I’ve been using Micro Plant Powder Gold for almost 6 years now, and I absolutely love it. I start my day by mixing it with water. It effectively replaced all my assorted vitamins, minerals, and supplements I used to take before finding this. It truly helps maintain my energy and supports healthy glucose levels (I have type 2 diabetes). It really helps with joint pain as well – I’m 60 years old and have been working as a waitress on my feet constantly for the past 30+ years, and I started feeling a difference in energy and less pain within 3 weeks of starting this amazing product. I won’t be without it, it works for me!   “Gabriela” Thank you Gabriel for your wonderful review!!!

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  • Dexter 5 years ago

    My Wife was suffering from what we believed to be a spider bite her arm was swollen very huge so we put some iodine paste on it and less than a day or two her went back to normal. Thanks Hemp Usa
  • Dexter 5 years ago

    The Micro Plant with Probiotics and Iodine is wonderful got me feeling like I’m riding a cloud
  • Dexter Tensley 6 years ago

    The Micro Plant Powder Gold is a wonderful product. I am feeling better with lots more energy,i would recommend this product to anyone Thanks Hemp Usa Dee in Houston Tx
  • Best Product on the market. 6 years ago

    I have had several different Micro Plant Products and they are all wonderful. I feel better, my hair and nails grow and my over all health just feels so much better. I always have this in my home…amazing…can’t say enough good about it. Thank You Hemp USA For Helping Humanity!!
  • Pat Bergstresser 6 years ago

    I have been using microplant powders for years and my body likes them very much. It decalcifies my body, brain, lungs , and heart. I just started the Red Ginseng detox and I am feeling more energized since I work 24 hrs/week on weekends in a hospital lab and I am 71 yrs, just keep […]
  • Clark Deevers 6 years ago

    I am on my 2nd 2.5 lb. Container of Micro Plant powder and will never do without it. I have felt better and more alert and energetic since I found this product. If anyone is skeptical just try it and you will be a believer. I highly recommend it.
  • Jim Fox 6 years ago

    The Hemp Protein Powder in the Lemongrass really helps my joints to make me be able to take nice long walks and my wife loves it also….we are really happy to have found your site to use your products and will keep ordering !
  • Micro Plant Powder is what I use to prevent or get over many illnesses 7 years ago

    Several years ago, I discovered Micro-Plant Powder through Hempusa.org, initially by radio. My thoughts regarding it where weighed after examining the broadcast description of what it did and how it worked in our bodies and it’s size being on the cellular level. I do have a condition known as brittle diabetes, which results in very […]
  • Changed my life 7 years ago

    Micro Plant Powder changed my life. I am losing weight, rarely get sick anymore. I am a flight attendant and I was always getting chronic ear infections and food poisoning and I take my microplant powder with iodine everywhere I go. I drink it in water bottles and sprinkle it on my kids foods and […]
  • I was exposed to black mold 7 years ago

    I would like to thank HempUSA.org for recommending the Micro Plant Powder Immune System Builder™ to detoxify all the toxins from my body due to being exposed to high counts of toxic black mold in my apartment. There was a period where I was losing my patience and tried everything you can imagine and nothing […]
  • The Cayenne Pepper is BEAUTIFUL 8 years ago

    Hi HempUSA.org, Oh my gosh…..my order came in and I just fixed a Lemongrass drink with some Hemp Powder, a little Hemp oil and a little of the Cayenne Pepper.  It was GREAT!  The Cayenne Pepper is BEAUTIFUL! what a contrast to the other one I was taking. My elimination seems to be getting back to […]
  • Hemp feeds your brain 8 years ago

    I work in Vitamins at a very busy family owned health food/natural grocery store. I’m also an HHP/Nutritionist. I’m the one people come to with questions about WHAT WORKS and where they can get it ! My job is to educate and show by example so I’m thrilled to share knowledge by having tried products […]
  • Micro Plant Powder – Excellent! 8 years ago

    I have been using this product for four years or more. Excellent product that I would not go without!!! Thank you HempUSA! Roxanne
  • Best Protein for muscle recovery 8 years ago

