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Hemp Protein Powder

(55 customer reviews)



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Buy our Pure & Best Hemp Protein Powder which is up to 55% Protein that allows you to lose weight and gain muscle mass. Is anti-inflammatory, gluten free, Non GMO, dairy and lactose free, herbicide, pesticide and fungicide free. It is easily digestible and able to replace all protein sources. Our protein powder is packed with live enzymes, EFAs, vitamins, minerals and other co-factors to aid in absorption. Hemp protein powder is excellent for all the demands of modern life. It is an excellent source of raw plant-derived protein and beneficial dietary fiber low in net carbs. Our Hemp Protein Powder is delicious, convenient and a live whole food product. Complete raw plant protein including all the essential amino acids in an optimal ratio of omega 6 to 3 essential fatty acids with 2-4% GLA.  Our protein powder is easily digested, non GMO, gluten-free, and dairy-free with 65% globulin edestin, 35% albumin protein, more than any other plant. These substances aid in digestion and assimilation, and are in a form similar to that found in blood plasma. Contains natural antioxidants that prevent free radical damage and creates an aerobic oxygenated and alkalized body while opening arterial walls. Improves natural resistance, circulation, organ function, waste removal, hemoglobin and energy levels, metabolic recovery and tissue repair and maintains the proper functioning of cell membranes. Supports cardiovascular health and maintenance and balances all systems creating a homeostasis for the body. Modulates hormone balance and cycles, PMS, menopause, post-menopause. Nourishes all organs of the body and reduces food cravings of any type. Use in place of all other proteins. Mix generously into shakes or smoothies (1-3 Tbsp. per serving and also use in any type of milk, juice, soups, yogurt, cereals hot or cold, salads, fresh fruit and eggs.

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55 reviews for Hemp Protein Powder

  1. Jason J Frank

    Love this product!! This is an essential part of my recovery after weight lifting, AMP training and martial arts. Your customers should include this hemp protein powder for enhanced recovery while building lean muscle.

  2. Joel Smith


  3. t.leilertson

    We love this product! we were referred to you by friends who are already loyal customers and you now have another loyal customer for life. we have many friends that we will be referring to you also! thank you! T and L

  4. JMG

    Hemp Protein Powder provides me the energy to begin my day, and satisfy my appetite until lunchtime! Great product, as well as, excellent quality!

  5. Matt

    When the plumbing gets older, not using this product is suicide. Yes, fiber becomes far more important. Hemp protein is also quite different than whey protein–it’s slower to assimilate and slower to dissipate. If you want consistent, quality nutrients, you can’t go wrong here. A small scoop with every meal makes a world of difference. If it ever becomes impossible to get this stuff, as far as I’m concerned, it’s game over.

    In reference to other comments and their pets: My Shepard loves this stuff. Born with a bad hip, now 12 years old and still dragging me around the block, it’s proof enough to tell me there’s good vibes in here.

    If you’re on the fence, buy some and try it. If you don’t like it, I’ll buy it from you.

  6. Betty Guillot

    This is my second order of Hemp Protein. I am working on my health and trying to get more protein to my muscles, without a lot of meat. Its easy to use and the taste is nice.

  7. mitchell

    Thank you hempusa.org I wish your products were everywhere like churches and bars
    your hemp powder feels tastier than the local market

  8. Devan Green

    As a truck driver it helped maintain my weight by Curving my cravings. The protein allows me to be satisfied sooner and keeps me regular. It’s a must have in my home

  9. Jeffrey Schembri

    best hemp protien powder on the market. Nuff said.

  10. willie johnson

    great stuff love it

  11. rrubio8019

    I have a history in my family of diabetes so I have high blood pressure
    early april of 2017 I had symptoms that I have never experienced before
    I thought that I was going to faint. two weeks later I ordered Hemp Protein Powder and I started to feel better within 2-3 days. I also jog three times a week. In february my weight was about 230 its may 8 2017 and my weight is now 201 my goal it’s to get my weight between 160-170. I take Micro Plant Powder with probiotics and Hemp Protein Powder. If It Wasn’t for hempusa
    I would probably be on pharmaceuticals. Thank you hempusa for your wonderful products.

  12. Justin

    Love this stuff. 5 lbs lasts a LONG time. Adding it to my toddler’s pancakes and my smoothe’s, love it.

  13. devon flowers

    best source of plant based protein you can get. builds muscle, curbs appetite and tastes great

  14. Phyllis

    I love the Hemp Protein Powder…it works great and I feel great

  15. [email protected]

    Hemp protein is the only product that will deliver the health you need and keep you healthy in all of your activities.
    I have been taking hemp protein for 7 years. I have stopped eating meats altogether. Amazing!!! People ask me how do I look so good for my age? I tell them by taking hemp protein. Taking hemp protein you will not only feel the difference but look great too! Thanks Hemp USA!

