I’ve been using Micro Plant Powder Gold for almost 6 years now, and I absolutely love it. I start my day by mixing it with water. It effectively replaced all my assorted vitamins, minerals, and supplements I used to take before finding this. It truly helps maintain my energy and supports healthy glucose levels (I have type 2 diabetes). It really helps with joint pain as well – I’m 60 years old and have been working as a waitress on my feet constantly for the past 30+ years, and I started feeling a difference in energy and less pain within 3 weeks of starting this amazing product. I won’t be without it, it works for me!   “Gabriela” Thank you Gabriel for your wonderful review!!!

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What Hemp has done for me:

For over ten years I have had serious digestive issues, primarily Irritable Bowel Synrome. I have had ELISA tests which showed sensitivity to gluten, wheat and oat and some dairy foods. Not allergies full blown but when I choose to eat processed foods I will suffer. Well, even when eating a very stringent diet I have had weeks of time in which I suffered diarhhea and cramps every day and dehydration as a result. I mean for ten years I had diarhhea!

Not only that but some days I would describe it to someone who does not understand, imagine having a flu everyday for years. Well, since I have been eating hemp regularly for about three months it is virtually gone. I have normal elimination for the first time in years. I am feeling more energetic and gradually notice inflammation decreasing in my muscles and joints too. For me this is huge, I used to worry about someday needing to have part of my colon removed if I could not recover. Now even if I eat something with gluten, which is rare, I don’t get a horrible reaction.

I feel that is because my body is recovering and able to handle things not so good for me. I still have progress to make, Danny said you recommend eating the seeds more than just once per day, so I will add that too. If I get hungry between meals, I take a spoonful or two of oil instead and that is also helping me. I am very grateful we found you and to your work spreading the good news about how hemp can heal us. I will keep you posted!


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  • Dexter 5 years ago

    My Wife was suffering from what we believed to be a spider bite her arm was swollen very huge so we put some iodine paste on it and less than a day or two her went back to normal. Thanks Hemp Usa
  • Clark 5 years ago

    All of HempUSA products are excellent. I have been using Micro Plant powder with great results and just started the Micro Plant powder Adult formula. I will not do without it. Excellent products and service.
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