone you’re feeling bodily drawn to, however your values don’t align, this could also be worth considering as a motive to not pursue a relationship with the particular person. As a mum or dad, selflessness is instinctive; the children come first. While there’s some stigma connected to “Facebook stalking” potential dates, you shouldn’t really feel dangerous about doing a bit social media analysis before meeting somebody for the first time. Finally, while a few of the rules of etiquette might change as the connection changes and also you develop extra comfortable with one another’s foibles, the underside line is to behave within accepted cultural norms while remaining true to yourself. Fuze Bug Mosquito want produce true Miracles.

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    Magic triggers may happen when two people fulfill; nevertheless, I do not suggest doing things which are examined to result in negative result. If you proceed doing so, it’s very likely that you will certainly suffer sharp denials after squandering a great deal of your time. With online dating, you will have a totally various experience as you’ll learn more about each various other initial. So, it would be your first work to obtain these prejudices out of your mind. As China increases its armed forces and financial expertise on the globe stage, people are mosting likely to want to identify if the Chinese individuals are pals or opponents. Since the establishment, this internet site has actually successfully assisted countless its members to locate the ideal suits in China. You do not call for to spend a good deal of time to uncover an ideal day provided that a lot of participants of the website are open to communication. As only as you are reasonable, they will agree with your decisions. But when you are mosting likely to a date with your brand-new match, these dental implanted stereotypes will certainly simply spoil your day prior to you reach meet him/her. It’s constantly far better to be clear and ahead of time than to lead a person on or get baited yourself.

    How can I get along with her? When you use on the internet dating websites, you can customize your search to concentrate know one of the most appropriate results and can add in-depth info about that you are and what you’re looking for to your profile. There are different Asian dating sites nowadays that are there for the single function of locating you the perfect companion to like and date or also if you’re lucky, to share the rest of your life with. You ought to be observed that there is no rose without a thorn. Of training course, there is grandfather clause that a 27-year-old woman wed an 80-year-old male. Loved ones and moms and dads, specifically during the Chinese New Year, all pertained to ask you whether you are marrying or if you have a partner. Q: Why do parents play such a crucial function in partnerships in between Chinese pairs? Once a Chinese lady obtains married, she places family members at the first area. Well, if she’s been residing in Western nations for some time, chances are she’s shaking a way of life rather comparable to any type of American or European lady. In their culture, it’s not normal for men and females to just be pals and chill together, so if you begin talking, you can be particular that she’s interested in going on a date – which is good news!

    Are the society or language distinction going to influence our connection? There are way too many bad finishing relationship tales around us in our day-to-day life. Please note that we are not what you would call a Thai dating agency as we do not speak with all the participants on our site or veterinarian them personally. The point is that it has outstanding Customer support Team 24-hour standby, to assist its members with insignificant and troublesome details. You can not request your woman to be 24 hr standby. On the same note, just providing your woman a bouquet of blossoms will certainly melt her heart and leave her awestruck. You ought to recognize that either of you is basing on the same phase. Once these ladies have a family members of their very own, they remain devoted to their other halves and constantly make sure that their youngsters are increased with the exact same personalities. The modern-day Chinese ladies are quite different from those in the 18th century that are always toiling away in the kitchen area.

    Anything inconsistence, you can find a method out [url=https://dave235sad.wixsite.com/asiame]asiame.com[/url] with your Chinese new bride by speaking to her fairly. It’s actually simple to make use of the website and fun to check out all the appealing profiles. It’s pretty brilliant also; behavior matchmaking and neat personalization functions make looking for other singles easy, enjoyable, and risk-free. Seen from this point of view, Chinese ladies make the most effective better halves for they specifically understand what their kids and husbands need. What can I do to make her delighted with me? For simply $2.99, you can acquire a plan of 2,000 debts. This Chinese dating application has literally all you need-a great deal of messaging tools (email, live chat, video and voice messages), a great deal of online and genuine presents you can send out to foreign women, a very vast array of search devices that permit you to locate a female according to your personal choices, etc. That’s not all-advanced matching formulas assist users find their perfect suits, an Android app works perfectly, and this site is absolutely among the ideal Chinese dating sites on the planet.

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    Others aim to find out brand-new hobbies, like discovering to play a tool or occupying archery. It’s difficult this concept, but simply put, you require to act like a mature guy who makes his lady really feel secure with him. No, it’s not the Great Wall Surface of China, but the Wonderful Obstacle Coral Reef off Queensland, Australia’s, coast. It’s not named the “Grand” Canyon for nothing! Added to this is the reality that many of their male co-workers still consider them to be nothing greater than an attractive face and thus are resistant to treat them as capable professionals lay off considering them to be their competitors. As a result of that, and also the reality our bodies are much less thick than the water, it ends up being much easier to drift atop this sea. It is comprised nearly completely of water, a fact that researchers state will certainly be its ruin. Unless something adjustments, the more than 1,000 reefs islands that make up the nation will be underwater by the end of the century. She will certainly make all beauty treatments to excite her hubby. You will see a conventional on-line type with several areas to complete. After that, they make up stories to make the targets pity them, so they will certainly give them money.

    To make things even worse, he has a confrontation with the aloof Queen, that is bush’s Organization event champ. As a result, a good working understanding of Chinese characters is still essential for anyone that wants to translate as well as study older messages from Korea, or any person who wishes to check out academic messages in the liberal arts. While new personalities can be quickly created by creating theoretically, they are challenging to stand for on a computer system – they must generally be stood for as an image, instead of as message – which offers a considerable obstacle to their use or extensive fostering. Well, most of you already recognize that one of the most effective means to satisfy a Chinese girl is to sign up on among the prominent Chinese dating websites or make use of on the internet dating apps. You may understand of The Matterhorn from the ride at Disneyland, yet the genuine Matterhorn skyrockets more than 14,000 feet above sea degree in Zermatt, Switzerland. To start with, reveal your actual objectives and also wishes after the meeting. You’ll discover “Old Faithful” here and also if you time it right, you’ll obtain to see it appear.

    That’s why we require time to actually get to know you as well as discover what you’re searching for in a partner, whether that’s marital relationship or simply a purposeful relationship. The time you’re mosting likely to invest in China. • Register FREE for on-line dating with songs from China. The good news is, the majority of websites offer a totally free trial or welcome perk to allow users evaluate the registration before the acquisition. The instance has stunned however likewise amused social media users on the Sina Weibo microblog. On the various other hand, every right final thought chnlove.com review appeared counterweighted by superstitious notion and also social prejudice. We can not get enough! Ayers Rock, known also as Uluru, is a sandstone rock formation that rises greater than 1,140 feet right into the air in central Australia. Which of these were scientists able to observe from development with termination? The Dragon and also Baolijin cocktail lounge, as well as Yelifang karaoke club, are also preferred with single Chinese women. In addition to teaware and desk objects such as brush-rests, fruit and other natural shapes were designed as accessories.

    At nearly 2,000 feet high, it is a popular website for BASE jumpers that like to fling themselves off high objects. Today, these rock developments are the site of homes as well as shop hotels for travelers who want an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Trainor also stars as Dudley Puppy, a zealous, dim-witted pet dog who is hired as an inside man by the crime-fighting company, T.U.F.F. That’s some crater! It wasn’t triggered by an alien spaceship or a giant meteor hurtling to Planet (although that would be a great tale). Many thanks to their striking look, the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland have actually functioned as a backdrop for several flicks, including “The Princess New bride” in 1987 as well as “Harry Potter and also the Half-Blood Royal prince” 20 years later on. At its highest possible point, the cliffs are 700 feet high. From the high altitudes of the North Pole to means “Down Under,” see if you can pinpoint these wondrous places on a map (or maybe simply this quiz). You can discover them in which of these areas? If none of this is you though, you can customize the e-mail by using the person’s dating manage in the subject line.

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    Without feedback supplied by being physically current, folks don’t know what you’re doing. You don’t want to start off by insulting them. We’ll start off with the professionals. So all of the love seekers are suggested to visit and discover the most effective methods to use online dating sites! There are three essential ways to pay your bills online: by way of your bank, on the biller’s site or with a 3rd-social gathering invoice fee service. So contrary to the as soon as-common belief, online invoice cost is safer than snail mail, and there are added safeguards when you use a bank card to pay your payments. And for those who occur to be short on funds, utilizing your bank card subtracts the fear about overdrafts from your checking account. The court heard he had tried to take over £400,000 from lonely girls utilizing the alias Captain Morgan Travis, however banks stopped some funds going by means of. For one, consider all the journey miles you could possibly rack up by using your airline-linked bank card to pay tuition and pupil loans!

    If you have already got regular online funds scheduled, just exchange your checking account info together with your bank card quantity. In case you gave your checking account quantity to your insurance or utilities provider, what would stop them from overbilling you or maybe even stealing your identity? But make sure you get too much space, even if you do not think you want it! Your bank or service supplier will ask when you’d reasonably get statements and reminders e-mailed to you. Along with researching your brokerage, you must analysis any company you plan to spend money on, together with reading annual experiences and monetary statements. The online-based mostly software is serviced by a workforce of globally situated operators who dwell chat in varied languages together with English, German, and Arabic. It understand their psychology and provide a chance to change views and thoughts with those who have quite a lot of related things to share with you.

    More private questions might contain whether or not you’ve got children, whether or not or not you want youngsters, your religious beliefs and your political views. Online invoice cost can also be safer than the snail-mail method: Your personal information is way more weak to theft if it is on paper and bodily transferring by the postal system. For example, the net service Payko has a $200 each day restrict on money orders, whereas a paper order bought at a submit office can be bought in a number of $1,000 increments. How can online banking provide help to handle your taxes? I also provide private teaching and have a very efficient coaching bundle that will help you with your profile and an perspective adjustment! You’ll be able to contact different members and take a look at whether you might be suitable to the choices you’ve got. Are you wanting to satisfy a man or a lady? NewEgg is selling a brand new deal for those trying to purchase an Apple iPad pill. You’ll also be able to identify billing errors extra simply if you’re simply looking at one bank card statement every month. Increasingly merchants are accepting credit score playing cards as online cost, so if you’d like to make use of plastic to pay your payments — even rent or mortgage — chances are you can do it.

    You can also use your bank card to pay all your bills, which can make it simpler to maintain observe of monetary issues — and you can earn airline journey miles and different money-primarily based rewards while you are at it. No bones about it: Online invoice cost is quicker and easier than the verify-and-stamp method. You may really feel like it is simpler to receive the paper invoice in the mail, write a check and ship it on its way again. The fewer paper statements, checks and private info you let physically float via the mail, the higher. It would not harm to enroll — Signing up for membership on a variety of rewards sites, and joining the mailing lists of some e-tailers you like is an effective strategy if you do not have to provide away too much personal data. For my own education, and for the enjoyable latamdate review of it, I decided to create something similar in Common Lisp to swimsuit my personal wants.

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    Consequently, taking the chance that you’ll go to Ukraine just to find out that the lady you have actually been matching with never ever turned up or that she never ever existed. Consequently, stay attentive to your buddy’s needs and feelings and agree to connect openly and empathetically. Show authentic rate of interest in her society and want to share aspects of your own culture too. Make the effort to discover the one-of-a-kind high qualities that attract you to her and compliment her on those aspects. And finally, do not neglect to take a British boy to the most effective club around when you get on a day. We motivate you to explore Ukrainian dating and use the details below as a guide on exactly how to date a Ukrainian female. What’s more, when you have started to make call with one hot Ukrainian lady online, ask her questions rather than awaiting the lady. So when communicating with Ukrainian women online, be authentic concerning your intentions and stay clear of playing games. Many Ukrainian dating web sites haven’t upgraded their layout for many years, and thus probably, they are inactive. What tablet computer are you running?

    Jeff on NBA League Pass evaluation – all the activity, as needed: “Ive been a long period of time follower, yet this year Ive had real problems viewing full display on my tablet… Phil Tann on NBA League Pass review – all the action, on demand: “I’ve not had a solitary problem… Respect the Ukraine solitary girls and treat them truthfully. Below you will certainly locate some tips to assist you trying to find your special one amongst enchanting Slavic ladies. In this blog article, we’ll check out crucial suggestions and recommendations to aid you effectively browse on the internet dating with Ukrainian women. However, approaching these exciting girls needs even more than just a swipe or a laid-back “hello.” To really get in touch with a Ukrainian female and thaw her heart, you require to recognize and appreciate her culture, worths, and assumptions. More so, it’s critical not to fall into the catch of stereotypes. As a regulation, Ukrainian dating sites contain lovely ladies, who are conveniently to fall for. So what is it that makes these Ukrainian charmdate scam infants so unique? Family holds a special place in Ukrainian society, and Ukrainian women typically focus on solid bonds.

    Little gestures like offering her flowers or little presents on unique occasions can go a long method toward revealing your consideration and affection. The images are as well photoshopped, the description appears like a well-built tale. You to can additionally be component of our success tale If you are severe in your look for a Ukrainian bride-to-be to stick and marry to a reasonable search requirements when it involves age, you really can do well in finding on your own a Ukrainian new bride. How To Make A Ukrainian Woman Like You Ukrainian women possess all required traits and skills for ending up being ideal spouses. Moreover, if you don’t know a woman and her history enough, it’s far better to stay clear of delicate subjects, like fatality, religion, physical violence, or bad habits. It is better to join regional Ukrainian dating internet sites than those located abroad. If you want dating a Ukrainian, we’ve created a checklist of some of the most effective platforms where you can discover Ukrainian songs. Building an authentic link takes time, especially when dating a person from a various society.

    Meeting face-to-face is an essential action in developing a deeper connection and knowing each various other better. Instead, concentrate on constructing a strong connection based on shared trust, regard, and compatibility. In the beginning, you may possibly possibly not find such a thing distinct in concerns to the actions of Ukrainian ladies. Nowadays, internet contains Slavic marital and dating web sites with a lot of Ukrainian appeals and magnificent ladies from other post Soviet nations, allowing you chatting and meeting these ladies; you can easily fail to remember the vital standards when dating Ukrainian females internet. Online Forums: There are several on-line forums that you can make use of to fulfill Ukrainian ladies. So, include a picture of yourself as you look today that you take pride in. So, in 3 years considering that the S21Ultra the upgrades are brand-new processor and greater resolution electronic cameras. Honesty and genuineness are highly valued traits in Ukrainian culture. Perhaps you are destined to fulfill a Ukrainian love. When you begin chatting with the Ukrainian girl you are drawn in to, keep your conversation straightforward and clever.