  16. Jared K.

    Being vegetarian it is important to supplement protien. This protien is the Best! i can mix it with water and its organic flavour is quite satisfying. Great product. Great value.

  17. [email protected]

    Great product will buy again

  18. jeff G.

    2nd time to buy the protein powder and I love it!

  19. Eric

    I love this hemp protein! I mix it with my one world whey protein and the micro plant powders and that high protein peanut powder. Its like a choco peanut butter shake with a delicious hemp flavor! Thanks Hemp USA!

  20. hillary berens

    This is an excellent product. I have purchased from other vendors and this is the tastiest and richest product.

  21. wayne

    I am ready for more, This is great stuff

  22. S.B

    We’re always trying to add more protein to our diet without it being soy based or artificial products. This is a great alternative and such a good amount of protein per serving. Just a little hard to get used to the taste but eventually you do.

  23. Sean

    I just ordered a ten pound container of hemp protein powder, around the twentieth of December. The package arrived before Christmas and is the same high quality product and procedure I’ve come to expect from hempusa.
    I introduced my sister to hemp food products just before she went into surgery to have her shoulder replaced. I fed her hemp everyday during her recovery and she was able to return to work in record time. I attribute her speedy healing process to eating hemp everyday, in conjunction with her other positive choices and physical therapy. The doctors said she’d be out of commission for six months but she returned to work in fewer than three months.
    Thanks again, HempUSA for providing us with this resource.

  24. shelbyanne317

    I am a gastric bypass patient that has to consume at least 60gm of protein a day. I have tried several products and have found that hemp protein is one of the best forms of protein that I have tried thus far. I recommend this protein often to new patients who are or have had weight loss surgery.

  25. Daniel j.

    This is a great product that i frequently order. Great customer service as well. Great quality protein product as well. Thanks

  26. marco

    Better than whey protein

  27. Daniel

    Daniel J.
    – It’s not grainy, and blends very well. I use it with my egg batter and for my smoothies after a workout. Has a great taste as well, other protein products you can taste the product over what it is blended with. With Hemp Protein powder, you’re able to still enjoy the flavor of your blends, while receiving the benefits of the protein power

  28. Steve

    Amazing food protein and much more! Been using for over 6 years, daily. Great energy and have not been sick in over 6 years! I take mine with a little Hemp USA stevia, another great product. Well, its time to order more!

  29. wayne

    i love the hemp powder, can’t wait for it to arrive

  30. Ethan

    Love this hemp protein powder! Such a clean protein powder and I feel great when I take it! I mix it with a banana in a blender after i workout and I love it! Just bought the 5lb bag of hemp protein powder and it really is amazing and it’s so good for your body. Great product I give it 5 stars!

  31. Jacqueline Kuraj

    excellent product – good protein boost – tasteless and adds week to fresh vegetable juices and shakes.

  32. Satina

    Our entire family have been using this product for years. We love it. We ran out and had to repurchase to sustain our health. Thank you HEMPUSA!

  33. Steven

    A enjoy hemp protein powder daily, for the last 6-7 years. High quality and good tasting, and amazing for your wellness! 1-3 tablespoons daily. Try the sea salted hemp seeds too! Yum! Going to get my HEMP!

  34. Linda Payne

    Have been using this product a short time but enough to re order. Good tasting and keeps me full for a long time. Thanks for your communication with me you have been great to work with.

  35. Sean

    Hemp USA products second to none. This protein powder is a staple for me and everyone I introduce to it loves it, as well. It performs well, as a protein supplement, as a multivitamin, and as a source of fiber. My health has improved tremendously since using it and I recommend it for anyone.

  36. KARA

    I’ve been using this product for years. I add it to my “serious salad,” along with Dr. Schulze’s Superfood and some dulse flakes. Not only is it tastier than plain salad, it adds several nutrients I just wouldn’t get from the salad alone and makes me feel great! And by “serious salad” I mean serious! I mean lettuce, spinach, basil or cilantro, onion, cucumber, celery, tomato, avocado, cabbage, sweet red/green/yellow pepper, fine-grated beet and carrot, and topped with a couple or 3 cloves of garlic and a generous portion of olive or grapeseed oil and apple cider vinegar with herbs. As organic as you can stand it. Seriously!