    Your hemp protein powder does wonders for muscle recovery! It’s my choice for protein powder for after workouts I will NOT use any other protein product but yours! Troy
  • Full body improvement! 8 years ago

    I am out walking every day, stomach issues greatly improved, bone, muscle, and joint pain improved….AND….was even able to plant a little flower bed last week!! LOVE LOVE LOVE these products and know I will continue to improve….now that I am taking religiously EVERY day. Just had another friend to place an order for the […]
  • Reduced back pain 8 years ago

    helping to relieve back pain , now i’ll try the silver solition with micro plant power, thanks Steve
  • Increased Energy 8 years ago

    I am very pleased to report that after I started taking your Micro Plant Powder I felt a surge of energy. Thank you for assisting me to improve my health and general overall well being! Loren
  • My dogs are healthier on the Hemp Protein 8 years ago

    I have used Hemp Protein powder for over 9 yrs. Referred by a friend. Initially purchased to help my old dog. Shadow, a 10 yr old lab at the time, was to the point where I literally had to carry him up the stairs at night. Upon recommendation from my friend, I started giving the […]
  • Complexion cleared up 8 years ago

    When I tried this, my body seemed to absolutely crave it!! It’s tasteless, not unpleasant at all, and it was curious as to why I looked forward so much to my twice daily dose in a mug of tea! It did regulate my colon better, and I hope it was alkalizing my system more, as […]
  • I always come back to Micro Plant Powder for all of my health issues 8 years ago

    I have used micro plant powder previously and it did wonders. I called and asked for Hemp USA to please bring it back to help others have healthier and happier lives. I am so excited o see it return especial since I just had another health scare that leads me right back to the micro […]
  • Micro Plant Powder for our detox needs 8 years ago

    We’ve been using Hemp USA Plant Micro Plant Powder Original Formula for 4 years now. I got Adult Formula last time because I couldn’t find the Original Formula. Push comes to shove, I like the Original Formula best because I feel better on it. Evidently I am up to date on my minerals and don’t […]
  • Cholesterol lowered 8 years ago

    I have been using micro plant powder original formula for over a year now. My cholesterol levels are now normal and I no longer taken cholesterol medicine. Thank you! Vera
  • Hair and nails are getting stronger 8 years ago

    I can already see my nails and hair getting stronger. I can’t wait to see how the rest of takes shape! Thanks for the Micro Plant Powder, Amber
  • I love your products 8 years ago

    Hi, and let me say that I love your products. I see all of the different micro plant powders that you have, and I have been using the Gold forever. Danny
  • Our family of 4 almost died a year ago from mold in our home 8 years ago

    I so appreciated your informative email this morning on liver detoxing. Our family of 4 almost died a year ago from mold in our home and the information you provided people with is what saved our lives. We are now helping many other people…….praise God!!! You are right on. Thank you for spreading the message […]
  • Reversed Kidney Failure!! 8 years ago

    Praise report, reversed Blood Pressure and Kidney failure! My husband and mother in law have had such great results with their blood pressure and kidney issues. About 6 months ago we bought the Gold for our Aunt who was in kidney failure and her kidneys show nothing out of range now! AND she wanted me […]
  • Increased Immune and Stamina 8 years ago

    I have been using Hemp USA products for over 2 years. I use the Hemp Protein every morning in a fruit smoothie I make using a Bullet blender. The protein helps curb my appetite throughout the day. I use the micro plant powder every morning when I first get up.Since using these products I have […]
  • Increased Energy and regularity 8 years ago

    Since taking your product I’ve noticed increased bowel movement and better energy level love the micro plant powder P.S. only been on the product one month Thank you! Dee in Houston
  • I noticed my stamina has improved and I am able to run better and cycle longer 8 years ago

    I have been using Hemp USA products for over 2 years. I use the Hemp Protein every morning in a fruit smoothie I make using a Bullet blender. The protein helps curb my appetite throughout the day. I use the micro plant powder every morning when I first get up. Since using these products I […]
  • My back and knees feel better than they have in 15 years! 8 years ago