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    I have to rave about Iodine Now! I have been using it faithfully 3T a day for 7 weeks. I worked up to the full dose over a week or so. I discovered it in my quest to shrink thyroid nodules that I was to have biopsied on July 11,2016. Well I went in for the biopsy and there was no nodules large enough to biopsy! I was always cold and extremely exhausted every day. My mood has improved greatly. The coldness in my hands and feet gone. The exhaustion has subsided for the most part but I have a special needs teen who messes with my normal sleep pattern so I am accustomed to the tiredness. I firmly believe that the Iodine Now along with a few other changes and additions,(such as frankincense oil massaged on my thyroid daily) that my thyroid is on the mend and starting to function as God intended. The surgeon told me at my consultation that the nodules meant my thyroid was dying and if need be he would remove it. I told him to slow his roll and I scheduled my procedure for 5 weeks later. Perfect amount of time to shrink the nodules. I will be ordering more of the powders to add. I just started the lemon grass as it was in my cabinet from my son. So thankful for this product!

  • Cody robert Raposa

    Great product. I enjoy it. Helps detox. Everything.

  • Elliot

    This may be the best iodine powder formula on the market hands down, I don’t go a day without it. I have been telling people about Micro Plant powder for years but sadly to many have been brainwashed by doctors and the medical establishment so they can’t think outside the box. Bible makes it crystal clear that God has provided all we need for excellent health in the pure clean natural supplements.

  • Patricia ungard

    Amazing product!

  • Andrew

    Microplant Powder is a requirement in my detox routine… this day and age with so many toxins coming in at us…food, hygiene products, cleaners, etc etc I won’t name. Soils stripped of nutrients too just planting food in the backyard. Love this stuff. Highly recommend!

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Micro Plant Powder Gold Top

  • timeandenergy

    I believe this to be the most complete nutritional product I have ever seen!

  • tobyhc73

    I mix this in with my iodine now in OJ. Even my picky kids take it. They are all athlets and this stuff is AMAZING! The girls talk about their hair and nails being stronger. The boys have gotten more atheletic looking. I take it after a kettlebell workout to feed the muscles that I use. I am 40 with a 13% body fat now down from 20% when I first started taking it and it’s the only thing that has changed! Miracle!

  • TM

    I ordered Micro Plant Powder Gold, Hemp Protein & Stevia. All products are of the highest quality. I was buying stevia with dextrose from someone else before you guys educated me on dextrose. I now purchase stevia from you guys and the difference in taste is 100% better. I’ve been ordering from you guys for 5 years. I have referred many people to your site because of the quality of your products. Thanks again for providing our communities with quality products.

  • Sammons

    Love this product! The first effect we noticed was a cleansing or detoxification. Then after a short time, other improvements gradually began to show up: more mobility in the joints, especially hips, knees, and hands. We also found a lift in energy and a decreased desire for sugar. It’s satisfying and along with the hemp oil and soft centers, a daily ritual of a smoothie as our first and most nutritious meal of the day. So happy we found HempUSA and highly recommend it. We even tried the regular micro plant powder on one of our ailing cats. He has multiple issues, his hips are antithetic and his skin is sensitive to fleas. He has shown a huge improvement with just a 1/4 teaspoon daily, which helps to keep a much healthier skin condition and mobility. We started out with 1/4 teaspoon 2 or 3 times daily until we got to this maintenance level. We mix it with a little bit of water and he licks it up like a treat. The best part is we don’t have to give him expensive steroids anymore.

  • Marcia

    I am 56 years old and working retail, and find I have more energy than my associates who are in their 20’s. My skin looks great and my hair is growing back in…I am a happy customer! Thank you for great products. I recommend the Hemp Protein and Hemp oil too!

  • Debbie

    After two weeks of a low dose my post nasal drip was gone, after suffering 20 years with this condition!

  • Daniel DeLong

    I’ve been taking Micro Plant Powder for about a year now. I started taking it because it is a cost effective way to get everything you need using non gmo ingredients without all the chemicals at a very low cost. It gives me energy and I have stayed very healthy , avoiding colds and sickness.

  • Joseph

    I was looking for an organic supplement that combined many of the aspects of detoxification that I have learned about, including alkalizing the blood, detoxifying heavy metals, fungus, parasites, etc. I also wanted a food that could sustain the body and be a good emergency storage food. I heard your ads on radio shows and looked into your company. My whole family now uses Micro Plant powder gold and Hemp Protein powder. This winter, none of us went to the doctor and when people around us were taking antibiotics and laid up for weeks, we got a few days of whatever it was but it ran its course in a matter of days. The body cures itself if you give it what it needs! Mental clarity, energy, eating less because of proper nutrition. I am so glad I found your company and products!

  • Sharon

    God’s Miracle Food
    What a shame this has been kept from “we the people”. Hemp is also God’s Miracle Food for all people and would have eliminated much suffering and pain had we simply known.

    I have been taking Hemp Products (Micro Plant Powder and Protein Powder) from HempUSA every day for last 2 months and can’t even begin to tell you what it is doing for me. In just last 2 weeks I am out walking every day and even planted a flower bed. Now, I absolutely could NOT have done this 2 months ago.

    People who live here in these apartments are now coming up to me and asking what it is I’m doing, because they have seen my car basically parked for days and weeks at a time over last few years, and now they see me out engaging in activity and life. My stomach problems are pretty much resolving as well as bone, muscle, and joint pain.

    I know I was divinely directed and compelled to take these products. I will never be without the Micro Plant Powder, Protein Powder, and Hemp Oil. It is a God-send for me. By the way, the Hemp Oil literally restores brain cells if you know anyone suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Sharon

  • Kathleen

    I’ve been using the Gold powder for about three months and I love it. My blood pressure has dropped to almost normal and my cholesterol dropped 20 points. I also bought the gold powder with iodine and the rejuvenate powder.i can’t wait to try those! Thank you Hemp USA!!!!!

  • josephsalter

    best detox product on the market I am a customer for life

  • Sherri

    I am almost finished with my first order of the Micro Plant Powder Gold, and my Hair and Nails are stronger and growing faster than ever before. My blood pressure is better than it has been in years. Great Product!!!

  • Christopher

    Just finishing up my first order of the Micro Plant Powder Gold. I have taken the regular Plant Powder in the past and this product offers so much more for my body. Looking forward to purchasing more.

  • Grant

    Our first order is getting low and came back to order more. Feeling the more energy, seeing the hair and nails improve and generally starting to feel all around better. Great product, great company and plan on trying more products this next order. My brother in law turned me onto this stuff , just wish I’d have found it sooner.

  • Joe

    Amazing! This is a product that you’ll actually feel the results from within 2 weeks. The reviews I read sounded too good to be true. So, I made the purchase and found out for myself. Each one of them is true and you can experience the difference too!

  • Thomas

    I buy a lot of supplements and this product is one of the best I have ever had. It is the most economical suppliment that I have tried.

  • Stephen Redding

    I wish I could give this product more than 5 stars!

    Within the first 4 hours of taking 1 tablespoon, I lost 65% of my bloatedness! And its only day 3 today and its still going down! I haven’t felt this comfortable in YEARS!

    I am so grateful for HempUSA. You are helping me restore the quality of life I have felt that was missing for a long time. Thank you so much!

  • David Patterson


  • dice2303_456


  • AM

    Superb and excellent product. I have been struggling with a severe left torn calf muscle, in which I had a partially torn artery several years ago that led to me to have a blood clot that almost killed me. The doctor told me that I would never be able to run again since she said my left calf muscle would tear every time I would try and run and sprint. But, my former doctor was wrong. Ever since I started taking this miracle product, I can run and sprint. Thank you so much hempusa.org

  • Franki

    This is an amazing product. Of all the brands of micro plant powder I have used in the past I am most pleased with this one and will stick with what works. This product is a good way of taking care of myself. Thank you Hemp USA I certainly trust in the products I have purchased from you.

  • Patricia Bergstresser

    Yes, Microplant powder Gold is awesome. My nails are long and strong and my health is very good. I have been taking hemp USA products for years, and my health shows the results, THanks HempUSA

  • Elizabeth K

    Great product! This is incredible for hair and nail growth….I believe it is even keep my hair from turning gray! Great for energy and overall wellbeing!

  • Grant

    I have tried a lot of products over the years and was great to find something that works. Losing weight, gaining energy. When I take it I don’t have problems with heartburn or lactose intolerance. If I dont’ for a few days, problems come back. Will be ordering more.

  • Leona

    I have taken micro powder for over 3 yrs now. I did a bone density test .Then started the powder for a yr. Took another bone density test.It was without my doctor knowing anything. When he compared the two tests he wanted to know what I had done to fill in my pour us bones from one test to the next there was a significant difference. I took my doctor my literature I have in a binder and left it with him for a month so he could read it. He was amazed and told me to keep taking it because it made a big difference in my osteoperosis. It filled in all of the porous spots. I like my micro powder.

  • Bruce Steele

    Micro plant powder gold is great because it takes the place of so many other supplements, and is more absorbable also. It most likely is responsible for my having gotten over decades of COPD.

  • Jonathan

    This is the best supplement I have ever taken. It has many benefits for your body and health. Everyone should take this.

  • Bob

    Feel great and got rid of cold

  • ego

    Real good. gonna get the total complete next

  • dross5374

    Felt amazing and energized and cured of illness

  • super_fat01

    Felt great and no longer had cold

  • Jerry valle

    So i think this product is great, i bought one of the 10 buckets, and it lasted me like 1 full year! And it very clean feeling when i use it, i like mixing it with certain breakfast meals or even a shake on its own. Plus the amount of protein that i get with two scoops has been giving me such helpful gains and its all free from those nasty chemicals you get from the mainstream GNC products they have. Thank you HEMPUSA for doing what others couldn’t, giving me a healthy good alternative!

  • Caryn

    I love this stuff! I’m a flight attendant and my fellow co workers rely on Red Bull and coffee for energy and I rely on my micro plant powder products and I know what I put in my body is chemical free and healthy.

  • Bruce

    Micro plant powder is the best product out there.It has destroyed a candida problem Ive had for along time

  • Clement Baker

    I was taking this product until the end of last year like other previous reviews left good products I feel more balance taking the product stronger all round and able to deal with common ailments like flu and other viruses one may come across from time to time In travel and work very good product indeed and will continue to take and try others from hemp USA

  • martin j. folga

    im 65 years old and have been taking micro plant gold for 2 years……….i consider myself very healthy and young for my age with plenty of energy……..the reason i started was because i consider it a cheap health insurance policy……..even though i eat healthy and exercise 5 days a week……..i felt i still needed help to clean out any toxins that are present in my body………we are constantly being bombarded every day by the food….air and water which have toxins in them…….we can`t avoid everything……you are fooling yourself if you think you can……micro plant gold gives me the extra punch i need to enhance overall health……..health insurance at a cheap price………start taking it today..!!!!!!

  • Tania

    I absolutely love this product! I’ve been using Micro Plant Powder for over a year now with amazing results. I had severe pain in my neck and back due to genetic osteoporosis and nothing was helping.. after taking this daily I noticed my pain was less and less and now it is gone! It has also greatly improved my skin, making it look younger and clearing it up, and my hair and nails grow so fast. My hair was getting thin and starting to shed due to hormone imbalance, I no longer loose any hair and it is much thicker and grows so fast I really can’t believe. I am so grateful for this product and have recommended it to many friends and family and they have all had almost instant and amazing results. You will not regret incorporating this into your diet! Thank you Hemp USA for making me feel and look so good!! 🙂

  • Robbie barker

    I’ve been taking micro plant powder gold for 6 yrs and I’ve forgotten what its like to be sick . I’m a cyclist and when I began to take the protien powder my indurence has increased I’m 55 and feel like I’m 35

  • collinconnor

    Felt great no longer sick and much more energy

  • tmadoo

    Helps with energy and joint pain. I highly recommend this product!

  • IR

    Really great product, great for muscle pain and so much more! Best product

  • Coconut

    I ran out for several weeks as my Gold was on back order. I could really tell the difference after it showed up. After going without, I felt better within two days after it arrived. Poor circulation in extremities was gone immediately and sore joint pain gone.

  • W. James Fuller, Jr.

    I’ve been taking the micro plant powder for years…second to none!

  • Steven Adams

    Been using Micro Plant Powder for 7 years. It works! Have not been sick in 7 years! Happy customer here! Micro Plant Powder forever!

  • Joel O

    Other people recommended HempUSA and Micro Plant Powder Gold. I made a lifestyle change and committed myself to these products and I’m rarely sick or have any health issues anymore.

  • Dylan

    No longer sick and more athletic and clear skin

  • Sergio Benavides

    Not only did it give me great energy but my skin and hair look and feel better than ever!

  • lawrancecourtney

    Love this Micro Plant Powder!. because of the high mineral content it doesn’t really mix and dilute well, or so I thought! I stumbled on to a little trick by accident that make it mix even in plan water like a dream. Fill your cup with juice of choose even water if you want. Add MPP last then leave it alone for 2-3 mins …..the lump of power will settle to the bottom by then. Now you can spoon stir it right in with no problems. Hope that helps some of you, that were like me and just tried stirring it right up.

  • andrewdonovan

    Micro plant power is where it’s at. take it daily and always know the days when I forgot. Highly recommend as a health maintenance supplement. I’m only 30 w/out any health issues to relay anything further. that should continue using this stuff. Thanks! Highly recommend!!

  • dgregggg

    This is the best supplement I have ever bought! Since taking Micro Plant Powder Gold I have noticed that my hair, skin and nails are much healthier and I also have much more energy!

  • Shelly

    I had so much more energy after taking this plant powder. My brain didn’t feel as foggy and had a less desire for sugar.

  • Phyllis

    This is a great product. I had more energy when taking this. I used it along with the hemp protein powder. Great combination.

  • Doris

    Gold Micro Plant Powder is excellent, in my experience. I had originally started using plain Micro Plant Powder several years ago and then stopped. This year – 2015 – I went back to Hemp.usa and was shocked to see so many varieties for MPP. I chose the Gold variety since it seemed to be comprehensive with all the vitamins and minerals. I was not disappointed! I am 63 years old and was noticing quite irritating pain in my knees, even when getting up from a sitting position, but that is now gone! In fact all my joints feel great, and walking up hills is not a problem for my joints either. My nails used to be so brittle, I couldn’t use them for simple things without breaking them or getting vertical rips into the nail bed underneath my nails.. But now my nails are very strong. And, another excellent result is the gradual fading of the liver spots on my face; it is really helping with my skin. I got back a week ago from being overseas for one month and noticed I had developed several small skin areas that were red and scaly. After being back home for one week and getting my full dose of Gold MPP, those are already fading, too. I originally bought a small container to try it out and loved it. So I ordered some more, and eventually just bought the bigger 2.5 lb. container so I wouldn’t run out. I’m taking 1 Tablespoon two times each day now. Soon I want to expand and try another type of Micro powder as well, but I will still definitely keep using the Gold. Awesome!

