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MicroPlantPowder TheMiracleofSynergyWorkingwithpeople,foodandhealth

Micro Plant Powder – The Miracle of Synergy Working with people, food and health

When Micro Plant Powder is used by itself or with other foods, a real detoxification enhancement happens!! Real changes take place when you pull out the toxins, clean the dirty cells and feed the body the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs. Micro Plant Powder helps to remove pharmaceutical toxins, vaccines, STD’s, heavy metals, parasites and worms, and all types of food additives. Micro Plant Powder helps improve electrical flow to all parts of the body while cleaning the blood, lungs, stomach and colon. You just feel better taking Micro Plant Powder and it is now available in 30 formulations. Our new Sweet Line of Micro Plant Powder is also 100% chemical free and tastes great.  All you have to do is add water.

Look on the back of just about every popular protein powder container and you’ll see a long list of ingredients in addition to whey, soy and casein. Please remember to look for the OTHER INGREDIENTS label found on many other products today, this can be quite deceptive to the average consumer so please be aware before you buy anything and remember to read your labels!! Most people do not know that many of the other items include GMO ingredients and toxic, synthetic sweeteners that can permanently damage the entire body. All of our Micro Plant Powder formulations are 100% chemical free and the sweetener we use in the Sweet Line is the highest quality naturally grown kiln dried stevia that we know of. It is up to 300 times sweeter than sugar, will not raise your glycemic level and has no aftertaste and is good for digestion without harming any stomach flora. Diabetics and just health conscious people the world-over, use our Pure Leaf Stevia and they love it.

Aspartame, Acesulfame potassium, sucralose and sorbitol and many others are listed on many protein powders. They are written in ways that make the product sound healthy when they are not, these artificial sweeteners cause many side effects and damage the human body. And these sweet-tasting protein shakes can destroy digestive tracts, hormones and cause a myriad of side effects.

Sorbitol is like oil and almost tasteless and used in nearly all commercial chewing gum to keep it softer, longer. It’s damaging to the digestive tract and leaves many wondering why bowel problems have been on the increase.

Aspartame tricks your body into thinking it’s getting something sweet, so your body constantly craves more. It also makes it difficult to know when you’re getting full; it’s the ultimate sinister additive to protein shake mixes, weight-gain powders and weight-loss powders. But don’t just think that if you don’t see the word Aspartame you are OK, you are not, there are so many other ingredients and other names for the same product that they fool you with, so please be aware of what you purchase at any store or website. Let’s eat healthy and smart and live long. This message is brought to you by HempUSA.org because we want you informed and healthy!!

Aspartame may be disguised under its changed name, “AminoSweet,” which combines amino acids with a sweet taste. It’s not uncommon to find this in many meal replacements or many other toxic shakes.


Acesulfame Potassium is just an evil stepchild of aspartame; along with sorbitol, another sweet-tasting toxic ingredient, they’ve been linked to causing cancer and mutating DNA. They also disrupt the central nervous system and throw hormones out of balance.

Top 5 toxic dyes not to eat

Most food coloring dyes come from industrial by-products and coal tar derivatives that fake strawberry-red or that fake beige-vanilla is such a color because of industrial byproducts that are linked to causing cancer, malnutrition and other health conditions.

Stay away from these five dyes:

Red #2: Toxic to rodents, even at modest levels, and causes bladder tumors.

Red #3: Known to cause thyroid cancer.

Red #40: This is the most common dye which, unfortunately, destroys the immune system and causes allergic reactions.

Yellow #5: This is considered to be a behavior-altering dye that even brings about cases of severe hypersensitivity.

Yellow #6: Linked to causing adrenal tumors.

GMO corn starch: stay away from it!!

Fact: GMO corn causes cancer in lab animals; modified corn starch is one of the worst things you can ever put in your body.

Nearly all corn in the United States is genetically modified to kill all types of crop pests and worms. The people that eat the GMO food destroy their bodies. If you’re running, working out, biking and/or stretching and still eat genetically modified food, listen to this!! The worst thing you can possibly eat are pesticides and herbicides, as they destroy your gut flora, which plays a significant role in keeping the immune system in check. With GMO foods in the body, people are more prone to get colds, flu, allergies, brain fog and may even experience a loss of energy and find it difficult to lose weight.

A better plan for optimal health

Do not eat modified corn starch. Look for protein powders that leave artificial sweeteners out of the picture. Stay away from harmful dyes which are found in many fitness or weight-control shakes. Try the world famous Micro Plant Powder Formulations, there is one that’s right for you and it can change your life. We love reviews and testimonials so please remember us with yours.

Instead, turn to healthy superfoods and fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. They’re a safe and natural way to maintain good health. Remember read your ingredient labels and live healthy and happy lives.