    I am almost 60 and have been an athlete my whole life. I had to give up sports when I turned 50 because my knees are in such bad shape. The Dr’s have given me no hope to recover. I have been taking Micro Plant Powder for a year and my knees feel better than […]
  • A birth defect of the bladder 8 years ago

    A birth defect of the bladder has caused me to be prone to urinary tract infections. I have seen my urologist every 6-8 weeks since I was a child. The Urologist prescribed antibiotics at every visit. I am 50 years young now and in this last year, since starting the MicroPlant Powder, I have seen […]
  • I noticed my joint pain 8 years ago

    I noticed my joint pain, water retention, inflammation and acidity go way down within just days of starting the Brain Fuel. I will caution you to use as directed on the label, I tripled my serving and became constipated. I backed off the Brain Fuel and cleared up the constipation but my pain and inflammation […]
  • I just wanted to tell you folks how very happy that I am with your Micro Plant Powder Probiotics – Iodine 9 years ago

    I ordered one tub on the advice of a Naturopath here in Australia. After three(3) days my bowel actions reverted to normal for the first time in over 20 years I am truly amazed as to how fast it worked and I look forward to seeing what other good effects that it has on my system.
  • This has been a great summer thanks to your products 9 years ago

    The Microplant Powder and Hemp Protein Powder have helped my Crohn’s and our daughter’s asthma symptoms! I have Crohn’s disease and could tell the Microplant powder worked the first time I used it and I have not had to take additional meds like antibiotics and steriods for flareups that I used to have to do […]
  • Micro Plant Powder is AMAZING! It kills the Plantar Wart Virus!!! 9 years ago

    Micro Plant Powder is AMAZING! It kills the Plantar Wart Virus!!! I’ve been using it for a few months and I take it once or twice a day. The first thing I noticed is that my nails got really strong. If you don’t have any noticeable “symptoms”, you may not feel like it’s really working […]
  • This is the truth and I am sticking to it 9 years ago

    I don’t believe you guys know the power of your product. What this supplement has done for my wife who is a breast cancer survivor with high blood pressure, diabetes, etc, is unbelievable. It has also helped me with a few health problems. If you check my account you may wonder why so much powder […]
  • I am writing to brief you on my cancer scare story 9 years ago

    As a pilot, I was required to take an annual flight physical. In checking me over the doctor, using a scope found a mass the size of a fist, much like yours, growin out of my right kidney. He immediately identified this as renal cell carcinoma, as did three other surgeons. So they all scared […]
  • I am grateful to have this product. 9 years ago

    I had a cut finger and I needed to take a prescription med, as the cut was very badly infected and showing NO signs of getting better.  So I took a sample bottle of meds home with me. I never take prescriptions but I needed to clear up the infection. Turns out the medication contained […]
  • I just phoned in my order for an entire case of the micro plant powder today 9 years ago

    Before I started taking the powder, I was suffering from lower back pain, knee pain, and my right heel with “plantar faciitis” pain. I thought I’d have this condition for the rest of my life, but after about a week taking the recommended dosage all those aches were gone! I highly recommend this product for […]
  • I’ll be telling my friends 9 years ago

    Dear Friends, After less than two weeks of taking Micro Plant Powder I’m stunned by the results. My sister said to take it slow. I took one treatment daily for three days and then increased it to two treatments daily. I try to take it earlier in the day as it gives me too much […]
  • I decided to do a bit of experimentation 9 years ago

    Threatened with new lumps and bumps this past summer, always leery of fresh symptoms due to my on-going challenge of lymphoma, I decided to do a bit of experimentation with my own health with this innocuous substance. I took a tablespoon of Micro Plant Powder with liquid (juice, smoothies, or water) about three times a […]
  • I was in a “down” period in my life 9 years ago

    Dear HempUSA.org, As the operator of Truth Radio I was given the opportunity to advertise Hemp products. After assuring myself that the product had nothing to do with drugs and that it was on the market legally, I agreed to trade product for advertising. Sadly, those days I was in a “down” period in my […]
  • I’m a lot less fatigued 9 years ago