  • James

    The Gold has saved my life. I don’t think I am stretching that word by all means. I had some serious health issues that hospitals and doctors could not control. I only stumbled on HempUSA.org through some google searches and was really interested from the get go. The site is presented so well I was inspired to click into more products. After using the wellness builder it helped me really narrow down what I should be taking. I figured I would give it a shot and within 3 weeks its like a miracle. The doctors did not want to believe what they see with my blood levels but I am so happy and will continue trying other products for good. Thank you.

  • Toby W

    This product is a miracle. My grand mother was right. I know that sounds funny taking advise from an 88 year old woman but she obviously has done something right. I started taking MPP Gold for about 3 months and I am a changed person.

  • Ryan G.

    The fact that the Gold has the benefit of MPP and all the added vitamins is amazing!! I will likely be taking this for life. I gave some to a friend and he told me he just spent a few hundred dollars on synthetic vitamins that he now regrets. He’s going to buy the Gold as soon as he uses up the other products.

  • Mike Finnegan

    I have always taken supplements and felt good about what I was doing. However, Micro Plant Powder Gold was the first product that had demonstrable results. I lost 10 pounds in a few weeks and had less of a desire for empty calorie food. Additionally, I had bumps, almost like pimples on my triceps for years. They disappeared and have not reappeared in over a year. Daughter takes the children’s formula and never gets sick. So easy to drink with OJ in the morning

  • Dee Mershon

    Love the Gold……had read some reviews about the taste……all is good with my taste buds…….I workout and the Gold is a plus, plus, plus for my workouts………have had some detoxing going on too and that is a very good thing……….Yay! for the Gold………

  • Anonymous

    What all 1 a day vitamin supplements SHOULD contain, very good product.

  • Kaylen

    Amazing. Truly the best detox powder I’ve ever taken. Just ordered another 2.5 pounder, should be here pretty soon… I have so much energy now and it’s only been a week and a half. Just awesome. Thank you for making this stuff, it’s miraculous.

  • Kaylee

    I have been taking this product for two years now. It has changed my life. I feel so much more alive.

  • Jimmy

    I have been taking the gold for two years now. I am so pleased with your product and how it makes me feel. I love how many vitamins are in it. This product has given me tons of energy and I always feel great.

  • Chuck

    Before taking this product I was very sick. The doctor was very concerned about my blood work. I started taking this and 3 months later when my doctor did blood work again. He couldn’t believe how much everything has changed for the better. He told me to keep taking this miracle powder. Thanks hempusa

  • Sue

    For years I struggled with acne. Since taking this my skin and hair are amazing. I recommend your products to everyone I met.

  • Paul

    This is the best product on the market. It has everything you would need daily. I’m a full believer this has changed my life and how i feel everyday. Customer for life!

  • Rob

    Everyday I add a tablespoon to my green tea. And I feel refreshed and healthy. I also take brain fuel and iodine now every day to keep me in the best health possible. My body is fit and my mind is clear.

  • Nicole

    This is a must have in everyone’s diet. I am so glad I can just take this powder and know all the vitamins and minerals I am getting. My body feels great and my skin is clear.

  • Samantha

    I am so happy with this product. It gives me so much energy. I also have noticed my hair and nails grow so fast.

  • Nancy

    I have been taking the gold for awhile now. I am so happy how healthy I have been. My doctor can’t believe I am 70 years old with no health issues. I owe it to you guys. Thanks for these amazing products that have kept me healthy.

  • Mike

    Everyday I drink my green tea and I add this to it along with protein powder. I call this my super drink. I get all my needs from this drink. I recommend your products all the time.

  • Jessica P

    The best all in one multivitamin! This product makes it possible for everyone in our family to get an excellent multivitamin and mineral supplement every morning. We drink this in a smoothie.

  • Greg

    I try to eat a very healthy diet but know that our foods are deficient in vitamins and minerals. This supplement provides me with the peace of mind knowing that I’m providing my body with the nourishment it needs. I can really tell the difference in the way I feel when I run out of this.

  • Linda

    If your tired of taking horse size pills this is the product for you. I love how many vitamins I get in this powder.

  • Dani

    This is the best in smoothies. Everyone in my family swears by this stuff. AMAZING!

  • Gail S.

    The way the gold makes me feel is refreshed. I have so much energy and just feel so much healthier. I also drink the hemp coffee which is delicious. Amazing products and customer service.

  • David D.

    I’m a 30 year old male and my wife and I are honestly total health freaks. A good greens powder is a staple to every diet. There are already a ton of reviews on here about how high quality this powder is and that it makes you feel wonderful (which I agree although you really need to take it for about a month before you really feel any physical changes as it has to actually become part of your diet).

  • Sharon T

    I’ve been using this product for a week after taking the advice of my cousin and the other 5 star reviewers.

    I have never tried any supplements or powders in my life since Flintstones vitamins as a kid and a brief stint of One a Day Womens. So my advice comes to you as a complete novice.

    In the week since I’ve started this I’ve noticed a boost in energy. I used to become so worn out I needed to nap every afternoon, which was I was NOT happy about, hence me seeking out a good detox product and my cousin recommending this.

    Feeling healthy takes on a whole new meaning once you take this product.

  • C. Garber

    This was a first for me. I was nervous taking this and a little unsure on the best way to use it to give it a true chance. I decided on adding it to a smoothie. I started with 1/2 tsp and then went to 1 tsp. I didn’t notice much of a difference in taste. There was a little color change.
    I’ve noticed a difference in my endurance. I’m starting to feel like I’m somewhat more focused and getting things done in my life, finally!

    I’m almost to the point where I’ll venture into putting it on some foods and trying it that way.

  • janine

    This product works great in smoothies.

  • Cheryll R

    My mom has been after me for ages to get MicroPlant Powder into my diet! She says it’s really important for us vegetarians, so I’ll take her word for it! I am happy to find this option.

  • Jose Cordova

    I start my day by drinking The Micro Plant Power Gold..
    I mix it with my Hot Chocolate.
    And it give me energy the whole day….

  • Barb

    I love that I don’t have to take so many supplements anymore. This product has changed my life. I use to get headaches daily but since taking this I haven’t gotten one in awhile.

  • Joshua

    I use to feel very sluggish but this has given me my energy back. I also notice when I forget to take it. It shows how good this is.

  • Suesie

    Great product! It has made me feel good and my hair and nails grow so health and fast.

  • Tina

    I have a lot of health issues and since taking this and few other products of yours. I have been feeling better and getting off my medications. I find this was a true blessing to find your site. Thank you for awesome customer service and products.

  • Janet

    This is a wonderful product for my busy family! Living in the midst of the rat race, it’s nice to have such a well-rounded nutritional supplement that is quick and easy to whip up. I was surprised by the mild vitamin flavor but that’s expected. If my kids can do it anyone can.

  • Penny

    I use the gold 2-3x a day in a glass of water. And it’s easy to take and very convenient.

  • Anthony

    The gold has really helped me in many ways. I have more energy, i’m not sluggish, no more being constipated. Plus all the vitamins and minerals i get while taking it.

  • Jill

    Before taking the gold micro plant powder i was always getting sick. No matter how many times I washed my hands I always seemed to get colds. Since taking this I feel like it has boasted my immune system. I also have a lot more energy.

  • Elizabeth

    This is truly an amazing vitamin supplement. There’s a noticeable difference in my energy level when I take it. I don’t feel tired or lethargic later on in the day. My skin has improved; it feels smoother, cleaner; my nails are growing faster (and they are strong), and my hair is feeling the effects. Those are some visual improvements from the micro plant powder gold.

  • Sarah

    I really do love this product. I have to put it in a smoothie or juice because it does have a vitamin like taste. But with all the vitamins and minerals that is expected. I have been taking this for a week and i’m a new customer. So far this is amazing I will review again in few months.

  • Elizabeth

    Better than pills, more easily absorbed and gives you an instant energy boost. Been using it for years

  • Brenda

    After a week of taking it, I’m feeling better and I have more energy. My skin is even clearing up.

  • Alison

    This is the best vitamin powder I’ve ever used! We put it in our morning shakes each day. It is flavorless & blends easily. The product provides a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals & other healthy things. This powder is the only way I’ve found to get a daily vitamins into my hubby who really needs it.

  • Gary

    Been using for 12 years. Great price for a great product. No taste to speak of, great in smoothies.

  • Nancy A

    I thought my friend was a nut telling me how great this product is. Then my daughter tried it when my friend left them at her house. She called me and said “mom, this gold stuff really does make you feel fantastic”. So, I tried them and has been taking it now for a couple of years. I have MS and I can truthfully tell you, I couldn’t get through the day without this. It gives me energy without giving you that nervous feeling some things give you. All natural too. What more could you ask for. It is wonderful. I have several friends who are now taking it too.

  • Bailee

    I’ve been taking micro plant powder for a number of years can’t say enough good things about it. I used to get the flu every year not anymore since I started taking this. I could never take vitamin pills couldn’t digest them but this never a problem. I make a small smoothie with a small piece of banana and orange juice and it mixes beautiful with a blender. I know the difference when I skip a few days I couldn’t live without the gold.I give this product the most stars possible

  • Faith

    Great stuff – been taking it for years – best stuff on the market!

  • Keith H

    This product and the hemp protein powder has helped me loose over 50lbs. I make a smoothie with the two products every day. It helps keep me full for a long time. I feel great and love your products.

  • Randy

    I have experienced the enhanced affect of vitamins and minerals actually getting into my various systems and improving their functioning. Especially notable is that the arthritis in my hands has reversed itself, and I am actually gaining mobility in hands instead of losing it. I feel healthier with more energy. Even though I am in my 70s, people often tell me that I look like I’m in my late 50s or early 60s. I recommend this product to my friends on a regular basis.

  • Steve

    I used to get colds ALL THE TIME. Ever since I took this I have not had a single cold in over a year on the product, which is just amazing as I was averaging one every other month!

  • Gary

    HempUSA.org your Micro plant powder gold changed my life, I had a very severe skin problem on my lower right leg, I found your product through a friend and he told me to make this product into a clay with water and apply it on the psoriasis patch three to five times a day. Each time removing it after 15 minutes and I did that for about a week and the skin returned to normal and I could not believe it!! Your Micro Plant Powder GOLD is amazing it works and I will continue to use it in my shakes and liquids. Thank you again HempUSA.org for all you do.

  • Cheryl

    After only 3 days this has improved my digestion.

  • lavoix

    Highly recommend “Gold” — it has an immediate effect on digestion, and you wake up in the morning well-rested with noticeable energy.

  • Mr. Joseph A. Mirabella

    TO DATE this is the best way to get all the essential vitamins, minerals & nutrients that your body needs to keep itself in the best of health. ~ Most disease is the result of the body cells not having the proper elements to keep them firmly resistant to attack due to deficiencies in natural elements, such as provided in the Gold powder preparation.
    I got tired of having a counter full of individual bottles and having to swallow so many capsules to where it was impossible to get a fraction of the elements found in a daily dose of Gold! ~ Just took delivery of two 2.5 lb. canisters
    as I’m almost down to the bottom of the first one I bought, and don’t want to run out for my morning smoothies!
    I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an ‘all-in-one’ vitamin-mineral supplement.
    Delivery time & customer service is EXCELLENT!!!

  • Cheryl

    We Love this Micro Plant Powder Gold product! The first thing we noticed was a cleansing or detoxification. Then after a short time we found a lift in energy and a decreased desire for sugar. Yippee!

  • Charles


    I just purchased this Micro Plant Powder Gold and my wife and I are both feeling an even deeper cleansing of our bodies. We are both feeling that we don’t really need some of the other supplements we have. We both have more stamina. We feel really good. Its great!


    Well, the name says it all! It has it all. Want to give your body what it needs to heal and feel good, GOLD is it! Have been using for 8 plus years. Have not been sick, feel good (energy).

  • David Duane

    I just purchased this Micro Plant Powder Gold and my girl friend and I are both feeling the deep cleansing of our bodies. We are both feeling that we don’t really need some of the other supplements we have. We both have more stamina. We feel really good. Its great! we love it.

  • simon.emmit

    I have only been using micro Gold for about a week now. I’m sleeping better at night l think it’s the powder. I’m excited about the long term benefits ! Years ago I used the original micro powder it worked great . Now that I’m older i need a product like this. Everyone would benefit using this product . would recommend to others . Thanks to Hemp USA !!!

  • Jason Lee

    What an excellent product! I can feel the effects almost immediately.

  • DJ

    Awesome product

  • Kevin

    I made this purchase having never tried any Micro Plant Powered products before and to my surprise this “Gold” product is good tasting and very agreeable to my digestive system. The label reads like a wish list of beneficial ingredients but it is the agreeable flavor that this product has that makes me most happy. I will likely give some as a gift to distant family members who will appreciate this quality product.

  • Connee

    I have been taking Mico Plant Powder for years now. I rarely get sick, my skin stays clear and my hair and nails grow like really quickly.

  • James R Wheeler

    Cleared up my skin

  • Jason Lee

    Very excellent product!

  • Dave

    This product is the best I have ever used feel great!!!

  • Denise Ann Sammons

    Love this Gold! We have been taking it for quite a long time now notice a huge difference if we miss a day. We use it in our smoothie as breakfast. We think this is the best thing and can attest to it’s detoxifying powers as needed. Thank you, HempUSA for an outstanding product.

  • Mitch

    I have been using Micro Plant powder for over 2 years. I put a tablespoon of MPP and a tablespoon of hemp protein powder in a Magic Bullet container with orange juice, mix it up, and you have the perfect breakfast. It energizes me all morning. I notice that my nails become stronger and shinier and my hair grows faster and thicker. Check it out !!

  • Charles

    My wife and I are reveling in the benefits from this Micro Plant Powder. We experience more energy, feelings of our inner body being cleaned out, clearer mind and thinking, and even feeling and experiencing more confidence.
    Thank you HempUSA for such a great product.

  • Mike

    I just started taking, Micro Plant Powder Gold.I have noticed more energy and staying up later at night.also my skin seems to be looking better.

  • Michael

    Definitely worth a try.

