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2 Secrets to Weight Loss that Lasts!

There are many opinions to the secret formula of a healthy diet. I myself have spent countless hours and money buying books, trying the latest and greatest diet fads to shed the weight fast. Many people are under the impression that a tediously long workout, and depriving yourself of your normal eating habits are the fool-proof answers. What many of us are not aware of, are the bad health effects that crash dieting can actually have. Here are my 2 simple secrets that I will share the real “holy grail” of a healthy body and it does not amount to changing your complete lifestyle around.

#1: Our body needs Protein:

The misconception in our world today lies in the fact that people think they need to ingest this protein by consuming fatty meats and dairy products. What many of us do not realize, is that we are basically feeding our body cancer-increasing agents, unless you are buying organic and hormone-free meats and dairy.  However, our Hemp Protein Powder is 52% pure protein content and you can consume very little each day to keep your body nourished of the proteins needed to survive and thrive. By taking this supplement daily, your body will adjust to plant-based proteins and start feeling full. Your energy levels will get a boost and you will naturally start to balance out to a healthy weight you should be maintaining. This does not mean you should not implement good eating habits though. By all means do not think that the silver bullet is ingesting Twinkies sprinkled with Hemp Protein Powder.  Living healthfully takes a conscious effort of reading your food labels, checking how many grams of sugars you are putting into your body. Relieve yourself of the acidic sodas, and stick to Ionized water with a touch of lemon. Maintain a healthy eating schedule of eating fruits and vegetables daily. Ok so you can’t avoid pizza Fridays. Just eat the foods you love in moderation. After about 2-3 weeks you will notice your eating habits will start to improve and you will be eating less. With a Hemp Protein diet, your body will start adjusting and feeling full – this is the key to a new eating lifestyle. Once you start noticing the positive effects, start to increase your mindfulness with calorie counting, limiting your carbohydrates even more, and eat using a healthy clean whole foods diet.

#2: Detox and Clean your body

While you are on your Hemp Protein Powder kick, you should start detoxing immediately. Your body is full of disease-causing toxins.  Our Micro Plant Powder is full of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. After one week you’re going to notice positive changes. The toxins will naturally flush out of your system, your pH balance will start leveling out to a normal pH level. (Cancers thrive in acidic environments.)  Micro Plant Powder will aid in flushing out all toxins and rid your body of potential disease. After a short period of time, you will start noticing major effects. Your sleeping habits will improve; Say goodbye to midnight eating frenzies. Your hair and nails will feel stronger. Your immune system will build stronger than ever. Most of all, you will start feeling the natural feeling of being healthy. Consider yourself a walking Super Food.

There are many diets out there and go-to sources for people, from the new workout videos, to the popular TV chefs, infomercials, and marketing ads –  but what our society needs are these amazing products that will change your life. Make health-conscious decisions and add plant-based proteins and detoxifying vitamins and minerals to your life…you’ll never look back.

Hospitals need sick people. Neither a healthy person, or a dead person serves our ever growing medical field. Sick and unhealthy individuals is where the money is at. Don’t become stuck in the medical system wasting money and time when you can simply live more healthfully now.  I’m not a preacher of medical propaganda, but our products just work. If you want to live a long, live healthy life and enjoy the quality of your life then a Hemp Protein Powder and Micro Plant Powder diet are the secret keys to starting your healthy life today.