    I’m a contractor in Montana and I thought I was in pretty good shape, but I was always wearing down (tired) over the work year. I started eating the hemp powder and seeds regularly with every meal in drinks I concocted. Anyway. I have to say I’m a lot less fatigued and seem to be […]
  • Hemp Oil is wonderful 9 years ago

    My order just arrived and I am enjoying my first cup of coffee right now.   It is just wonderful.   I can’t wait to try the protein powder also, as I understand the protein content is even more than the soft centers.   And the Hemp Oil is wonderful…….I will be your greatest cheerleader for Hemp ever.  […]
  • EVERYONE needs to try this stuff out… 9 years ago

    Dear HempUSA.Org, I want to tell you guys that I absolutely love your products! Since I started eating your hemp products a year ago, my energy level has shot through the roof. I feel like my brain is running at a new level of efficiency, and I feel like I am in the best physical […]
  • My two year old even enjoys it! 9 years ago

    After two weeks of eating the unsalted hemp seeds, I must say, they have improved my mood, decreased the amount of my headaches, and I’m going to the bathroom regularly. Not that it’s a bad thing because its not. I have more energy, feel more motivated and I noticed that the seeds do go a […]
  • I was able to discontinue my medicine 9 years ago

    Hello, Just wanted to reiterate my comments about the hemp powder. I have battled ulcerative colitis for the last 40 years. Sometimes I get remissions for a few years, sometimes less.  I purchased 1 pound of hemp powder as an experiment after reading some good things on the web.  Recently, I have been having the […]
  • Hemp Products battle Crohn’s Disease 9 years ago

    Last December 2007 I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. The diagnosis really got me down, and when I learned that its cause is unknown and there is no known cure I became ever more desperate for some kind of relief from the stabbing pains or some kind of energy booster (Crohn’s really saps your energy) […]
  • I have never tasted coffee this good in my life 9 years ago

    I have never tasted coffee this good in my life, and I know good coffee when I drink it. The hemp coffee is remarkable and literally turns on your brain without the slightest caffeine jitter. You can drink cup after cup and not worry about getting hopped up or nervous, which is truly amazing. You […]
  • Magnesium Oil Spray relieves my sore feet 9 years ago

    I immediately noticed a difference once taking the Cell’s Alive Magnesium Oil. My feet used to ache a bit when I would wake up and now that pain is gone. I apply the oil to the tops of my feet and that’s it – no more ache in the morning. I look forward to any […]
  • Clark 5 years ago

    All of HempUSA products are excellent. I have been using Micro Plant powder with great results and just started the Micro Plant powder Adult formula. I will not do without it. Excellent products and service.
  • Dee Tensley 6 years ago

    The Heart and Lung repair is a excellent product
  • Danica 6 years ago

    Micro Plant Powder Gold is the best and only supplement I will ever purchase. It has everything my body needs in one scoop. Since taking this supplement I have noticed my hair, skin and nails to be stronger, my hair no longer sheds like it used to, and I have much more energy. I always […]
  • Jana Rich 6 years ago

    I have been using micro plant powder for over a year now and wouldn’t be without it! It’s helped so many things, my hair and nails, digestion, joint pain, cholesterol and sugar levels have been better, to name a few. I take it everyday and it’s helped me so much!
  • Dexter 6 years ago

    Micro Plant Powder is simply amazing product feeling better in every area Thank you Hemp Usa
  • Ricardo 6 years ago

    I had purchased Brain Fuel for my son who experienced his 3rd seizure in 4 years. After running tests on himand finding nothing wrong except for low Vitamin D level , he has been taking this product for about 3 months now. So far he has been getting better sleep and mental clarity because of […]
  • Micro plant powder with probiotics and iodine is, simply, the best 7 years ago

    Micro plant powder with probiotics and iodine is, simply, the best. I’ve been using it for years. I originally got it to use it as a detox but I noticed some time after that my allergies were not as bad anymore. I was constantly blowing my nose everyday for as long as I can remember […]
  • Incredible products they work! 7 years ago