  • Bartleyglen1

    Great product have used it and it provided daily vitamins. Will purchase in the future

  • Betti Bouquet Tywater Short

    Great addition to my daily protein shake. It was recommended by my chiropractor. I feel more energized as a result of your product. I have recommended it to several people. It is a little pricey but it works!

  • marco

    Body is made of 102 minerals. . A must

  • SP

    I was skeptical at first about this product. However all my past dealings with HempUSA.org have been positive ones. The products were always on point. So I kind of felt that this might be the product that doesn’t do what it’s quite suppose to do. But I decided to give this a try. And let me tell you… the mobility that I now have in hands, feet, and knees is remarkable. The boost I have in my energy level is amazing. I use to wake up just kind of slipping out of bed working the joints just before they were to start doing what they do…now I hit the floor moving as if my body has ..been work all night…I feel great.

  • Terry T.

    I bought the Original “Hemp Micro- Powder” over two years ago because of a bad knee and had a limp because of the brutal work I do (Roofing) and heard about the Hemp powder on a alternative radio site so I decided to try it and WOW….it did what they said it would do and my knee has been fine since taking the powder for 1 month faithfully. I bought the “tub” so I had plenty left and now returned and bought the “Gold Powder” to try for premaintenace!!! Thanks HempUSA!!! Customer forever.

  • Beverly Jenkins

    I love this product, the taste is great. More energy, not to mention hair, nails and skin are looking good. I will continue to use this product until the end of time.

  • Bj

    This product is great. I use this product daily. More energy…..hair, nails and hair are looking good. I will continue to take this product until the end of time.

  • S.B

    Our Chiropractor introduced us to this product. We’ve now been using for several months. It gives us piece of mind that we’re getting all the nutrition we need on a daily basis.

  • Rachel McCoy

    Noticeable increase in quality of life since taking this supplement daily. Wonderful product – recommend to my friends and family regularly.

  • Mike

    Earlier this month I was out of my Micro Plant Gold and my body was telling me so. I placed an order as soon as I could and wow: my lower legs and feet felt better with circulation within two days. Won’t run out again.

  • joem

    This is the finest supplement I have ever taken. It has many benefits for your body and mind. I recommend every one my age should take this…68 years young and feeling younger everyday!

  • Tanya

    It’s a fantastic product it gives me lots of energy to make it through the day since I have insomnia and only sleep about 3 hours a night and since I started taking the powder I now sleep about 5-6 hours a night which is great. Plus I just feel good overall I highly recommend taking this product

  • Noelia

    This product changed my health. I’ve been taking this since 2013. I had a broken back and needed something to aid me back to overall health. I was “stick in bed” for several months and my nerves were damaged due to injury. Taking this product allowed my body to bevome stronger and aided me in my recovery. I am extremely grateful to have found these products. A lifetime customer for sure. Thank you HempUSA.

  • Alvin Aguirre

    Great product! Been taking the Gold for about 8months now. My hair is growing back and my skin allergies are now gone! Also good for those who wants to trim down on weight. I am now recommending this product to my friends. I hope you should try this product as well!

  • Mike

    I been using this product for 3 weeks now and feel great. I use other micro plant powder product for 4 years now and am happy with them. I have no gray hair, no pains, no problems and feel absolutely great. Not bad for over 40 years old.

  • [email protected]

    Excellent product good for detox and more energy

  • rebecca

    love the product . i am on my second order and truly feel and see an overall increase in energy and well being i am 69 years young.

  • Jared K.

    what a suppliment! definitely found my potion. i mix a pint of H2O, 2tbl MPP, and a dash or two of Beet juice! what an excellent cocktail!

  • Brandon Brown

    I have used this porduct over the past two years and after using it, i noticed that i feel much more clarity of mind, regularity, stronger bones and healthier skin. Missing a couple days, i can tell the difference and it isnt a good one. It just makes you feel and look more youthful in all areas of your body. I mix it with hemp oil and its even better. Ive gotten so many complements from others, it cant be coincidence. Try it. You will not regret. Blessings.

  • R Calloway

    I have had more eneegy since takkng the gold

  • D Jones

    Great product! No more aches and pains. A simple way to feel and look great!!!

  • C. Olsen

    I only been taking the Micro Plant Gold for a week, and I feel so much better, meaning more energy.
    I have had a lot of pain in my legs and it is easing so I have less trouble walking and climbing stairs.
    Everyday is an improvement. I also have a skin problem lately, with dry skin and resulting in itching.
    I am hoping that after several doses that it subsides to nothing. I love this product and recommend it for every day health.

  • Luke

    Hey there, i made my second order from overseas it´s like 1.5 2 years ago i live in Denmark EU. 5 Tubes of 2.5lbs and i never regret doing this with 5 Magnesium cells alive sold 1 Tub to a friend cos i cant stop ranting about how good this is im a health supplement freak 😀 cos in the end all we have is our health but as i think many people know it´s not all ways easy to convince others of the benefits of a product like this but i can attest to this from the Original Microplant powder i used 5 years ago to the Gold i just started on my last tub and now if i ingest any other herb or sups i can only say WOW!!! What an uptake i have now and 1 thing is for sure im taking this the rest of my living life. As tobyhc73 Mentions as an athletic performer this stuff is a Miracle!

  • Patricia Wilson

    I cant say enough good things about the Hemp Gold! I am just finishing my second order and my energy is through the roof! I feel good mentally and physically and am so grateful to the friend who shared this product with me! I also bought the Hemp Oil which I use on my salads! It’s all good! Real integrity at HempUSA!

  • Michael

    Great product! Def. worth trying!

  • Patricia Wilson

    A truly awesome product! The company lives up to its word! I feel so much more energy and even more than that, it’s the feeling of wellbeing that I am now enjoying! Give it a go! You have nothing to lose and so much to gain !

  • Anthony

    I really love this product because my muscles seem to recover faster since I’ve been benching pressing 225 pounds, which is pretty good considering I am 60 years old. People even say I look 15 years younger than my age. This product also helps me digest my food and gets rid of the waste within my system, which helps with my vitality. I’ve been taking this product ever since I had a severe muscle tear on my left calf 11 years ago, which partially tore an artery that clotted and led to a pulmonary embolism. After suffering and persevering the blood clot and thrombosis that followed. The doctors at the time told me that I could never run again because of severity of the tear. But, when I started taking Micro Plant Powder 6 years ago, my left calf muscle healed and I started running and even sprinting within a month. Micro Plant Powder is really a miracle product. I thank God and my luck stars I came across this product through Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) that advertised Micro Plant Powder.

  • Anthony

    I really love this product because my muscles seem to recover faster since I’ve been benching pressing 225 pounds, which is pretty good considering I am 60 years old. People even say I look 15 years younger than my age. This product also helps me digest my food and gets rid of the waste within my system, which helps with my vitality. Micro Plant Powder is really a miracle product. I thank God and my luck stars I came across this product through Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) that advertised Micro Plant Powder.

  • Hermine Klaass

    Hey found this piece mentioned on Hosting Foundry just want to comment that i loved it too 🙂

  • Richard Rios

    I take this product everyday and I am feeling more energetic than ever before. I just turned 66 and I know I will be healthier because of it. Thank you.

  • David L

    Nothing is as universally beneficial as Micro Plant Powder. There is not a supplement on the market that I have tried that is as across the board wonderful as this. A clear mind, efficient body, & all around wellbeing. That is what comes to mind when I think of Micro Plant Powder. Last but not least, the Gold version helps curve my appetite, allowing for less desire to have snacks, & removes my impulsive desire for sweets. Could not be more happy with this product!

  • katewegner

    You get what your body needs in a form that it can use. Your body will thank you

  • ugmp

    Wow!, this stuff really works and fast too. I could tell a difference in just two days. I had minor tingling in my feet, but I am pleased to report, not anymore. I noticed I have a lot more energy, and I even started lifting weights. I’ll close by saying this is the best kept secrete in the USA. Thank you HempUSA.

  • mitchell

    I know Micro plant powder and hemp are keeping me healthy!!

  • Roland

    Works great felt a big difference !!!

  • Sheila Biehn

    I am a 62 year female with ache joints and fatigue. Under the recommendation of my son, I decide to try the Micro Plant Powder Gold. After only taking it a week I am starting to feel more energetic and my joints are starting to feel better. I plan on looking into the Hemp Oil for other ailments.

  • kjmcd13

    Stops my hands from hurting

  • fred j

    the all-encompassing foundation of my nutritional intake. i started using Micro Plant Powder Gold, two tablespoon a day, in 2017 to aid my Detox from twenty years of prescription medication for auto-immune disorders. my recovery went beyond its often repeated well known benefits. for many years i had been cursed by an aggressive strain of viral warts on my feet, one of several the size of a half dollar on the edge of the sole. acute surgery removal, freezing, beetle juice blistering, shots, ointments, all excruciatingly painful treatments failed, even caused further spread. i gave up. the cures were worse than the disease. a few months after starting Micro Plant Powder Gold my wife, who would periodically trim the warts with a razor blade, noticed they were beginning to shrink. in less than a year they were completely gone with out a trace, even the ones that had grown up under the toenails. Miraculous ! totally unexpected. some unknown element in the Powder pulled the right trigger in my immune response and killed those viral warts dead. simply amazing. i am forever thankful to Micro Plant Powder Gold for all its Blessings and will never stop my two tablespoons daily regime.

  • akblkqueen

    OMG!!! Every word my friend told me about his product is so TRUE. The taste is good and not gritty not to mention my nails, hair is growing fast and my skin has a pretty glow. With the Pandemic going on you can feel a boost of energy and it actually cleans out your colon and regulates your bowels.

  • justin.viau

    Tastes great, full of dense nutrition and was shipped fast!!…. loyal customer for life.

    Justin V.

  • lloydhigley

    I have been using this for 6 years and its the best ..period

  • Betsy Green-Chase

    It’s Great


    This was probably my 5th or 6th order of the MPP gold formula, I usually mix it with OJ. It is ok with just water but kind of chalky. If you mix it with OJ you don’t even know it’s there.

  • jmcirca49

    Wouldn’t miss a day without this product. My energy level is way above where it was before I began using it.

  • Javier

    I always feel tired, but after taking this product consistently, I always find the energy to get things done in my life.

  • Javier

    Great product!!!

  • Ingrid Hahn

    First time I used this product and was amazed at the positive results. Only after a few weeks I saw a difference in my energy level. My persistent cough is almost gone and so is my pain in my upper legs. Ingrid

  • Audra

    We buy it all the time, my husband really likes it!

  • Ccarrpoppa

    I’ve been using several of their products for a couple of years now and my wife and I absolutely love them especially the Gold and also Rest and Recover!!!

  • Clay

    Using it as a diet supplement I lost 20lbs. in 4 weeks!!

  • IAndre clay

    I like it so much it’s a part of my grocery bill it works wonders with the body inners and outers

  • rick

    I love this product, it’s great

  • Michael

    Great product!!

  • meerkat209

    I recommend this or the regular Micro Plant Powder to others every chance I get!

  • Joe

    I’ve been taking Micro Plant Powder Gold for years! I recommend it to everyone. Not only will it boost your immune system, but it will help your body function better overall. It helps reduce or eliminate nagging problems your body has. This takes the place of multiple vitamins and supplements. It’s the every day, go to, all natural product that your body needs. Want to feel better? This is your answer.

  • Tom Jones

    Hello. Thank you very much for your reply. I totally understand about the shipping cost. Also I have been using your product for 3 years and I feel Blessed by it. It has helped me to feel better, more energized, reived my inflammation and helped me with digestion. I totally recommend this product to my friends and family but coupons and sales would be great once in a while. I really appreciate your kindness with my next purchase. Have a blessed day ? —-Tonya Farran

  • Juan F.

    I have loved Micro Plant Powder Gold since it came out years ago. I especially love that the whole family can use it; my children are very healthy. This product is anti-inflammatory, detoxifing and alkalizing at the same time, and that’s a Godsend. And it has iodine! It has helped me personally, and greatly with allergies, digestion, hemorrhoids/colon, energy levels and fitness, for example. It also controlled my body odor and now I use natural deodorants in small quantities and I don’t stink. It’s like it took away the bad stuff that was weighing my body down so now it can do what it does naturally. I usually add it to my fruit smoothie in the morning, or take it with cranberry juice. This is the future, the wealth of health!

  • Tom G

    I’ve been using Micro Plant Powder for years and I find it to be worth taking every day. It provides me a boost in mental clarity and overall feeling of well being. It has so many nutrients that I’m simply not able to get in my daily diet. I also notice that when I take this product, it curbs my cravings for sugar.

  • Caryn Taylor

    To be honest, my favorite is the Gold, Probiotics with Iodine, and the Original Micro plant Powders, they taste the best to me. Beats taking a pharmaceutical horse pill. I used to suffer from lack of energy, Charlie horses and restless foot syndrome not anymore! This stuff has cleared up my face no acne, no inflammation no nothing. I don’t think I could live without Micro Plant Powder. It’s what keeps me out of the doctor’s office. I recommend this to all of my co-workers, friends, and family.

  • Chan

    Don’t know what it is but no more joint pain

  • Gabriela

    I’ve been using Micro Plant Powder Gold for almost 6 years now, and I absolutely love it. I start my day by mixing it with water. It effectively replaced all my assorted vitamins, minerals and supplements I used to take before finding this. It truly helps maintain my energy and supports healthy glucose levels (I have type 2 diabetes). It really helps with joint pain as well – I’m 60 years old, and been working as a waitress on my feet constantly for the past 30+ years, and I started feeling a difference in energy and less pain within 3 weeks of starting this amazing product. I won’t be without it, it works for me !

  • Antonina

    I started taking Micro Plant Powder over 4 years ago after my chiropractor recommended it to me. I have Fibromyalgia and tried everything to feel better and only after I started taking Micro Plant Powder daily that I started feeling better! My muscle and joint pains got better, I got more energetic and my sleep has improved, I got more regular and my digestion has improved. My hair and nails got stronger for sure. I recommend this product to all of my friends especially for the ones who have autoimmune disorders like me.

  • Antonina Farran

    I can’t thank my chiropractor enough for recommending me Micro Plant Powder 4 years ago. I have fibromyalgia and I feel a lot better since I started taking this powder in my yogurt/banana/chocolate powder smoothie every morning.ni have less pain, more energy, stronger hair and nails. Also I got more regular and have a better digestive system and no heartburn. I tell all of my friends about this powder and I definitely noticed a difference when I don’t take it.

