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Vacu-Pak Line 11/10/2014

Our Hemp Products will now be available in VACUUM PACKED 1 Lb and 5 lb stand-up HEAVY DUTY pouches, our powder, seeds, soft centers and coffee will be storable for up to 30 years. We wanted to bring something that is needed and extremely healthy for all people to have quality food in the time of need. This is the most nutritious natural plant food on the market that will feed the body what it needs. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark, so we recommend to buy it today, store it today and watch it change your life. Now the best advantage is, you will have food in the time of need and if that time does not come, you can always add it into your daily food supply.

In other words you cannot lose by having long term storable food in your storage shelter, it is a wize man that stores for the future, even animals do it way before winter, remember in The Bible the 5 maids that had oil for their lamps and the 5 maids that didn’t???

Enjoy the new packaging and visit us at HempUSA.org today !!!!