    I recently purchased Micro Plant Powder Total Bone Care in hopes it would help with muscle, skeletal and arthritis problems. My left shoulder has been hurting me so bad I wanted to put it in a sling. I now have been taking the Micro Plant Powder Total Bone Care for about 3 weeks and am […]
  • My Cancer Story 7 years ago

    MY CANCER STORY AND HOW I DEALT WITH IT How I dealt with my two (2) cancer episodes. First Diagnosed in 2009. I am now 70 years old, in remission, dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy (neuropathy in both feet and hands). I now feel good and work-out three times a week at a […]
  • Large Cyst Growing On Lower Groin Area Disappeared 8 years ago

    I would like to say I’m an average consumer when it comes to online shopping. I’ve adapted a lifestyle with main stream media and propaganda of flu shots and cough medicines. I came across HempUSA one day and was instantly intrigued. Reading all the various remedies and conditions these products could cure or help was […]
  • You miss a few days and you notice 8 years ago

    Great products; tried many supplements etc but micro plant powder really gets into the system. I’m going to be more disciplined about using everyday because when you miss a few days you notice a difference; I have seen other comments that say the same so there’s proof there. Keep up the great job making a […]
  • Cinnamon Sweet has the Best flavor 8 years ago

    If you have not tried the Cinnamon Sweet Micro Plant Powder —You are missing the best tasting MPP EVER!! It is great just with water and also adds great flavor to whey shakes not to mention all the great stuff it does for your body. It’s just one of those products you do not ever want […]
  • Fighting Colon Cancer 8 years ago

    I’ve been fighting colon cancer and since using The micro plant powder Total Care and the Hemp protein powder I have more energy and feel much better. I intend to keep using the product on a daily basis as I enjoy the benefits of well being. Ive also had about a 20lb weight loss in the last […]
  • Fibromyalgia relief 8 years ago

    I was diagnosis with fibromyalgia in 1992, which was caused by the synthetic hepatitis B vaccine. The fibro caused me to be severely sick for 3 years with chronic fatigue, suppress autoimmune, food allergies, chronic headaches and body aches. The conditions are continuous. The fibro causes my thyroid to be elevated and have continuous body […]
  • Easy to take or great to add to dishes 8 years ago

    I love the original Micro plant powder- a gentle cleanse, virtually tasteless, makes it easy. The Tomatoe powder is my fave addition to any food I want some tomatoe flavor in without using a whole tomatoe paste jar, soups, salad dressing.
  • My hair grows faster! 8 years ago

    I recently bought the original Micro plant powder and I can tell that is helping with my digestive issues as well with being regular. It mixes well and you can drink it straight or add it to smoothies. Also – I think is it making my hair grow faster! You guys are the best and […]
  • Best Protein on the market 8 years ago

    Thank you at Hemp USA i enjoy your products and appreciate the fact that they are all natural and have no negative additives to them. The protein powder is an excellent product i use it now over any other protein product out on the market. Thanks, Fred
  • Mental clarity, energy, eating less…all in one! 8 years ago

    I was looking for an organic supplement that combined many of the aspects of detoxification that I have learned about, including alkalizing the blood, detoxifying heavy metals, fungus, parasites, etc. I also wanted a food that could sustain the body and be a good emergency storage food. I heard your ads on radio shows and looked into […]
  • Energy, Focus and peaceful Sleep 8 years ago

    I have been purchasing your products for a while.I find my health to have greatly improved.I have more energy,focus better and get a peaceful sleep.I will continue to be an avid buyer.Thank you so much for these wonderful products,keep them coming. Ila
  • Clear skin and increased Energy, well being 8 years ago

    This product is a life changer i helps you in so many ways. I go to the bathroom 3 times each day now, my skin is nice and clear, my energy level as increase, i feel so good taking this product my family and friends are taking it as well Thank you so much for […]
  • Very happy with the Micro Plant Powder Original Formula 8 years ago

    We’ve been using HempUSA.org’s Micro Plant Powder( Original Formulation) for 4 years now. Very happy with the Micro Plant Powder Original Formula. Shelley W.
  • Hemp Coffee is a great treat 8 years ago