  37. Bill Johnson

    How I dealt with my two (2) cancer episodes. First Diagnosed in 2009. I am now 70 years old, in remission, dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy (neuropathy in both feet and hands). I now feel good and work-out three times a week at a local gym. I went from a 210 lb. healthy and fit 65 year old man to a 162 lb. pitiful looking weak man. It started at age 65 (colon cancer). Fourteen inches of my colon was removed. Three years later at age 68, after I had regained my strength and weight, it happened again. The cancer leaked into my Liver and formed four (4) matasticised cancerous tumors on my Liver.
    Before all this I was in great shape. Other than being “asthmatic” in my youth, I’ve been a bit of a ‘Health Nut’ and bodybuilder. Listen to me, anyone can get Cancer. If your over 40 get your colonoscopy and blood work checked regularly. (Yes, your immune system can heal cancers, but you need a warning system to tell you when to get “more serious” about your health). After Three (3) months of killer chemotherapy in Bradenton, Florida my surgeon at Lee Moffitt Cancer Research Center, Tampa, Florida removed 25 % of my Liver. I was very weak and ‘puney’. I’m 6’ 3” tall and was 210 ils. I went down to 162lbs in 3 months, I was scared..
    Here’s where it gets interesting.. While in treatment, I was doing research on products that would help me get my immune system back and fighting for me. A friend of mine told me to check-out “Hemp USA.ORG”. I did, and so my journey to kick-back began. I purchased the Hemp Oil, Micro Plant Powder with Iodine, Hemp Protein Powder, and later on, I purchased Cinnamon Powder, it’s fantastic.
    Anyway, I’ve had to have CAT Scans, PET Scans and Regular Blood Word done every 3 months for the past 2 years. I was really concerned about the amount of “Radiation” I was getting …It has been A LOT! (My research tells me that Radiation can cause cancer).
    I do have damage from the “chemotherapy treatment”. My feet and hands have permanent nerve damage and I am dealing with the pain quite well.
    I do work-out at a local gym and have gained back 45 lbs. I’m growing in muscle mass and endurance because of my God and the benefits that come from taking these great products.
    Again, I want to tell everybody that by the “Grace of God” (because of His love for me and prayers on my behalf, …He did lead me to this source of products. All of my scans and blood work have come back negative for cancer and very positive for good health……. These products really work!
    May God bless you with good health…….Bill Johnson.

  38. Ron Brown

    I was hospitalized in 2007 for a month due to a serious infection contracted overseas. After that ordeal, I had numerous additional health problems, including high blood pressure and severe allergies. Within 2 months of beginning to use micro-plant powder, hemp protein powder, and Cells Alive silver solution, the allergies are completely gone, my blood pressure is down to manageable levels, my eyesight has improved, and my overall levels of health, wellness, and energy are much greater.

    Also, my children have benefited greatly from taking the micro-plant powder; stomach aches are a thing of the past for my youngest and my oldest no longer has severe monthly cramps.

    I was highly skeptical early on, but we will continue using these products. They are, frankly, amazing.

  39. Joe

    Excellent product! I use it for protein shakes daily. I’ve tried a lot of different types over the years. This is the best protein powder I’ve ever taken. Period!

  40. dice2303_456


  41. jonman701

    I Read and heard all about the Hemp Protein powder that is sold on Hempusa, about the quality of it and how really great it is and i have to say after using this for a couple weeks now i am so incredibly pleased, its so filling and satisfying, this absolutely should be a staple in everyone’s diet, it feels good and feels so natural when i add it to my daily diet i feel like i just took in a high grade quality of nutrition.
    Also i noticed my sugar cravings are reduced by like 98% i have little to no interest in eating sugary kinds of food or junk food and i was pretty bad for that before so that is a major plus!
    I will always use hemp protein powder!

  42. Stephen

    Highest quality protien powder I have used! Most protien per serving as well as best taste! If you have used other hemp protein powders, you can tell some of the fiber has been sifted out. HempUSA never dissappoints! Very honest and reliable. Love you guys!! Thank you!!

  43. Velora

    I had to know what changed in my friend of 28 years’ life, she had completely turned around. She was about to give up, in so much pain from fibromyalgia and digestive issues. She told me she started taking this product,the hemp oil and the microplant powder. I have only been on it a couple of weeks but I’m feeling more energy already! Thank you!

  44. gilli

    its changed my world. honest. on days i don’t drink some in a big glass of coconut milk and carob powder i crave fat later at night. i gave up sugar a while ago and this helps that as well. its a real deal food. versatile. nutritious. healing. cleansing. need i say more. no. i need to order more.

  45. super_fat01

    This is the best protein anyone can buy. It made my muscles build a lot faster and I’ve lost a lot of weight. This is better than any dairy or animal protein and is a lot better than any plant protein I’ve ever tried

  46. Doc

    This is the best Protein product I have ever used! A great Whole food.