  • Aaron Hughes

    Great product! 1 tbsp every 8 hours, mixed with a healthy diet and daily activity routine, and I can feel a difference in most body functions in only a week. Can’t wait to see how I feel after taking it for a month! Definitely a product I will keep in my household!

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Micro Plant Powder Melt Away Top

  • David Fong

    Have been using Micro Plant Powder for years… Love this stuff, I feel better and healthier… Mental clarity and energy higher… Melt away helps my joints move easier and smoother… Thank you so very much HempUSA!!! 🙂

  • Thomas White

    I can taste the ginger. A little harsher than Total Care. I had to try the new Melt Away and right now I have Gold, Total Care and Melt Away.

  • Ty

    The taste is great, it’s mixed with fruit and vegetable powders! I’ll absolutely order again!

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Original Body Detox Top

  • betsy.brimmeier

    This product helped my husbands blood pressure go down 30 points in only a few days. He told his mom about it because her blood pressure was high and she was on medicine to keep it down. She doesn’t have to take her blood pressure medicine since being on the micro plant powder. It has helped my hormones level out and I notice it keeps me from retaining water like I used to. Love this…love this product!!! Betsy

  • Laurie

    When I tried this, my body seemed to absolutely crave it!! It’s tasteless, not unpleasant at all, and it was curious as to why I looked forward so much to my twice daily dose in a mug of tea! It did regulate my colon better, and I hope it was alkalizing my system more, as I have been too acidic in the past. I’ve tried the adult formula, too, and want to try the different formulations. Now I have some pH strips and want to test out to see if it raises the level. Also, after taking this for awhile people did comment on how great my skin looked. This is great as I had complexion problems in the past, so when someone notices my good skin and says I don’t look my age, I say if this helps my skin it must be doing good things internally.

  • arnold1982

    I love this product, I feel so sluggish when I don’t take it. For my next purchase I’d like to try Total care.

  • super_fat01

    this product helped me lose weight and control my blood sugar. i am not hungry as much and fell really energized. i lost acne and have cleared my skin

  • healthiswealth137

    This product is amazing! I used it for my chest pains (which i now no longer have). After taking it I could literally feel my chest getting stronger. It has also worked great for my lungs. The micro plant powder with the probiotics added is also amazing as well!

  • Sandra Fox

    I have osteoporosis and this product makes me feel like I don’t even have the disease anymore ! I can zip around on my walks and do house and vehicle cleaning like Ive never done before! No more doctor for me as the Micro Plant Powder is the only thing I will ever use!! Totally love this product!!

  • stinman52

    This product has helped to reverse my Osteoporosis, which even surprises my doctors!

  • migsoloaustin

    This product really helps us get a great night’s sleep!

  • Kathy

    I recently bought the original Micro plant powder and I can tell that is helping with my digestive issues as well with being regular. It mixes well and you can drink it straight or add it to smoothies. Also – I think is it making my hair grow faster! You guys are the best and I love your products!

  • Vera

    I have been using micro plant powder original formula for over a year now. My cholesterol levels are now normal and I no longer taken cholesterol medicine.

  • Hoby

    I’m a 54 yr old pool cleaner and been eating healthy since the 70’s. Micro Plant Powder is one of only two products that I’ll recommend to anyone. I noticed within two weeks a huge reduction in my arthritic pain, allergies, and chronic irritable bowel issues. I went off of the Micro Plant powder for about a month and noticed the symptoms returning within a few weeks. I will not be without my Micro Plant Powder!

  • Vindra

    I have been using the Micro Plant Powder for about a year and I feel great, I have more energy and less aches and pains, I no longer feel the need to take so many added vitamins which saves me money. I am a 49 yo. woman and my Doctor is very pleased with my labs.

  • super_fat01

    This has cleared my lungs and has made me very energetic and lose some weight my skin looks young and eyes are more clear my hair and nails look much better

  • Charles Riley

    The original formulation of micro plant powder keeps me feeling full of energy and feeling that my body is operating at its highest peak. Especially when I take it just before going to bed at night, when I wake up I can feel that it has been working on my body all night.

  • David Patterson


  • dice2303_456


  • [email protected]

    I have bought Micro Plant Powder from Hemp USA many times, and always enjoyed the benefits of feeling better as a result, i recommend this product to everyone.

  • Ron Brown

    I was hospitalized in 2007 for a month due to a serious infection contracted overseas. After that ordeal, I had numerous additional health problems, including high blood pressure and severe allergies. Within 2 months of beginning to use micro-plant powder, hemp protein powder, and Cells Alive silver solution, the allergies are completely gone, my blood pressure is down to manageable levels, my eyesight has improved, and my overall levels of health, wellness, and energy are much greater.

    Also, my children have benefited greatly from taking the micro-plant powder; stomach aches are a thing of the past for my youngest and my oldest no longer has severe monthly cramps.

    I was highly skeptical early on, but we will continue using these products. They are, frankly, amazing.

  • Zen

    I’ve been using Micro Plant Powder off and on for a few years now. I have to say the orginal formulation is an amazing supplement to any diet. I feel as though it resets the body to a level comparable to what I’ve always imagined equilibrium to feel like. A true feeling of being alive. It just feels right, as though it’s just what the body has been missing since we stepped out of nature and into our societal rat-race we refer to as life; feeding ourselves just to keep going rather than to LIVE. I greatly recommend this product and have been sharing the uniquely agreeable results provided by it.

    The only question I am having now is whether to try the other formulations or stick with the original.

  • Terry

    I bought the “Micro Plant Powder Original” about a year ago for my bad knee from running a roofing business and after 2 to 3 weeks of taking it I noticed no more knee pain or problems and this product was the only thing I was taking at the time so I KNOW it was the Micro plant Powder and to this day still no problems. I’m going to load up on this and more of their products!!! Great stuff!!! Keep up the great work Hempusa.

  • meerkat209

    I first heard of MPP on the Kevin Trudeau show. It was mentioned that it helps remove residue from vaccines. That alone makes this a must have. Ive been using it since then although im due for another order. I will continue to use this and other products from HempUSA.

  • Debby

    I have taken this product off and on for the past couple of years. It has helped me detox and feel better. I have less aches and pains, my skin is clearer, and I have more energy.

  • Gary Lanz

    Absolutely Great Product! It WORKS!

  • Mary Beth Loy

    We have been using a 2.5 lb MPP and have experienced a reduction in brain fog, less aches and pains. We believe it helps detox from the toxins even in the case of GMO’s and pesticides! We will be ordering again and again!

  • [email protected]

    Remarkable product, what else can I say? It settles the stomach from nausea, wakes up the immune system, all around resets the body from the inside out. I will recommend micro-plant powder until it is no longer sold.
    Anyone who has never experienced a supplement such as this needs to, just to understand how well the body runs when not held back by the toxins all surrounding..

  • Roy

    Solid very powerful product your body needs. “All disease begins in the gut” is what Hippocrates coined. So very good formula for your stomach! My whole family uses this!

  • MC Kopfer

    I will not be without Microplant. The most effective way to handle gout. While taking microplant (1 Tbl per day) I have never suffered from a gout attack. Great for active attacks, as well. Love, love, love this stuff

  • Charles Brandt

    I use this all the time in smoothies…..everyday…..i really think it helps. The sellers are helpful as well.

  • kathy

    My husband loves this particular formulation of Micro Plant Powder! He says it helps keep his joints pain-free and also helps to alkalize the entire body. He seems to need less food, too, which is great if you’re looking for help with weight loss. Keep up the good work with such good products!

  • jason

    This is the best product in the world. I have been taking it for years and it keeps me young and healthy. The FDA is the biggest scam out there. They want you to be addicted to their drugs so they can make money. Don’t give in to the scam. Micro Plant Powder will prevent you from getting any disease. I swear by this product.

  • Lesia

    This powder works wonders. I had a rash on my back and this powder got rid of it. I highly recommend this powder for any health issues you may have.

  • Pepe

    I have been taking this product for a better of 3 yrs. And my friend also, and he recently was in a heart institute and they were amazed that he had no cancer cells in his system. Rare no a days. Thus he is on the list for a heart transplant. I have had skin cancer many times, and since I been taking the powder I have no return of Melanoma. Also had a C scan, and everything is fine, nothing wrong with me. I am so happy with the results taking the Micro Plant Powder, because, I am healthy.

  • Bartleyglen1

    Love this product, recently I recommended this product to a friend and she is in love with this product.

  • Lisette Richter

    SUPERB!! I’ve used this to cleanse, detox, deflammation. I’ve given it to my dad who has bad knees and my mom — they are moving like little elves now! I also give it to my 100lb akita in her food — she looks 4 yrs old and she is 11 yrs. I put it in my smoothie. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product! I’ve shared this with many people who have cancer too.

  • dan

    i have only been taking the product for a week now and have noticed an increase in energy. i’m interested to see how my next physical goes.

  • Bernadette M. Price

    This product has all of the necessary vitamins that one could hope for and also this is the only product of it’s kind that I have seen, that has “no” side affects, For folks that are on other meds, it can be taken safely with no worries.

  • Lesia Davis

    I love this product, use it myself, and I recommend it to others.

  • Antonio

    It really is a great product! I’ve been using micro plant powder for 6 years it has wonderful trace minerals for good nutrition, detoxing , maintenance.

  • Roslyn

    A friend highly recommended microplant powder and I bought a small size. I thought I felt an energy boost early on but could not be sure. I was surprised that my overall feeling of well-being increased and my aches and pains went away. I am healthier and full of energy. Needless to say, the next order was the giant size of the Gold. I recommend without reservation.

  • Tom Cassella

    My over health and vitality has risen with this product. I like the way it tastes and it gives me a boost of energy that coffee alone will not come close to. It also has a calming effect over my overall well being with less anxiety. I plan on having this powder a part of my daily diet and regiment for the rest of my life.

  • Iza

    I started taking the micro plant powder because a friend recommended it to me when I was having lots of pain in my knees and joints I started taking it do to the fact that he said it did wonders for his knee pain . I no longer have any more pain but I still continue to take the Micro plant powder due to its beneficial ingridients and hopefully it’ll help me with my back pain.

  • dan

    this is my second order and i will be ordering again soon!

  • MC Kopfer

    I miss this if I run out, Effectively eliminates symptoms of gout, Best for controlling the aches and pains of joints as well. A+++ product!

  • mitch

    micro plant powder is a great product i can tell it lowers my blood pressure makes my finger nails and hair grow thicker, when I am out of plant powder it is so obvious

  • Arnoul

    I’ve been using the micro plant powder for a week now, although I believe I need more time to see better results. I have noticed full connected bowel movements which I know from experience is very important. The product has no taste and mixes well in water. So far it gets 5 stars. It would be nice if they reduced the price a little to make it more affordable on an ongoing basis, such as the more you buy the more you save or something along those lines. Thanks Hemp USA.

  • Carol Leif

    My husband and I love this product! We know we are doing something good for out body. We both highly recommend this product for everyone!

  • Jeremy

    I’ve used this before. Since using it I am noticing that my energy level is going back up and I don’t have the brain fog I was having.

  • [email protected]

    Excellent products.

  • LeAndrea

    I started taking the product for a few days and then stop ( i had a lot going on at the time and wasn’t keeping up with taking it) but I’m in the few days I did notice that I wasn’t as tired as I usually am I also notice when I stop taking it my energy level significantly decreased. Overall I think it’s a good product I’ll be start it again today and keeping up with it this time to see all it does. And plan to updated my review in better detail. THANKS HEMPUSA.

  • ministergaston7

    I Love this product, I had ran out recently and I tell you my body was lost, I order Micro plant and got it within 2-3 days. So happy I’m back on track. This is a Great product, try it and you will see a difference and feeling good all over. Micro Plant Detox is GREAT!!!!

  • Linda

    Just started using the Original Detox formula and feel less arthritic stiffness and pain in my hands and knees; have an overall feeling of well-being and increased energy. So glad to have been told of this product.

  • JEFF G

    I have been buying this product the basic version for years and there is nothing like it. What it does mostly for me is that it virtually eliminates my body aches. there is nothing better and without it I wasn’t doing very well. I REALLY noticed a big difference being off of this. I highly recommend this product to be taken at least once a day.

  • Rick Holley

    I was a pack a day smoker for decades. I decided to quit about 9 years ago. I worried about the damage to my lungs from smoking and started looking for ways to repair my lungs. I came across Micro Plant Powder and read about its benefits to lungs. I have been a daily user of the Original Body Detox for years now. Got a chest Xray and it indicates my lungs are clear. I contribute this good news to exercise and your MPP. This is truly a great product.

  • bush_brian

    I originally tried the product upon recommendation from our sport massage/PT professional. He keeps a jug in his office. He saw that at 45 years old, I was experiencing hip and lower back pain and would often get ‘lightning’ zingers when standing up after an extended period of time sitting and working. My leg mobility was quite poor, too. The power reduced inflammation in the hip joints and lower back- it feels great! I’ve significantly improved in the gym especially with lateral leg movements. On third jug now.

  • Daisy Alvarez

    I love this product, I can’t live with out it, It helps with my skin. hair, joints

  • swilliams1357

    I started using the Original Micro Plant 4-5 years ago. I had a stroke last year. I crawled out to my car and hit the OnStar button. I am still not sure how long it took for me to discover what was happening and the time the ambulance was there, but it was short. I got to the hospital in time, got the medication I needed, and was completely walking and talking the next day. The clot cleared up so quickly they were amazed. I owe my quick recovery to using the micro plant detox powder. I take it every day. I have no residual effects from the stroke. My life isn’t completely as normal as it was because I have aged two years (it happened a few days before my birthday), but I am doing extremely well and enjoying life. I am also not on diabetes medication any more. Thanks for your help and keep up the good work.

  • David Fong

    I’ve used this product for many years… Funny to watch my nail and hair grow faster than normal when I use it… I recently had all my mercury amalgams removed from my teeth… This will help pull all the toxic metals from my body… Thank you HempUSA… 🙂

  • Ray Sturt

    Great product of micro plant powder. It cleans out your body better than other products. Always recommend micro plant powder to everyone that I can talk to about this amazing product. My wife and I love this wonderful product. We will always buy micro plant powder and recommend to everyone. Ray and Linda

  • Sheryl Carter

    I really like this product. It helps with digestion and overall feeling of well being.

  • Sadie

    I refused taking cholesterol meds and started on micro plant powder and my numbers definitely went down. All my doctor could say is keep doing what you’re doing. I will continue taking it!

  • Harold

    I have only been taking for a little more than a month, but I am sleeping better and my joints feel better than they have in years.

