I’ve been using Micro Plant Powder Gold for almost 6 years now, and I absolutely love it. I start my day by mixing it with water. It effectively replaced all my assorted vitamins, minerals, and supplements I used to take before finding this. It truly helps maintain my energy and supports healthy glucose levels (I have type 2 diabetes). It really helps with joint pain as well – I’m 60 years old and have been working as a waitress on my feet constantly for the past 30+ years, and I started feeling a difference in energy and less pain within 3 weeks of starting this amazing product. I won’t be without it, it works for me!   “Gabriela” Thank you Gabriel for your wonderful review!!!

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One thing I am keeping a close eye on is my wife

My wife and I are still on the Hemp Protein Powder and the Micro Plant Powder. We feel great. I lost 42 lbs. and maintaining it. My supplies are low I have to reorder some products asap. I introduced the product to many people and i have a few return customers and still getting new ones slowly. Too many people don’t understand…

One thing I am keeping a close eye on is my wife. The doctors have been telling her she has osteoporosis for at least 12 yrs. They keep telling her to drink more milk, eat more cheese & eat more calcium pills. For the whole length of time we have been listening to the doctors she has been getting worse every year; her last bone density was about 7 months ago. Results showed my wife lost another 3.7 % bone and put her on the critical list.

At about that time I had researched milk & calcium pills. In a nut shell milk  is not fit for human consumption & calcium pills accelerate osteoporosis. I showed my wife the research got her off milk, cheese & calcium pills. Put her on HPP & MPP . The doctors kept calling with concern to go see a bone specialist to try and get her on some pharmaceutical pill.

She had new blood work done 6 months later, after only taking HPP & MPP and guess what…all the blood work had changed for the better. We were told her calcium levels were just a little low, but her kidneys were functioning perfectly & her bones were absorbing calcium. The funny thing about it is the doctor doesn’t even know what silica is and is still trying to push pills, very sad. On the other hand in about 5 months my wife gets to go for another bone density.

Then we will see the truth. I can’t wait.


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  • Dexter 5 years ago

    My Wife was suffering from what we believed to be a spider bite her arm was swollen very huge so we put some iodine paste on it and less than a day or two her went back to normal. Thanks Hemp Usa
  • Clark 5 years ago

    All of HempUSA products are excellent. I have been using Micro Plant powder with great results and just started the Micro Plant powder Adult formula. I will not do without it. Excellent products and service.
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