I’ve been using Micro Plant Powder Gold for almost 6 years now, and I absolutely love it. I start my day by mixing it with water. It effectively replaced all my assorted vitamins, minerals, and supplements I used to take before finding this. It truly helps maintain my energy and supports healthy glucose levels (I have type 2 diabetes). It really helps with joint pain as well – I’m 60 years old and have been working as a waitress on my feet constantly for the past 30+ years, and I started feeling a difference in energy and less pain within 3 weeks of starting this amazing product. I won’t be without it, it works for me!   “Gabriela” Thank you Gabriel for your wonderful review!!!

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Micro Plant Powder is what I use to prevent or get over many illnesses

Several years ago, I discovered Micro-Plant Powder through Hempusa.org, initially by radio. My thoughts regarding it where weighed after examining the broadcast description of what it did and how it worked in our bodies and it’s size being on the cellular level.

I do have a condition known as brittle diabetes, which results in very instantaneous blood sugar fluctuation. It has been a difficult chore to manage over the past twenty five years, the last fifteen eventualy led me into what is termed physical disability.

My issues at the time of my hearing of Micro-Plant Powder, where dire in diabetic complications after the result of diabetic retinopathy expressed by degeneration and improper blood vessel growth on the covering on the back of the retina. First the laser surgeries then that too seemed unable to assist my eye degradation. Surgery was required to restore vision yet this led to other complications as my eye filled with blood and continued to do so repeatedly due to blood sugar crashes that resulted in gran mal seizures. The bleeding would not stop and I started undergoing a series of injections to assist with this recovery. They seemed to assist in slowing it down yet it didn’t stop completely and the old blood cells that were dark would slowly change to a light color after months of time passed. This was experienced as a black on top of white liquid that moved and sloshed in my left eye all of my waking hours. Diabetics call this the lowering of the curtain.

My other senses underwent a dramatic change during all of these eye issues, yet so did the dread and depression. There are few ways to describe what the loss of a verification sense is like and you quickly learn what you have become used to and the cost when it is taken away and the fight is on to restore it and the hope of that keeps getting more and more dismal as the days, weeks, months and then years drag on.

My other eye was in a similar situation yet it had not undergone the peeling of the retina covering that my left eye had, yet it seemed only a matter of time for it had clouded up to have no more than a small window of vision for me to read by. For all intensive purposes, I was 90 to 99 percent blind in my right eye and completely blind in my left eye, except for some light on the bottom half, actually the top half of my eye other than the way it appeared to me, of my vision.

This continued state left me with work to do and difficulty doing it except by constant effort. It hindered me socially and the wandering eye effect made it difficult for others to be around me.

I did, with great effort, still access the internet through the tiny window of vision that remained, though the use of several magnifying glasses where required for seeing any sort of reflected light for reading, projected light was not quite as difficult. I took to listening to internet radio broadcasts during my day to keep my mind in a healthy direction while I managed the other chores of life, taking care of my daughter, my wife and our household. When your vision is narrowed then it becomes even more important to make use of it to the fullest extent.

During one such day, I heard a radio broadcast with an extensive walk through on the nature and benefits of Micro-Plant Powder. The description was pretty extensive and stated how bacteria and viruses where lacerated, died and captured and removed from one’s body because of the structure of this fossilized microorganism called Micro-plant Powder. There was more reference to it’s effects regarding cleanliness of arteries, veins, capillaries ane the intestinal tract as well. The ionization that altered the pH of the body and attracted troublesome material for removal brushed upon my own issues. Improper pH from too much acidic acclimation is a major, though often unspoken of diabetic difficulty, the inflamation issues were something that we struggle with as well. The blood that persisted to continue to fill my eye and cycled yet never fully left my eye was in the cross hairs of the main center of my question. Something changed during that broadcast for me, and a question started to form in my mind, a hypothesis.

My hypothesis was simple, it might be possible for the Micro-Plant Powder break down the blood cells and empty breaking down blood cells even further and then attract them and remove them from my body and simultaneously reduce the inflammation behind my retina and assist in cleaning up the other circulatory problems. It had not been mentioned, yet I could see how the question may not have been ask yet regarding this material being newly used in the market. I considered for a few months, then decided that I had nothing to loose by way of experimentation of my hypothesis. I remember the smile and warmth in my chest as I finally decided to order and looked through the tiny window of clarity in my right eye as I investigated the price of this and thought it strange that it was no more expensive than it was. I decided to finally give it a run and ordered.

It arrived in about ten days, if I remember correctly. The eye injections had reduced the bleeding yet my eye was still full of blood and degrading hulls of blood cells that allowed no vision in the left eye, only a portion that went from light to dark according to lighting. The first day of using the Micro-Plant Powder seemed to only reduce the amount of dark blood cells and I considered that it might be my imagination. The second day seemed a little better on the shrinkage of dark blood cells in my eye yet I was still not convinced. The third through seventh days were strange and all the areas around the edges took on various brown and swirling coloration and a layering look to the liquid in my right eye. My left eye started to change as well, yet now instead of excitement I felt fear. What if this was a really bad idea? I persisted every day……the second week and my window of reading in my right eye was widening. Within three weeks through my right eye could see images, though through a cloudy haze, it was more than I had seen in that eye for over a year and a half going on two years.

Now, I continued the injections as well, not to say that you should stop what is working in combination for your health. Within six months I could read better with my left eye than I could with my right one. I still use Micro Plant Powder too yet there are other eye issues that I contend with during my recovery as well, currently this includes cataracts and there seems to be a celery juice based assistance for that. It isn’t all that comfortable and burns and itches when applied, and the sight issues wax and wane for a different reason now. There is a way to battle it and win out for a time and that is part of the struggle of life. It is important to consider hyaluronic acid and water to counter extreme dehydration of tissues when you have many maladies of this kind and that too is a major contributor.

Now, I am not reducing my claims of importance regarding the assistance of my retina specialist at all. He’s one of the best in his field, no contest. The injections were required and surgery was just in time. Yet when it came down to the issue of recovery, my body was not fully cooperating, and the Micro Plant Powder absolutely assisted in bringing it back into line with it’s effects. Improved nutrition was a strict requirement as well. Micro Plant Powder and Hemp Seed as a protein source are a major staples in that part of my life, and I do my best to continue to use them to the degree that I am able. There are other things that have assisted yet without the Micro Plant Powder, my plight would be far more grim and of that there is little doubt.

Micro Plant Powder is what I use to prevent or get over many illnesses and have overcome the contraction of a very terrible one week flu in a matter of about 45 minutes, without vomiting, and with only about twenty minutes of intense nausea and reduced senses for until I broke into a sweat, which marked it’s end. Lots of others were sick for several weeks.

In my opinion this product should be used at least three times a day, once a week minimum. and every day for physical recovery or when surrounded by illness of any kind. All the new varieties seem impressive yet it has been useful since the day of it’s original state of availability.

This concludes my first testimony of my hypothesis and experiment with Micro Plant Powder with a few highlights on other related issues.

Jay TurtleMan

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    My Wife was suffering from what we believed to be a spider bite her arm was swollen very huge so we put some iodine paste on it and less than a day or two her went back to normal. Thanks Hemp Usa
  • Clark 5 years ago

    All of HempUSA products are excellent. I have been using Micro Plant powder with great results and just started the Micro Plant powder Adult formula. I will not do without it. Excellent products and service.
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