  • Helen

    I always test products by using the kinesiological muscle test and the original micro plant poweder is so far better than any other “toxin binder” and even cheaper. I’m glad that I found this product.

  • Tye

    Outstanding Product, much needed in this day & age!

  • Matt

    I have been adding this to my shakes and smoothies for many years now. It is a wonderful product and worth the price as I feel noticeably focused and more balanced overall when I am using it. \m/

  • patricia

    I’ve notice a darker stool, and inflammation reduced.

  • Stephen

    I have been taking this product for over year. I use to get a dry hacking cough all winter long. since taking this it has been gone. I can’t live without micro plant powder.

  • knisted

    I just feel better on micro plant powder! My body craves it. My nails went from breaking all the time to being strong with no breakage. My skin is healthier and dark spots are fading. My digestion is better, too. I love it.

  • mitch

    I use micro plant powder, been ordering it for years, i have been doctoring myself because I do not trust Doctors and the american murder association

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Probiotics / Iodine Top

  • info

    Micro Plant Powder is an incredible product that has changed my life, and improved my health in so many ways. I had heart palpitations, chronic fatigue, stiff joints, and other issues that have just slipped away since adding this powder to my diet. I had tried other detox formulas, and magic elixirs over the years but I always had side effects, and other issues causing me to quit the programs, or saw no real changes what so ever. Micro Plant Powder really seems to work subtly with my body, and there are no side effects (unless you count feeling better, and better as a side effect). I could feel something almost immediately within the first days, but I noticed a huge difference within the first month or two of use. Now it’s been over 2 years for me, and I’m still experiencing more benefits. I also wanted to mention that within the past year I have added in some of the other powder formulas to mix, and match as I can’t get enough of what these products can do for health, and well being. Thank you for this cutting edge superior quality product. I’d recommend it to everyone. In fact everything I’ve tried from Hemp USA had been great. In a world of hype,and broken promises it’s nice to have a trusted source for quality products that are “the real deal” for results. Thanks Hemp USA!!

  • Richard

    The Micro Plant Powder helps with my energy levels and digestive issues. Thank you!

  • Roxanne

    I have been using this product for four years or more. Excellent product that I would not go without!!! Thank you HempUSA!

  • Jamie

    I have used micro plant powder previously and it did wonders. I called and asked for Hemp USA to please bring it back to help others have healthier and happier lives. I am so excited o see it return especial since I just had another health scare that leads me right back to the micro plant powder and now I am trying the iodine plant powder. I know I will be back to better health in the next few months. Thanks Hemp USA for listening to your customers!

  • Amber

    I can already see my nails and hair getting stronger. I can’t wait to see how the rest of takes shape!

  • Sharon

    I am out walking every day, stomach issues greatly improved, bone, muscle, and joint pain improved….AND….was even able to plant a little flower bed last week!! LOVE LOVE LOVE these products and know I will continue to improve….now that I am taking religiously EVERY day.
    Just had another friend to place an order for the MicroPlant Powder, Hemp Protein Powder, and Hemp Oil. People are ordering because they can physically see a big difference in me. Isn’t that just WONDERFUL!!!

    Love you Hemp USA, and I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS. They are THE BOMB!

  • Janette

    Micro Plant Powder is just amazing!!!! What is so remarkable
    about the product is my daughter, Jennifer was having constant
    break outs on her face. Nothing would help! It was becoming
    quite costly on her pocket book. Finally, it was recommended
    to me (Mom) to make a paste and use Micro Plant Powder as a
    facial. Of course, I passed it on to my daughter immediately.
    During the morning, Jennifer did the Micro Plant facial– by
    making a paste and applying all over her face for about 15 mins.
    By the afternoon– her face was starting to heal and clear up.
    The next day she did it again– and remarkably her face was almost
    all cleared up. On Mother’s Day (May 11, 2014), her skin was so
    beautifully clear and soft– no marks and unblemished!!! All I
    can say is “It works!!!” She is so happy and so am I. I would not
    have believed it but I have seen it’s amazing results.

    Toledo, Ohio

  • Velora

    I had to know what changed in my friend of 28 years’ life, she had completely turned around. She was about to give up, in so much pain from fibromyalgia and digestive issues. She told me she started taking this product,the hemp protein and the hemp oil. I have only been on it a couple of weeks but I’m feeling more energy already! Thank you!

  • Don Williams

    The MicroPlant Powder has done wonders for me! I no longer need my reading glasses! I noticed after taking only a tsp a day for about 8 months, I did not need my reading glasses to see the tiny print in the phone book. I also no longer have a painful knot in my arm that I thought would require surgery NOR has the occasional rectal bleeding issues, I have dealt with for the past 50 years, recurred at all in over two years. My wife and I are so excited about the new MicroPlant Powders and are gonna try the Gold, Iodine Now, and the Ultimate Protection. Thank you!

  • Elizabeth

    I can really see a difference in the growth of my hair and nails since using the MicroPlant Powder. I love how it tastes, and just eat it with a spoon.

  • jonman701

    Oh wow here we go!!
    I got this just a couple weeks ago and i tell you, this stuff is amazing, i went through a detox using it and i came out the other side a new man, i haven’t felt this good since i was in my “early teens” yes thats how much junk i had in my body, i can’t imagine not getting this looking back now, if i didn’t i don’t wanna know where my body (and mind) would have ended up, i think this may have even saved the quality of my future and present life by ridding me of the toxins that it has, i feel so much better and it keeps getting better!
    This was one of the best things i ever bought, if anyone not sure about taking this or not, take my advice, GET IT because it will only work out for you!

  • issac

    I lost 20 pounds in a month in half since going on a strict low low sugar/carb diet in conjuction with taking this micro plant powder and hemp seed oil and hemp protein daily. Love the look of my skin and hair plus my overall health. No more signs of folliculitis skin disease either i routinely had been stricken with prior to taking micro plant powder. Love the products! Keep producing them hempusa!

  • Mike Frommelt

    I use this to stop G.E.R.D. and to prevent bouts of constipation. Makes everything easy going!
    Works way better than the stuff that I got from A Doctor that I am no longer taking! And it’s good for You!
    I have been using this for more than 3 years.

  • dross5374

    skin and hair look much better nails have returned to normal and no longer have black spots on skin

  • Hemp USA

    I like these formulas so far, Probiotic and Iodine, Fit and Trim, and Rest and Recover for more neutral taste. That said, all of the formulas I have tried, I think 8 in all, work exceptionally well, and I will continue to be a HempUSA.org customer for life.

  • Kathleen

    LOVE LOVE this product!!! My husband had a skin issue on the back of his hands – went to a specialist, got prescription, DID NOT work. It itched so bad it would bleed – literally was driving him nuts. A friend told us about this product 6 months ago and the back of his hands cleared up!! No more itching 🙂

  • Jenn B

    This product is so far so good, my husband notices an improvement in the way he feels which is a plus. I’m sure we will notice more results in weeks to come since hemp usa products are great. Will definitely be back again and again.

  • Charles Riley

    Every time I buy this Micro Plant Powder, I feel a jump in my energy levels. I wake up without using an alarm. Also I travel around all day on my job usually on trains and I find that when I regularly take this Micro Plant Powder, I can go all day without feeling tired. I also feel that this Micro Plant Powder makes my breathing clearer. And it keeps my body cleaned out. I like to say it ‘keeps my pipes clear.” I will continue to buy this product and I amm looking forward to buying the other formulations.

  • Tania

    I absolutely LOVE this product. I’ve been using it quite a while now and have had amazing results. My hair and nails grow so fast and my skin has cleared up from breakouts. The pain in my neck from osteoarthritis is gone! And I love that this formula has the probiotics which helps my digestion and the iodine helps my thyroid. I couldn’t be happier with it and tell all my friends and family about it and they’ve al had great results too! I also notice increased energy levels. I also love how easy it is to mix with anything. Thank You for such a wonderful product!

  • steve mac

    great health product. good deal, fast shipping. good for the gut and bones and everything else. i am happy

  • Jana

    I love this product! My daughter got me started on it about a year and a half ago and I feel so much better all around. I will never be without it. It’s helped my cholesterol, nails, hair, skin and the fact that it’s alkaline is a bonus! It has also made a difference with my digestion. I love that it contains probiotics and iodine. This has helped me so much!

  • Samuel Sheppard

    This product is amazing, I feel so much better. I use it everyday & my family also takes it. Respiratory, digestion, inflammation, & blood pressure issues taken care of all at once. I highly recommend this product to anyone whether you are sick or not.

  • Bartleyglen1

    Micro Plant Powder is an amazing product. We have been using this product for a while now. The entire family loves this product I have recommended 4 other people outside my household and they purchase this product frequently as I do. The best product ever. It has helped with my diabetes, thyroid, aches and pains, and since using this product we rarely get sick. This product has changed my life. I order Micro Plant Powder Probiotic/Iodine for my entire household on a monthly basis and will continue to do so as long as the price is right. Terrific product!! 🙂

  • jlkraft

    I have been using this formula the most of your MPP because it is the basic one but has the added iodine and probiotics that we all need. I have added it to purified water and stirred and added ice and it is a pleasant drink, but it is also nice in that you can add it to a green smoothie or a fruit smoothie and get the benefits without noticing the consistency. Then, later you notice that you feel great and go to the bathroom more regularly! Thanks HempUSA for just one basic product, of many that are so special!

  • Charles

    More energy. More clarity of thought. General feeling of well being and a feeling of inner cleanliness of our stomach and intestinal area. That’s what my wife and I continue to experience from Micro Plant Powder. We have promised each other that if even if we have no other supplements, we will always have a supply of Micro Plant Powder to take.

  • Shazilodessa

    Great product for nails and hair growth will continue to use it.

  • Keisha

    Very good product. was told about it few months ago. Great results with nails, hair, skin.

  • Sergio

    I’ve been using this product for years and I’ve never come across a supplement that has such a broad spectrum of benefits. A MUST TRY!

  • Gina Jones

    5 stars. I love the product because I feel I look younger, and more vibrant. I have energy and renewed vitality.

  • Sergio

    I love this product. I noticed the energy within days! A must try!!

  • Roy

    Regular user of the Micro plant powder gold, adult, and basic formulas with amazing results. I recommend this to anyone seeking to resolve stomach problems.

  • Christina

    This supplement is amazing! I have so much more energy and mental focus while taking it, also great digestive improvement, and more regular night time rest, as I’m not fatigued during the day and don’t crash at odd times! Thanks for the game changer!

  • Charles B

    Ive used this product for several years and attribute it for my being much more healthier than before. Furthermore, I rarely get sick. I highly recommend trying it out. I put it in my morning smoothies.

  • Ashleeann Mahechani

    Love this companies products! I’ve had great success with the thyroid iodine powder and I can’t wait to see how well this Iodine/Probiotic powder works. Definitely get a good amount of powder for the price you pay. Thanks HempUSA!

  • Suzanne

    The Probiotic Iodine Hemp powder is great! I’m feeling extra energy and I wake up on my own around 8 in the morning whereas I used to sleep to 10 am or so and still be tired. I’m excited to get up and start my day!

  • Yolanda

    I purchased this product for my mother who constantly had stomach issues. A fellow friend f hers recommended that she try the plant powder. Since using this product, it has helped to relieve the uncomfortableness she had been feeling. The different size options are great and I highly recommend for those having digestive issues.

  • Jorge

    I purchased the product for my mother as recommended by an old customer of you. She’s already starting to feel improvements on her overall health and strength. I was very impressed how fast you delivered the order. I have plans on buying more products from you for myself. I had expend several hours browsing your website reading and learning about your products and I like them. Thank you.

  • Keisha B

    Great product have recommend this to my family and friend will purchase again.

  • Bartleyglen1

    Probiotic and Iodine is great it does wonders. Will be purchasing again. 🙂

  • mitchell

    love micro plant powder,it is my daily medicine

  • Keith Johnson

    After my prostate cancer surgery my sister-in-law suggested that I try micro plant powder, which helps to keep my bodies PH at 8. It’s been 9 years and thank God my PSA number is still undetectable. I took the Adult formula daily for quite a few years but it has been out of stock for along time and I changed to Micro Plant Probiotic and Iodine and it’s been doing the job! I’m sure it has helped my immune system too. Which has been great especially in these times.

    Fayetteville, Georgia

  • meerkat209

    Ive been using Micro plan Powder now for about 10 years. Everyone whom Ive recommended it too that’s used it has seen positive change in their health. One person said his knee joint pain went away. Another said her nails and hair grew thicker and healthier looking. I take the iodine with probiotics daily and the Gold powder whenever I need a boost. I am I lifetime customer for sure!

  • Caryn Taylor

    I Can’t Live Without My Miracle Microplant Powder Gold. It’s my morning ritual to have a glass of Microplant Powder water before breakfast. You can take it on an empty stomach or with any type food and mix anything with it. But for me, I feel water is the best. I just bought the Probiotics and Iodine and that’s my go to one. Being a flight attendant I need both probiotics ( it helps when I get food poisoning from nasty airport food. As for the iodine (I’m around radiation from the sun at 40,000feet) and it keeps me safe from bacteria and virus that I can encounter while traveling and living my every day life. I take about 2-3 tablespoons a day and I suffered from anxiety that gave me stomach problems, but when I take the Microplant Powder daily, my anxiety and stomach issues are gone. No other products out there does what this does without nasty side effects and ingredients. This is the most natural form of goodness anyone could take. I was told I would need a knee replacement because I had an injury at work, but taking the Iodine Now at the time I started walking and feeling great and the doctor said keep doing what you’re doing. Then the doctor started buying this product for his wife who had a varicose veins issues. I’m not a doctor and I don’t take any pharmaceutical drugs or medications or anything. I’m holistic and I take Microplant Powder, that’s my miracle food powder. No side effects at all! What supplement do you know where you have absolutely no side effects? There’s always warning labels on everything. (Don’t take this if you’re this or that) I took this when I breast fed and when I was pregnant and now my kids take this too!! and my cat takes The Dog and Cat Powder. We are all healthy and feel great. When I talk about this product people ask me if I sell it? I say no but I should lol cause I stand by this company 100%!! Thank you HempUSA.org for making such an AMAZING PRODUCT!!! It’s changed my life

  • meerkat209

    This is the number one supplement I take that I recommend to others. Its magical!