    I tried the Hemp Coffee. It is deep and rich and abundant in aroma. This is a very smooth coffee and I think you will find a great treat. Thanks, Ryan
  • Stevia is best available 8 years ago

    I ordered Micro Plant Powder Gold, Hemp Protein & Stevia. All products are of the highest quality. I was buying stevia with dextrose from someone else before you guys educated me on dextrose. I now purchase stevia from you guys and the difference in taste is 100% better. I’ve been ordering from you guys for […]
  • Since I started taking the plant power unreal 8 years ago

    OK, I give.. You got me… I am totally convinced.. . So far today I am great… no upset stomach or heartburn and guess what my blood pressure is normal… I mean normal… thank you so much .. I am so sooooooooooo much better…  and I had my powder in juice with cinnamon this am… […]
  • Prostate problems are nonexistent now 8 years ago

    MicroPlant Powder Gold does MORE than it claims! I gave this product to a friend for Christmas and he’s already telling me his prostate problems are nonexistent now, which we weren’t expecting. The Gold has helped me sleep, I no longer suffer from insomnia. Thank you- G. Warm in Texas
  • Reversed Loss of Motor function 8 years ago

    My husband was dropping 3 lbs a week and starting to lose control of his motor functions. Doctors didn’t know what was wrong but were thinking Lou Gherig’s disease. Before all the tests could be done we got him taking the MicroPlant Powder with Probiotics / Iodine and the Hemp Protein Powder and within 3 […]
  • Since taking your product I’ve noticed increased bowel movement 8 years ago

    Since taking your product I’ve noticed increased bowel movement and better energy level love the micro plant powder P.S. only been on the product one month. Dee in Houston
  • I used to battle flare-ups of my Rheumatoid Arthritis 8 years ago

    I used to battle flare-ups of my Rheumatoid Arthritis once or twice a week and I can happily say I have been flare up free for the last 7 months! My Doc had previously told me not to waste my money on the Micro Plant Powder, but now all he said is keep it up, […]
  • From Sluggish to Driven! 8 years ago

    I’m loving the Brain Fuel….I have gone from tired, sluggish and irritable to focused and driven! Thank you! Janet in NY
  • I have lost 50 lbs! 8 years ago

    I have been taking MicroPlant Powder Gold for four months and have lost 50 lbs.! It must be the Micro Plant Powder because the only thing I have done to help with that is cut out the sugary drinks, I try to drink water only. I’ve also noticed my energy levels are great throughout the […]
  • My cat had convulsions 8 years ago

    My cat had convulsions about once a month for over two years, it was terrible and the vet did not know how to help him. After about three months of taking the Dog and Cat detox he was seizure free and has been for almost a year! Thank you for getting this formula out for […]

    “UTTERLY AMAZED WITH YOUR DETOX FOOT AND BODY PADS” I have been using the detox foot pads from HempUSA.org for 2 or three days and have been amazed at the results. To be frank I was very dubious about these but after talking to the owner of the company who kindly rang me direct about […]
  • You are a good soul company 9 years ago

    By the way I have contacts with the spiritual side of the universe and have soul spirits that stay with me , and as they are experts in energy they have a message for you as follows: You are a good soul company with soul status that is CLEAR, which is the very best soul […]
  • Plan on using your products for the rest of my life 9 years ago

    I have been using numerous products that you offer: Micro Plant Powder Gold, Hundred Percent Pure, Matrix Bio Powder and Hemp Protein Powder. I have an inflexible routine: I take them every day when I get home from work. I put them all into a glass, add water and drink. Like clockwork, I used to […]
  • Voila!!! It is working! 9 years ago

    Good morning! 🙂 I purchased your Micro Plant Powder over a year ago and still have it in my pantry. I took it for awhile and started feeling better…then quit taking it. (I know BIG, BIG, BIG mistake!) I have been having issues with my back going out and also sciatica, so started taking the Micro […]
  • I love MY CHOCOLATE MILK 9 years ago

    Hi guys, I just wanted to say I got my Chocolate Micro Plant Powder on Friday and it’s great . I was cautious at first cause I have Lactose Problems and when I drink milk with Ovaltine or Quik my stomach turns and churns; but I’ve had 6 Glasses of your Micro Plant Chocolate and […]
  • I have bitten my nails since I can remember 9 years ago

