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10 reasons why Cells Alive Silver solution is amazing

  1. Creates an almost instantaneous softening and rejuvenation when applied to the skin.
  2. Is non-cytotoxic (it won’t hurt normal human cells).
  3. Provides moisture for wound healing and burn treatment, and can be used on or in conjunction with any bandage already available in any first-aid medical kit.
  4. Helps ease the discomfort associated with burns, wounds, bites or itching problems.
  5. Has no smell, no alcohol, and needs no refrigeration.
  6. Will remain stable in high and low temperatures.
  7. Was proven non-toxic in oral administration in mouse-model safety studies at up to 5000 mg/kg of body weight.
  8. Safe and non-toxic.
  9. Is non-irritating to either the skin, mouth, or eyes.
  10. Is not greasy, contains no alcohol and if rubbed into the skin it will absorb within 2 minutes leaving the skin with a wonderful soft non-sticky feeling.