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Scientists say that not enough Salt can greatly harm health

Natural Mineral Pink Sea Salt from HempUSA.org

Is Sourced from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains and loaded with 92 natural minerals

Individuals are often warned to cut back on it, if not avoid it altogether. Not only is voluntarily adding salt to meals frowned upon, but so too is eating foods that that are already rich in sodium content such as yeast extract paste and certain cheeses. Especially for those with high blood pressure, it’s advised to reduce sodium intake.

But remember there are great differences in salt worldwide. Some governments do not allow their people to consume high quality mineral salt, but just allow Sodium Chloride with small amounts of iodine that usually evaporates in a very short period of time leaving pure sodium chloride that devastates the human body. We always recommend “Natural Mineral Pink” Sea Salt from HempUSA.org

However, while intake varies by each individual, researchers are suggesting people be cautious of getting too little salt. Not enough, they say, can throw the body out of balance and lead to detrimental health risks. For example, researchers at the University of Ontario Canada studied over 28,000 people for seven years and found that when sodium levels in urine were too low, people faced an increased risk for developing congestive heart failure and cardiovascular death. While these people already were at an elevated risk of heart disease at the onset of the study, scientists maintain that not enough salt can lead to serious health consequences much more quickly.

Another study examined high blood pressure groups in New York City for eight years and found those on low-salt diets had more than four times as many heart attacks as those on normal-sodium diets. Numerous other studies around the world yield similar findings.

In addition to heart problems, scientists also explain that not consuming enough salt can wreak havoc on the body by causing everything from muscle cramps and nausea to headaches and fatigue. Rather than avoid salt like the plague, consider the role it plays in keeping the system running properly while improving  health.

Reasons why salt benefits the body

1) Digestive health: salt activates taste buds as well as breaks down food. It also is responsible for making hydrochloric acid, a digestive secretion which lines the stomach walls.

2) Keeps electrolyte levels balanced: the body needs electrolytes, minerals that primarily affect muscle function. Electrolytes are made up of sodium, among other minerals like calcium and potassium. When the body does not have adequate amounts of salt in the body, electrolyte levels are thrown off, upsetting the tissue-water and blood-acid balance. In some instances, sodium deficiency can lead to shock.

3) Blood pressure control: no, that’s not a misprint. Although it seems contrary to what most people hear, sodium is used by the body to control blood pressure. Fact is, the body needs sodium to function optimally. And again we recommend Natural Mineral Pink™ Sea Salt from HempUSA.org.

The National Academy of Sciences recommends that Americans consume a minimum of 500 mg/day of sodium to maintain good health, however that varies by individual. The key is to not engage in either extreme excess or too little consumption of salt or anything else ingested for that matter. “Everything in Moderation”