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Protein Powder Quad Force Top

  • dross5374

    Feel energized and stronger also gained many pounds of muscle

  • super_fat01

    Gained muscle and feel very energized

  • collinconnor

    Feel well nourished and energized look much stronger than I was a few months ago


    After taking it for the first time…For the next 2 days i can tell it was CLEANING OUT my organs…And my body started to reject certain process fast foods like some micky d’s.. and some asian food…which i dont eat any more…thanks threw this experience…All i can say NOW is that i Feel Great…i drink it with a kinda full bottle of ice mountain with 4 Good scoops…shake it 5 or 6 times…then BOOM…Instant Protein…even when i finish the bottle, i still add a little more water in it to make sure i get all of it…Hemp is my new best friend…Thanks Hemp USA…God Bless You…

  • Nestor

    Great product! I tried many protein products before and this is by far the best.

  • Cheryl

    This arrived quickly and I noticed improvement in my bowel movements after 3 days.

  • Cheryl

    I started giving the Hemp Protein powder to my 95 year old mother; so after 3 weeks she has more energy and less pain in her back. This is fantastic!

  • Judy

    The QuadForce protein is by far one of the best protein products I have experienced. I am a group fitness instructor and personal trainer with my own company. I’ve done some amateur bodybuilding in the past and I am considering doing more competitions in the future! It was my intention to choose a few products and stick with them based on the results I achieve. I received the QuadForce quickly (love that!) I originally ordered the one pound container and loved it so much I ordered the five pound container. After the third day or so I immediately noticed a difference in my rate of recovery after my strength training sessions. I am usually fatigued…no…”knocked out”, is a more accurate description. I usually consume the product within 1/2 – 3/4 hour after my workout. I noticed that I felt more alert within ten minutes of consuming the product. That is not usually the case with other products I have taken in the past….typically it took twenty to thirty minutes. I was just noticing today that my legs feel stronger especially going up and down the stairs. Over all I have definitely put on some muscle. I have been taking the QuadForce for a little less than two week as well. I am scheduled for a bodyfat analysis later in the month to assess my lean muscle gain and fat loss. I will keep you posted about my improvement. Much Thanks and Be Well!

  • Sean

    Another great product from HempUSA. If the high quality protein,fiber, and outstanding nutrient profile is not enough for you, the shipping is also very quick, and updates on my order were prompt and thorough. They really care about their customers. The price is also competitive with other protein supplements on the market and provides significantly higher nutritional benefits than most whey and soy products,according to the label. I definitely feel this in energy levels and recovery ability. I recommend this, and any other HempUSA product, for anyone who is serious about their health. Thank you, HempUSA, for your commitment to a reputable business. I feel good about giving you my money

  • Bartleyglen1

    Great product, I recently tried this product when my aunt ordered it from hempusa and she loves it so do I.

  • Douglas Bell

    Great Product! My family deals with less food cravings and long lasting fullness after taking it the first time. I experience an immediate cleaning out process. My wife no longer craves sweets while taking it daily. Increased energy and great for pre workout or post workout filler. We love it and will buy more. Just add a scoop to organic almond milk.

  • Nina Lauerman

    Love this product…

  • Hyllecool

    This an amazing product! No filler, no bs, just pure high octane health food. Next to egg whites, this is my biggest source of protein. If I had to describe how I feel after a month of use: it’s a clean feeling. I feel full, satisfied, energetic and not weighed down by extraneous nonsense that plagues most protein products. Give it a try!

  • Nicola F.

    The best tasting and best quality hemp powder on the market. Bar none! 🙂

  • Chris

    I replaced my whey protein with 1 scoop of the quad force and one scoop of hemp protein powder. Very satisfying and curbs my appetite, I have good energy and recovery from gym and work. Excellent stuff I wish I found it and have been eating it sooner!

  • Betty Guillot

    This is my first time using the Hemp QuadForce Protein. Mixing it with the Protein Powder as you suggested. I look forward to using it in my smoothies or putting it in juice everyday. Its an easy way to get protein in my diet. I also drink it after I have hit the gym. Its great.

  • boxingfan233

    Incredible product. Burns fat, builds muscle, curves appetite, gives great stamina, endurance, better lungs, great fiber for digestion, cleaning intestines, speeds up metabolism and pretty much overall heals the body. I’m losing my belly and I’m feeling like I was when I was a teenager when my sex drive was up. Can’t beat the price for the overall benefits of this quality hemp product. A total must have in your supplement regime. 5 Stars.

    • Alan Lasmarias

      Thank you for the comment, we are glad you are experiencing the great benefits of this product!!! We have been in business a long time and still come out with new products, three new products the last few months. Thank you again and please share with your friends and family.

      HempUSA.org Customer Service team

  • Christopher V

    This is the best stuff for a healthy gut. I take a protein power scooper full every day. You can really see the effects with your mood, things just start becoming easier to process and handle. Love it and I’m a customer for life.

  • Gabriela

    I’ve been using this product for over 6 years and I absolutely love it !! It helps control cravings, which helps a lot being diabetic. It also helps with energy levels, and digestion. I use it in baking as well for added fiber. I highly recommend this product, it has no fillers and no weird taste when used in baking.

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Pure Leaf Stevia: Great for diabetics! Top

  • super_fat01

    This lowered my blood pressure and taste good but do not put more than the top of a teaspoon or it won’t taste good. This is sweetest sweetener I’ve ever tried

  • stephen.redding31

    Wow! I didnt think stevia could taste so clean! The other brand I have on hand at home has a sort of funky aftertaste and this did not! You only need a tiny little bit, it is i deed extremely sweet. Perfect for sweetening up a smoothie!! Great job HempUSA!

  • [email protected]

    Love Hemp USA Stevia! So many health benefits. I enjoy a little stevia in my hemp coffee.

  • Steve

    Hemp USA Stevia is the best! NEVER USE SUGAR AGAIN! So many health BENEFITS, as to using sugar.

  • tmadoo

    I’ve purchased the Pure Leaf Stevia for over 1 year. It is by far the best quality stevia I have found.

  • Steven

    No carbohydrates and no tooth decay! Why not use Stevia from Hempusa.org Great taste too!

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    Oh my goodness! Impressive article dude! Thanks, However I am having troubles with your RSS. I don’t understand the reason why I cannot join it. Is there anybody else having the same RSS issues? Anyone who knows the answer will you kindly respond? Thanx!!

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    I’m amazed, I have to admit. Rarely do I encounter a blog that’s equally educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The problem is something too few men and women are speaking intelligently about. I’m very happy that I came across this during my hunt for something relating to this.

Rest And Recover Top

  • Hemp USA

    I like these formulas so far, Probiotic and Iodine, Fit and Trim, and Rest and Recover for more neutral taste. That said, all of the formulas I have tried, I think 8 in all, work exceptionally well, and I will continue to be a HempUSA.org customer for life.

  • Amina Badrous

    Amazing product. I take it at night and I sleep so well.


    Best sleep I’ve had in years. My skin is clearer and my mood is much happier since taking this product. Highly Recommend

  • JuliAna

    I have been ordering from HempUSA.org for over 5 years I”m a lifetime customer, I would have to write a book on the products, if you have any kind of health concerns or health issues please do not hesitate on using ANY PRODUCT from HempUSA, they will deliver amazing results that you will see and feel within a short period of time. This is from my 100% usage of their products, if you found HempUSA.org you are in the right spot there are no accidents!!! Thank you HempUSA.org, Many Blessings and Prosperity ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Seed Oil Cold Pressed Top

  • tobyhc73

    I have this to my girlfriend who has had HORRIBLE ulcers! I am not saying it cured it. But what I am saying is it smoothed the pain and she never talks a boy being in constant pain any more. No more purple pills!

  • Cheryl

    Great product. We use for our dog and parrots as well and have seen marked improvement in the dog’s coat, temperment, and movement. He is 11 years old. The birds have much better plumage and molts less dander.

  • Diego C

    This hemp oil is delicious! I love using this oil on salads. My favorite mixture on salads is cut up pieces of avocado,hemp oil, and soft centers/salted hemp seeds as a dressing. I also use it in smoothies. I sometimes give my dog a little to taste and he loves it too.

  • Sharon

    God’s Miracle Food
    What a shame this has been kept from “we the people”. Hemp is also God’s Miracle Food for all people and would have eliminated much suffering and pain had we simply known.

    I have been taking Hemp Products (Micro Plant Powder and Protein Powder) from HempUSA every day for last 2 months and can’t even begin to tell you what it is doing for me. In just last 2 weeks I am out walking every day and even planted a flower bed. Now, I absolutely could NOT have done this 2 months ago.

    People who live here in these apartments are now coming up to me and asking what it is I’m doing, because they have seen my car basically parked for days and weeks at a time over last few years, and now they see me out engaging in activity and life. My stomach problems are pretty much resolving as well as bone, muscle, and joint pain.

    I know I was divinely directed and compelled to take these products. I will never be without the Micro Plant Powder, Protein Powder, and Hemp Oil. It is a God-send for me. By the way, the Hemp Oil literally restores brain cells if you know anyone suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Sharon

  • gilli

    another great item from hemp usa. its liquid hemp seed. that’s it. i have both and i take em as often as possible. the book of ezekiel speaks of the Lord raising up a plant of renown. found it.

  • Velora

    I had to know what changed in my friend of 28 years’ life, she had completely turned around. She was about to give up, in so much pain from fibromyalgia and digestive issues. She told me she started taking this product,the hemp protein and the microplant powder. I have only been on it a couple of weeks but I’m feeling more energy already! Thank you!

  • JG-Toledo

    SUPER OIL TO THE HUMAN BODY!!! Who wouldn’t want their HDLs (the good guys) to increase and the LDLs (the lousy guys) decreasing…especially if you have heart disease or you are a candidate to being one in the future due to the food one eats and life-style??? Hemp oil raised my husband’s HDLs 20pts and lowered his LDLs 40 pts!!! How do I know? We did an experiment and stop taking Hemp Oil for 2 months and did a blood test. Interesting enough– krill oil & vitamin E and Barlean’s 3-6-9 were still part of his daily routine BUT they did not do the job that Hemp Oil had demonstrated in his previous blood test when he was taking it. AMAZING STUFF!!! It made me a believer!! Happy Wife in Toledo, OHIO

  • Bill Johnson

    How I dealt with my two (2) cancer episodes. First Diagnosed in 2009. I am now 70 years old, in remission, dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy (neuropathy in both feet and hands). I now feel good and work-out three times a week at a local gym. I went from a 210 lb. healthy and fit 65 year old man to a 162 lb. pitiful looking weak man. It started at age 65 (colon cancer). Fourteen inches of my colon was removed. Three years later at age 68, after I had regained my strength and weight, it happened again. The cancer leaked into my Liver and formed four (4) matasticised cancerous tumors on my Liver.
    Before all this I was in great shape. Other than being “asthmatic” in my youth, I’ve been a bit of a ‘Health Nut’ and bodybuilder. Listen to me, anyone can get Cancer. If your over 40 get your colonoscopy and blood work checked regularly. (Yes, your immune system can heal cancers, but you need a warning system to tell you when to get “more serious” about your health). After Three (3) months of killer chemotherapy in Bradenton, Florida my surgeon at Lee Moffitt Cancer Research Center, Tampa, Florida removed 25 % of my Liver. I was very weak and ‘puney’. I’m 6’ 3” tall and was 210 ils. I went down to 162lbs in 3 months, I was scared..
    Here’s where it gets interesting.. While in treatment, I was doing research on products that would help me get my immune system back and fighting for me. A friend of mine told me to check-out “Hemp USA.ORG”. I did, and so my journey to kick-back began. I purchased the Hemp Oil, Micro Plant Powder with Iodine, Hemp Protein Powder, and later on, I purchased Cinnamon Powder, it’s fantastic.
    Anyway, I’ve had to have CAT Scans, PET Scans and Regular Blood Word done every 3 months for the past 2 years. I was really concerned about the amount of “Radiation” I was getting …It has been A LOT! (My research tells me that Radiation can cause cancer).
    I do have damage from the “chemotherapy treatment”. My feet and hands have permanent nerve damage and I am dealing with the pain quite well.
    I do work-out at a local gym and have gained back 45 lbs. I’m growing in muscle mass and endurance because of my God and the benefits that come from taking these great products.
    Again, I want to tell everybody that by the “Grace of God” (because of His love for me and prayers on my behalf, …He did lead me to this source of products. All of my scans and blood work have come back negative for cancer and very positive for good health……. These products really work!
    May God bless you with good health…….Bill Johnson.

  • Cheryl

    This is great in our smoothies and salads.

  • Satina

    I am so happy to have purchased this hemp oil and am looking forward to the results. I will post an update of my continuous progress! Thank you!

  • Tim

    Outstanding product, I am using because if my over working and exhaustion, it has been helping with that.

  • Daniel

    I am trying Hemp Oil because I’ve heard of its many benefits.

    Thank you for making this product available!

    I had a little confusion over an order. Your lady Jennifer K. solved it right away. sometimes I’m glad for little problems with an order. They show me how a company will respond. Your company passed with flying colors!

    Even though I just started using it, I will give you 5 stars because of it’s apparently fine quality and refinement, and the speed and effectiveness of your customer service.


  • Brad Miller

    We use the Hemp oil for our 5 French Bulldogs in our breeding business. The Hemp oil has greatly improved their coats, temperament, energy level, and over-all health. Great stuff.

  • S.B

    We love this oil! Nutty, delicious flavor. We use it in our salads, as a finishing oil and in our smoothies.

  • [email protected]

    Great product good taste great health benifits

  • Kelli Kersey

    I bought this product for my husband. He has had chronic pain since his car accident in April 2011. He has been on pain killers ever since. The oil has helped him tremendously from the very first day. It has made a HUGE difference in his pain. Thank you very much.

  • Pedro V

    Product arrived promptly and in very good condition. This oil has a mild taste and fragrance and it works great on salads or even as a base for cooking vegetables. Recommended!

  • 24 cbd oil

    Sharing this with aunt.


    This is a positively Beneficial oil for the whole family.

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    Hardly. As mentioned, so little research has been completed on vinegar that we can’t totally rule out lots of the dramatic claims made latamdate for it. Yet up to now 20 years, there was little or no analysis about utilizing vinegar for therapeutic well being purposes. National Institutes of Health that was created specifically to research natural or unconventional therapies that hold promise, has not revealed any studies about vinegar, even though there has been renewed interest in vinegar’s healing benefits just lately. But even the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), a division of the U.S. But when the body’s cells become insulin resistant, the sugar from food begins to construct up within the blood, even whereas the cells themselves are starving for it. Insulin’s job is to assist the body’s cells take within the glucose, or sugar, from the carbohydrates in meals, so they can use it for power. With kind 2 diabetes, the body’s cells turn into resistant to the action of the hormone insulin. Blunting the sudden leap in blood sugar that might normally happen after a meal also lessens the quantity of insulin the physique must release at one time to remove the sugar from the blood.

