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Pure Leaf Stevia: Great for diabetics!

(6 customer reviews)


You may find this to be the best tasting, sweetest stevia you have ever tasted. About 625 servings in each container only a tip of a tspn will sweeten an entire drink and it has no aftertaste. It is all natural with no additives. It is 300 times sweeter than sugar because only the center of the leaf is used.


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What is stevia?  Stevia is a shrub native to Paraguay but now also grows in Canada and has been used for over 1500 years by the native Guarani Indians. Stevia is an herb with an abundance of positive effects. The whole leaf contains numerous phytonutrients and trace minerals and is about 300 times sweeter than sugar without any negative side effects. It can sweeten any drink with no calories, no carbohydrates and no tooth decay and is a diabetic favorite worldwide.

Our Pure Leaf Stevia™ is unique and is made from the sweetest part of the center of the leaf and is kiln dried and has no after taste. This product is loved the world over. Please be aware there are many brands that are on the market today that are cut and mixed with many other sweeteners to make them profitable. We believe if you try our Pure Leaf Stevia™ you will be one of our loyal customers and happy to tell your friends about this great natural healthy sweetener.

Our Pure Leaf Stevia™ nourishes the pancreas and does not raise blood glucose levels which makes it not only safe for diabetics but also beneficial for them and for people of all walks of life. Since there are no calories or carbohydrates, stevia is an excellent weight loss aid. It does not contain the negative side effects reported with the use of artificial sweeteners like Aspartame, NutraSweet, Equal, and Neotame.

Our Pure Leaf Stevia™ has also been reported that it can help minimize hunger sensations, cravings for sweets or fatty foods and by adding stevia to your diet on a regular basis, will aide in digestion, decrease hypertension and all without effecting normal blood pressure. It will stabilize blood glucose levels and shorten recovery time from colds and flu and aide in the addictions of tobacco and alcohol. When used in toothpaste or mouthwash, cavities and gum disease are reduced due to its antibacterial properties.

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6 reviews for Pure Leaf Stevia: Great for diabetics!

  1. Steven

    No carbohydrates and no tooth decay! Why not use Stevia from Hempusa.org Great taste too!

  2. tmadoo

    I’ve purchased the Pure Leaf Stevia for over 1 year. It is by far the best quality stevia I have found.

  3. Steve

    Hemp USA Stevia is the best! NEVER USE SUGAR AGAIN! So many health BENEFITS, as to using sugar.

  4. [email protected]

    Love Hemp USA Stevia! So many health benefits. I enjoy a little stevia in my hemp coffee.

  5. stephen.redding31

    Wow! I didnt think stevia could taste so clean! The other brand I have on hand at home has a sort of funky aftertaste and this did not! You only need a tiny little bit, it is i deed extremely sweet. Perfect for sweetening up a smoothie!! Great job HempUSA!

  6. super_fat01

    This lowered my blood pressure and taste good but do not put more than the top of a teaspoon or it won’t taste good. This is sweetest sweetener I’ve ever tried