  47. Carolyn

    I have been taking Hemp USA’s products for years. The Hemp Protein is the best source of protein, because it is plant based as opposed to dairy or meat. I’m 73 years young and see my peers living in the doctor’s office. And I don’t do that! My skin looks great and I feel great! Thanks Hemp USA!

  48. Sharon

    God’s Miracle Food
    What a shame this has been kept from “we the people”. Hemp is also God’s Miracle Food for all people and would have eliminated much suffering and pain had we simply known.

    I have been taking Hemp Products (Micro Plant Powder and Protein Powder) from HempUSA every day for last 2 months and can’t even begin to tell you what it is doing for me. In just last 2 weeks I am out walking every day and even planted a flower bed. Now, I absolutely could NOT have done this 2 months ago.

    People who live here in these apartments are now coming up to me and asking what it is I’m doing, because they have seen my car basically parked for days and weeks at a time over last few years, and now they see me out engaging in activity and life. My stomach problems are pretty much resolving as well as bone, muscle, and joint pain.

    I know I was divinely directed and compelled to take these products. I will never be without the Micro Plant Powder, Protein Powder, and Hemp Oil. It is a God-send for me. By the way, the Hemp Oil literally restores brain cells if you know anyone suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Sharon

  49. Troy

    The Hemp Protein powder is perfect for Muscle recovery after workouts! It beats the competition on the pre, during and after workout protein powders!

  50. Diego C

    This Hemp protein is the best! It has an amazing taste, it’s easy to consume, and it makes me feel better! I been consuming this food/protein for about a year and half. I usually make a shake with 2-3 tbsp of hemp protein, one tbsp of micro plant powder, 1-2 tbsp of hemp oil, 1 tsp of kelp powder, almond milk or coconut milk, 1 banana, and half a cup of blueberries or other fruit. Other times just almond milk and hemp protein. It’s perfect for breakfast or an in-between snack. I also love the way it taste in cereals. I’m currently almost out of the 5lb of hemp protein and cannot wait to restock. For anyone new debating on whether to try this protein… do it. Your body will thank you!

  51. kelsjo93

    My dad ordered the protein powder before i started college and I would take it as breakfast shake. This product would fill me up and also after a short time I didn’t crave sweets anymore. Also I had increased energy. Great Product well worth the buy.

  52. Landon Knerr

    This product beats peanut protein this company has but both are great. I am big on hemp products. I will definitely buy this for my family and my nutrition. My energy definitely increased, my fatigue decreased, my sleep paterns were better, I also felt my muscle recovered a lot faster than normal. I know I can’t live without this product.

  53. Anonymous

    I have used Hemp Protein powder for over 9 yrs. Referred by a friend. Initially purchased to help my old dog. Shadow, a 10 yr old lab at the time, was to the point where I literally had to carry him up the stairs at night. Upon recommendation from my friend, I started giving the dog HPP mixed in peanut butter, 3x a day. 2 weeks after that, I was taking a shower and when I opened the shower curtain, there was my lab, laying beside the tub. It startled me. He continued to improve and lived another 3.5 years… He walked at least a mile and a half until he passed. I gave the powder to my other lab-mix dog, as well, and he lived to 14 and walked 3 miles a day with me and still walked a mile and a half at 14. I have since gotten another young Chocolate, now 3, he gets the HPP too. The Vet always marvels at his condition and strength of he hips.

  54. Fred Romero

    Thank you at Hemp USA i enjoy your products and appreciate the fact that they are all natural and have no negative additives to them. The protein powder is an excellent product i use it now over any other protein product out on the market.

  55. Scott S

    I’m a firm believer that we only get 1 body so we need to give it the best possible food, i compared this Hemp against 7 other highest quality Organic Hemp protein powders and found this product to be by far the best! not only best bang for the buck but also the best quality & taste and highest amount of protein per scoop, Hemp USA only uses the best part of the Hemp plant which is the seeds, other brands use the hole plant that’s why the other brands tastes like dirt, I’m VERY happy with this product and will be buying Hemp USA’s Hemp for life.

  1. What is the difference between the Quad Force Protein Powder and the Hemp Protein Powder?

    The Quad Force Hemp Protein is slightly less protein and more fiber per serving. They are both tremendous whole foods, and you can't beat a plant protein. If you need more fiber in your diet the Quad Force might be the best option for you. If you aren't sure which to get, try both! Hemp Quad Force: 33% Protein per serving vs. Hemp Protein Powder 53% Protein per serving

  2. Can I take Hemp Protein Powder and Micro Plant Powder together?

    Definitely! In fact, we recommend them to everyone, along with Hemp Oil, for full body support.