    I am writing this in hopes that someone will read this and be helped like I was. I tried Micro Plant Powder, using about 3 heaping tablespoons in a cup of water, to appease my husband. He said it would be good for my hair. It doesn’t taste bad, it actually is good. However a […]
  • Thanks for being there! 9 years ago

    Now, about my Micro Plant Powder I have been on a rounded tablespoon a day for 3 weeks this Friday, and I can already say, “Where have you been all my life”?! My back ache was gone in 3 days, been bad for about 3 weeks prior. Dry skin is now shiny, no flakes. I […]
  • My hair and nails are growing faster! 9 years ago

    I want to thank you for selling such an excellent product. I have been using the Micro Plant Powder for at least 6 months and have noticed a tremendous change in my health. I am an athletic person and go to the gym 5 days per week in addition to my daily cardio routine. I […]
  • I hope you include this real testimony as to the Miracle of Micro Plant Powder 9 years ago

    I do have a personal testimony to the awesome effects that Micro Plant Powder has provided me. I have suffered from hip pain due to severe arthritis and the recommendation from my doctor was hip replacement surgery. I am 51 years old and lead a very active and physical lifestyle up until two years ago. […]
  • One thing I am keeping a close eye on is my wife 9 years ago

    My wife and I are still on the Hemp Protein Powder and the Micro Plant Powder. We feel great. I lost 42 lbs. and maintaining it. My supplies are low I have to reorder some products asap. I introduced the product to many people and i have a few return customers and still getting new […]
  • My dog is suffering once again with dry skin 9 years ago

    My 13 year old dog has suffered for the past two years with a spring -summer skin allergy/hot spots that his vet has given him shots for. We have recently moved and haven’t connected with a local vet and the dog is suffering once again with dry skin and scratching until he is bloody with […]
  • I found the website for Hempusa.org 9 years ago

    Dear HempUSA.org, I would first like to tell you a little about myself. I was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida. I am 42 years old and have lived a rather healthy and active life. I am a carpenter by trade and a general contractor by profession. I have always been very active in the […]
  • What Hemp has done for me: 9 years ago

    For over ten years I have had serious digestive issues, primarily Irritable Bowel Synrome. I have had ELISA tests which showed sensitivity to gluten, wheat and oat and some dairy foods. Not allergies full blown but when I choose to eat processed foods I will suffer. Well, even when eating a very stringent diet I […]
  • Recommended your products highly 9 years ago

    I ordered the sampler pack a while back and just wanted to let you know how pleased I am. I like the hemp coffee, grind the seeds a little and sprinkle them on cereal, and take the oil by mouth. I have given information on your web site to others in the Las Vegas Lawman […]
  • Products are amazing! 9 years ago

    Attached, you will find a report of a recent study I did on a group of patients. I think that you and your customers will find it interesting. blessings and open heart to you! I am a holistic doctor serving as a medical missionary helping the poor in the mountains of central Mexico reporting some […]
  • My energy is incredible! 9 years ago

    The hemp protein powder is to me the best protein on the market today. My energy is incredible! Thank you for a great product you have a lifelong customer, I have not felt this good since my youth and I am 53 now. When I am able to buy more I cant wait to try […]
  • All I can say is WOW! 9 years ago

    Hello HempUSA team, All I can say is WOW! I placed my order online yesterday and received it today. Good on ya. I ordered a pound of Green Lady Hemp Coffee simply because coffee is one of those things I feel a need to act on when it comes to satisfying immediate gratification. So, I […]
  • I can’t wait to try it in other things 9 years ago

    Dear Hemp USA, Since I love your products and am a peanut butter fanatic, I decided to try your peanut protein powder. It is Amazing! I baked some muffins using oat flour, old fashioned oats, egg, rice milk, oil, baking powder, cane sugar, and about 1/4 c of peanut powder and made some yummy, moist, […]
  • I AM STOCKING UP ON MORE! 9 years ago


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