  1. What is Pure Leaf Stevia?

    Pure Leaf Stevia is a naturally delicious, zero-calorie, kiln dried powdered sweetener derived directly from the leaf of the Stevia plant (stevia rebaudioside “A” The sweetest part of the leaf. is then isolated to create a sweetener extract that is 300 to 400 times sweeter than sugar. Where is Pure Leaf Stevia from? Ours is from Canada (Canadian Grown) Pure Leaf Stevia gets its delicious natural sweetness from Rebaudioside “A” the highest sweetest liquid extract from the Stevia leaf and only from the leaf. The Stevia bush is native to South America and has been used indigenously as a sweetener for over 400 years. Stevia is now grown and harvested in many countries around the world, predominantly in China and Brazil. It has also been vastly popular in Japan for more than three decades, now representing 41% of that country’s sugar substitute market. Other stevia compounds are also found as an ingredients in many products, such as ice cream, bread and soft drinks, throughout Asia and South America.   Why is the product called Pure Leaf Stevia ? Pure Leaf Stevia is a 100% natural product made from Rebaudioside “A”. Its purity cannot be compared to any sweetener for its health benefits and longevity and wholeness of mind and body.   How much Rebaudioside “A” is in Pure Leaf Stevia ? Our Pure Leaf Stevia is Kiln dried Rebaudioside “A” the sweetest part of the leaf which is the sweetest part of the plant with no other additives of any kind.   What makes Pure Leaf Stevia different from other Stevia products? Unlike some other companies, Pure Leaf Stevia does not use additional sweeteners AT ALL !! such as erythritol (Truvia™) and isomaltulose and erythritol (PureVia™) or any other additive or ingredients to mask the natural sweetness of Rebaudioside “A” Pure Leaf Stevia. The highest purity level of Rebaudioside “A” eliminates any of the licorice-like aftertaste associated with less pure stevia products currently on the market today.   Why is there nothing added to our Pure Leaf Stevia Powder? We believe that Pure means Pure without being chemically modified or bleached or ezymatically changed from its natural source. This is the reason we import this product to America to give the people the Pure essence of the Plant leaf which is the highest sweetness level of the leaf called Rebaudioside “A” which is the highest that we know of at this time available in the U.S.   How many calories and carbohydrates in a packet of Pure Leaf Stevia ? Pure Leaf Stevia has zero grams of carbohydrates and zero grams of calories. Are any animal byproducts used in the manufacture of Pure Leaf Stevia ? No animal by products are used in the manufacture of Pure Leaf Stevia. It does not contain any animal by products of any kind and is very appropriate for vegan diets. How can I use Pure Leaf Stevia ? Add it to your coffee, tea, cappuccino or any drink whatsoever, use a small tip of a teaspoon of Pure Leaf Stevia which has the sweetness of many teaspoons of regular sugar. Sprinkle it over cereal or fruit like strawberries and blueberries. You can also blend Pure Leaf Stevia with fruit and skim milk or yogurt to make a delicious and healthy, low-calorie smoothie. In recipes for sweetened sauces and beverages, all the sugar can be replaced with Pure Leaf Stevia . However, recipes for most baked goods require sugar or other bulking agents for proper volume and texture. For best results, experiment by substituting half the amount of sugar in a recipe with the sweetening equivalence of Pure Leaf Stevia. Pure Leaf Stevia is heat stable, so it is perfect for use in cooking and baking. Can you offer any tips for baking with Pure Leaf Stevia ? When sugar is removed in baking, a certain amount of moisture is lost. To improve the texture and volume of low-sugar baked goods, experiment with the following tips: • Decrease dry ingredients by 25%. For example, if a recipe calls for 1 cup flour, use 3/4 cup instead. • Bake in a slightly smaller pan. • Slightly reduce baking time. For cakes, reduce the time by 10 minutes for layer cakes and 20 minutes for loaf or bundt cakes, then test with a toothpick. • Add an extra egg or two egg whites. For cakes, fold egg whites into the cake batter to produce a lighter, higher cake. • Increase some of the liquid ingredients, such as water, milk or juice by 1/4 cup. • Increasing the leavening agents (baking powder and baking soda) will also improve volume, but do not use more than twice the amount your recipe calls for. Since these ingredients contain sodium, you may want to use less salt than your recipe recommends. To substitute for brown sugar, use our Pure Leaf Stevia plus about 3-4 teaspoons of molasses per cup of sugar. Is Pure Leaf Stevia safe for people with diabetes? Yes. Pure Leaf Stevia can easily be incorporated into the diets of people with diabetes. Pure Leaf Stevia contains zero grams of carbohydrates and may be used in conjunction with food programs for people with diabetes as well as with guidelines for people with diabetes who use carbohydrate counting. People with diabetes are advised to check with their registered dietitian or physician. Is Pure Leaf Stevia safe for people with celiac disease? Yes. Pure Leaf Stevia is safe for people with celiac disease. Pure Leaf Stevia contains no gluten and is an anti inflammatory food. Is Pure Leaf Stevia kosher? Yes. Pure Leaf Stevia is certified kosher by the Orthodox Union of America. What is the shelf life of Pure Leaf Stevia ? Pure Leaf Stevia has a shelf life of approximately four years when stored under cool and dry conditions. Exposure to high humidity and/or temperatures may result in caking, but the product is still safe to consume. What sizes are available? Pure Leaf Stevia Powder is currently available in 25 Gram containers only at this time.