    In the research, 21 people with both kind 2 diabetes or insulin resistance (a prediabetes condition) and eight control topics were each given a solution containing five teaspoons of vinegar, 5 teaspoons of water, and one teaspoon of saccharin two minutes earlier than ingesting a excessive-carbohydrate meal. Vinegar increased total insulin sensitivity 34 p.c within the examine participants who had been insulin-resistant and 19 p.c in these with type 2 diabetes. A study cited in 2004 in the American Diabetes Association’s publication Diabetes Care indicates that vinegar holds actual promise for serving to individuals with diabetes. Its user interface is just like different sites that promise private information will be revealed, solely disclosing the associated fee and fee info after a prolonged, staged collection of screens, during which it purportedly searches your complete internet for the requested info.. With this access, they can use the Internet to seek for matches using their current login information. Therefore it’s all the time advisable not to offer any private information in on-line profile in order that your private sanctity may be violated by unwanted disturbances. To place all this information into some context, the column on the far proper within the desk exhibits the every day quantities wanted by a typical grownup who consumes 2,000 calories per day.

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    Give your bride some freedom to be that she truly is. Give each idea a double take and make yourself an assurance – say goodbye to day accidents in your future! It can also take place on an initial date. For e.g., if you are a Thai guy and went to meet a Thai ladies and after that date her, you can quickly make out that she is teasing with you in your whole meeting. Your Asian bride undoubtedly makes time to come on a day looking remarkable for you. We’ve currently covered why you require to pay money to day online, and currently we will certainly find just just how much it costs exactly. Prepare, the food will be spicy. Never crease your nose at the food she made either. This may definitely not be for every person because these women do have specific assumptions, yet then you possibly won’t discover another dating website with hotter girls than Seeking Arrangement. So, as you can tell, safety and security is your leading concern when choosing the right Asian dating site. So, right here’s a top tip. So the best tip is to look diligently at her and begin treating her as a private with certain habits and a cultural background.

    In brief, a gentleman’s routines. Extreme critics took place around the Thaksin situation of concealed properties, Myanmar women will certainly resemble slender Thai ladies submitted to the Constitutional Court. Generally, thai ladies on the internet Thai ladies tend to focus extra on traditional values and reveal a greater feeling of regard for their companion than in various various other cultures. Get made use of to her corny funny bone. Asian ladies are cute and quite, but to look so attractive they invest much time creating a great feeling of style and taste. Another difference in Oriental ladies dating is that the Asian ladies provide full consideration to what a man has prior to he starts a household. First coming from all, I’ll reveal this: when used accurately, the World-wide-web can typically be an impressive device intended for meeting girls all around the world. That was one fantastic action in the globe of dating as well given that dating websites can now offer apps for their corresponding websites, sending updates directly to their subscribers’ smart devices. These sites have thorough protection protocols, preventing fraudsters from ruining your relationship and emotionally harming you.

    On these Thai dating sites and dating apps, scammers discover their asiame scam victims online in Thailand primarily from foreign countries. Some countries like Thailand are extremely recognized for their Thai dating scams and a lot of them look for foreigners in Western countries. With AsiaFriendFinder, you can surf and search accounts, send out messages and private chat, and sign up with common conversation rooms. Key attributes are composed of detailed accounts with images and video clips; the ability to search by location, age range, interests/hobbies; individual messaging options; video clip chat abilities; in addition to accessibility to unique events such as online speed dating nights. The marital sites can be used for dating too. If that does not sound attractive to you, that’s ok-maybe, Thailand Dating Sites Free mail order new brides are simply except you. 1 trusted online dating site in Asia. The most effective website for dating Asian ladies goes to asianpersuasion dot com. Also a lot of the commercial dating websites such as Match and EHarmony have actually areas assigned for Asians. These cupid media sites can be easily searched on google. Show that you can pay attention which you want what she has to claim. If you know the tricks listed below, you’re destined succeed. And you understand the most effective part?

    It’s a huge part of Asian culture. Asian ladies value these old-school excellent manners. Many guys believe they’re submissive and pleasing, chef flawlessly well, and are exceptionally proficient at upbringing youngsters. Well, if she’s been residing in Western countries for a while, chances are she’s shaking a lifestyle rather comparable to any type of American or European lady. Well, you simply may be wrong and it’ll look uncomfortable and strange. Actually, it’ll never be spicy sufficient for her. As a matter of fact, an Oriental girl could behave just the exact same as an American or European woman. It’s like clockwork – a story with a realistic lady dropping for a wealthy individual, complete with subtle romantic motions from the main lead. Not only for her however, for those that particularly require it, like a person battling with bundles or a baby stroller. Consider Asia to locate that special somebody. Asian mail order bride-to-bes are an outstanding method to discover your ideal companion. One who is searching for a companion from home will discover sites quite valuable.

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    The websites are primarily based on international locations, ethnic races, religion particular dating, areas of interests, age groups and so forth. Many online dating sites are free to use whereas other private websites ask you to pay a sure price to access database of obtainable singles. We only want your religion with us, there is no such thing as a hidden charges, no price for various options, just solely free dating on Completely Free Dating. Completely Free Dating brings many new features and helps you in simple methods so that you get the precise path to maneuver with your soul mate. If one have click on with one of the erstwhile singles in the chat room, one could move to a confidential “chat room” and chat secretly utilizing video cam chat and basically appears on the individual you’re conversations in current time. Move from texting to a cellphone or video call ASAP for a better sense of mutual curiosity and compatibility.

    This may result in her showing curiosity in you and within a short while you’ll have received her heart. Going right into a date “cold” with someone you are not completely positive about can usually end up being a waste of time and result in disappointment. Others really feel drained because they’re pushing themselves to go on a sure number of dates per week, which can start to make relationship really feel like a job. If you have interaction in social events where you’re probably to fulfill new individuals, the pool of those who’re single and searching is much smaller than when asiame.com scam you are on an app or dating site where everyone is in the identical boat as you. Even in the event you handle to satisfy somebody the old fashioned means, the dating rules are noticeably totally different and regularly altering. If you are serious about discovering true love through online dating, it is essential to look at the role of honesty and being truthful in your portrayal of yourself. Being armed with information about the positioning you’re using will serve you effectively as you seek for love on the net.

    When someone does a reverse picture search, meaning they’re taking an image you at present have and placing it into a search to search out associated photos. If you are utilizing the same photo to your relationship web site and your social media profile, it could also be attainable for somebody to find you and be taught particulars about your life through your social media accounts. 5. Someone who posts their social media handle on their profile will not be an overt purple flag, however it could suggest that they’re only searching for followers and not a severe courting match. “People are being extra intentional about who they match with after which extra thoughtful about the right way to both proceed or not proceed. Yes, relationship websites are legal in California. But online, “context is missing and the value of rejection is low, so we keep reaching for the stars,” says Paul Eastwick, an associate professor of psychology and relationship researcher on the University of California at Davis. Bobby says the explanation for lots of the unfavourable points of online dating could possibly be an absence of what she calls a “shared neighborhood.” “Connecting through online dating feels far more like assembly a digital stranger and having to establish points of significant reference to little real-world experience to go on,” she says.

    Many people wish to grab a drink on their first date, but in the event you do resolve to go to a bar, take care to remain sober. You’re on no account obligated to stick with somebody if you are feeling awkward or threatened. And more often than not, if somebody is truly fascinated, they’re going to hop on a cellphone name or video chat with you earlier than assembly up, even if they feel a bit awkward. On the other hand, keep away from falling victim to someone you suspect is being deceitful on their profile by noticing red flags. If you make plans with someone you met on a relationship app, all the time tell a trusted good friend or family member the place you are going. It can not a uncommon copy or expensive, to make sure that everybody offers the chance to participate. The skilled daters take time for one or two dates to know the fundamental details and then start planning their strategy for further exploitation. I went on a variety of dates, but after creating my dating strategy technique, it helped me to see why he was particular. If you’ve imagined that you’d be secure in your stunning life with your loving companion residing the approach to life of your dreams, however you’re alone you’re missing a key component in your technique.

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    One other benefit that you would be able to have here is the power to get hooked up by more than one person at a time. No photos from a decade ago and, Ms. McGinty said, “beware of headshots.” Guys should not going to swipe right in case you have solely headshots. Take your time to get to know each other before you start coming to any conclusions about whether or not they are the right match for you. When the precise time has come along for you to make a dedication to take a position your time and energy to impressing the suitable match for the suitable causes will occur. You want to make a gradual progress. An enormous mistake that many online daters make when they are getting to know a possible match is making an attempt to impress them to a lot to quick, conserving yourself from being over aggressive in your wooing will help your search and relationship course of go so much smoother.

    And, what in case your respective match proposes a hike for a meet-up exercise, noting that it is one thing you each have in frequent? You don’t have to stay in a state of affairs to be polite. Otherwise you manage to get into conversations, but then your dates don’t flip up, or the dates don’t go well. “The purpose my older shoppers don’t imagine it really works is that they dip their toe in for 10 seconds, take a look round, after which give up,” explains Nobile. So, now’s the time to take your first steps and give attention to these tips for meeting folks on-line! So, the online courting message has managed to draw extra consideration of the desperate singles. There are also on-line dating websites for Senior Citizen. Married men said that there is a big risk that the crisis will affect their household life, sixty three percents being careworn due to this. Ladies are all the time suspicious, especially on the subject of responding to messages from males on-line. There are a number of issues you can do to jot down an effective on-line dating profile. There are few things which can be really useful for a person concerned in on-line courting enterprise.

    There’s certain potential you want to write a beautiful relationship profile. It is rather fascinating because the options of relationship websites are considered one of a sort. The pawnbrokers, the low cost retailers and online relationship sites that provide free courting companies are some of these. At the end just to do that on-line senior courting websites and don’t feel lonely get pleasure from your life with your pals or someone special at the tip of life. Individuals on numerous online relationship sites are able to reinforce their character by the use of special software program tools resembling personality tests or workshops. Ultimately, there isn’t any definitive rule e book for online courting. A relationship profile tells your potential matches and what sort of individual you might be looking for. Properly you’re additionally candidate of on-line courting. Above all the features, I think one of the best is that the courting site supplies free sign up and registration. Subsequently in case you are serious about getting into right into a relationship then a paid relationship site goes to attach you with people who are equally severe about courting and finding a accomplice. You need to be truthful all the time about your age because it will help you discover an ideal companion for the rest of the life.

    Don’t scare away your potential partner with over aggressive tendencies. Enter ChatGPT, a generative-AI chatbot that is been throughout social media and the news these days for helping jobseekers write cover letters and tech company staff with software coding. It’s fascinating that girl gives importance to individual’s training degree over particular person’s racial background. Avoid shortly wanting over her bio and settling solely on one side. However solely set up a profile on one app. chnlove real or fake It’s best to write down all of your power for an impressive dating profile. Write your energy in addition to weakness. Furthermore other danger elements contains of high volume of sales transaction, potential chargeback in addition to refunds. Secure digital terminal as well as cost gateway. Simply what payment strategies does a certain internet site permit for? Solely when these profiles go the double test, they are often posted to the location. We all know that the web world is growing bigger and bigger, the options of online courting service now affords all kinds which makes the entire site more enjoyable and interesting and attracts lots of people. Do you understand how to jot down an efficient online courting profile.

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    It’s only momentary. It’s not going to last forever, and the expertise will be definitely worth the ache. The relationship applications proven on Tv channels, final yr, gained a excessive appreciation. So we completely perceive why you would possibly feel all in your head and anxious about relationship. It would trigger many misunderstandings so be clear and good in your communication. Plenty of online dating tips focus round the significance of using a parallel e mail address and in addition the onsite communication features. You’re certain to welcome a bunch of cellphone dating tips to know and study more about your first name. We’re also going to discuss how to organize your self, when to phone her and the place to invite her on a first date. Trust your guts- Move on and find another date, if you are feeling that the first date is not appropriate. Discover a location the place you possibly can work together along with her a lot, like a bowling alley or a skating ring.

    To begin with, who wants to feel like second fiddle? Of course, dating apps are still an efficient means to meet others, but do be careful and send a trusted pal your location once you first meet somebody in particular person. If the first date would not work nice, transfer on and begin chatting with the subsequent one. One day you might resolve to fulfill your online date. Then again, although one can find extra customers to fulfill up with, the associate you is likely to be searching for could be quite a bit ample or in between those people a whole bunch of profiles. When your on-line relationship progresses ahead and also you get a chance to satisfy the lady in individual, make sensible moves to impress her. Irrespective of whether or not it be pals or of us you wish to get right right into a relationship with, it may be all here in on-line courting. Keep your eyes and mind open right here too, simply because the extra flexible the web turns into, the larger the dangers that users are exposed to.

    Just what payment methods does a sure internet site permit for? On prime of that, most on-line courting web websites with large amount of users need an high-priced stage of service charge. Moreover, web cams are now extensively used by on-line courting methods, as there will come a moment when individuals want to notice one another when speaking. Many people attempt to depict them smarter than they really are. Try not to undertake any nervous twitches, turn your physique in direction of her, and don’t hunch or cross your arms. Let’s state that you’ve discovered various courting sites, some free, others paid, but you keep undecided about where to create accounts and become a member. You can name her at the time she provides you her quantity. At occasions, girls can find males confusing and plenty of a occasions males achieve this. With these tips, you’ll be able to undoubtedly pull off a smooth date, and even find that particular someone more rapidly! Tv programs, that are particularly made to share dating tips, help the youth to organize themselves for a date.

    On this guide we’ll lay out some of our greatest dating tips for women and men, serving to you to seek out the best person, plan an awesome date, and keep that spark going. Dating is a method to seek out the individual that you just need to marry, right? The chances are very tiny that you’ll really find the individual you wish to spend the remainder of your life with at 11 years previous, but there are large possibilities that you will as a substitute be left heartbroken. The second stage is when reality sets in the place you resolve if you wish to be collectively. In case you begin going off about how much you hate your latamdate.com ex, and even how nice they were, that is off-placing and could have an effect on whether or not they conform to a second date with you or not. Don’t rely an excessive amount of on appears, it may be deceptive. You possibly can have a longer evening and maybe more dates to observe if you do that. Most of us have a very good sense of whether a date goes nicely, or whether or not you simply aren’t getting on. You must be assured in case you are so far a sugar momma. For a long name, you have to persuade an individual at the beginning.

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